We’re at CHA!

272836_10151199298911409_506486969_oOur booth was set up yesterday, and this morning the tradeshow opens! We’ll be making cards at our booth, and one of the fun additions we brainstormed – we have a bigggg map of the US, and we’ll be filling in states for cardmakers who stop to make a card. Let’s cheer on our states and see if we can fill in that map! If you know someone at the show, be sure to send them a tweet or a Facebook message and encourage them to come to booth 1390!

Be sure to follow our CHA Pinterest board for all the photos – we’ll post a few on Facebook, and we’ll try to see if internet service is strong enough to do some live webcasts throughout the show. (We had a big “fail” yesterday, so who knows what’ll happen today!) Those will be announced on Facebook; and we ask your patience with technical difficulties! If we can’t do things live, we’ll still try to post lots of pics and videos….and maybe a bit of candy too!

Also…the weekend is a GREAT time to share videos with your friends and family–that’s when lots of people have time to surf! So go share our two millionth card announcement….

Oh and check out this ADORABLE video with 281 AnyHero cards from Whitfield Elementary…it’ll make you sing along!


  1. Between the two million card video and the kids video, I think I used half a box of kleenex. Thanks.

  2. Wow, you really know how to make a gal tear-up.

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