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Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Hero Blog, Note from Afghanistan, Note from Soldier | 0 comments

Word spreads fast

I got your box today 🙂  Thank you so much!  Your timing is perfect.  

Although my unit is from LA, I grew up in Chicago and that is where my family is located.  After landing in Los Angeles and signing out of my unit, I’m planning on getting right back on a plane and flying to Chicago to see my mom.  I can’t wait to run out of that terminal into her arms.  She has been so strong over the past year and I know that she is counting down the days until I am home safe.

She is very crafty and I’m going to pass your website information on to her so that she can help create cards 🙂  I, too, plan on getting involved when I get home.  Your cards have been very well received.  I’ve had so many people write back to me and compliment me on the beautiful cards that they have received in the mail from me.

AND, word spreads fast here when a box of cards arrives — They are usually gone within a week, and are often sifted through numerous times on the first day that they arrive.

Take care and hope to stay in touch as I get home!




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