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Posted by on Aug 13, 2014 in Hero Blog, Note from Afghanistan | 1 comment

You cannot comprehend

I would like to dash off a quick email to thank you all for participating in the OPERATION WRITE HOME project.  You cannot comprehend how great it is to have this resource available when the PX no longer sells greeting cards or post cards.  Your contribution has made the spartan existence here in Afghanistan much more tolerable.  I write my wife a letter every day, and the cards you provide make it easy to send her a card when I don’t have time to write out a regular letter.  Again, thank you for your contribution, and keep up the good work!




1 Comment

  1. Thank you LTC L.N.!
    What a wonderful letter, and good on you for writing to your wife every day. What a great guy! Glad we can help you with something over there. You deserve so much more. Thanks for all you and your family do.

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