Updatelets…taxes,VCMP, bootcamp, and words from a hero

What’s an updatelet? It’s just a little update :) And I have a few for you!

  1. Ideas for the President’s Day Weekend VCMP (Virtual Cardmaking Party) are due by Monday! Details HERE if you’re interested in hosting a challenge on your blog that weekend.
  2. Tax time: We hear the IRS is in the throes of reprogramming computers after last minute laws – so please don’t panic about getting them done instantly. I’m getting tons of emails asking about our usual year-end donation summaries, and they’ll be coming shortly – we’ve already sent you your receipts with each shipment though, so if you’re in a rush, just use those.
  3. Our first Design Bootcamp is coming MONDAY! You are going to be SO excited…Paula has shared the content with the blog team to make sure it all is coming together, and WOW. Come back here Monday!
  4. POSTAGE INCREASES begin January 27! If you have a package close to ready, you might want to get to the PO this week.
  5. Copic colorers: You asked for a review of the class I took while in Anaheim – it’s HERE!
  6. Our CHA Pinterest board has been loaded with some inpsiration – like this cute card seen at Lilybee Designs…I smell a CASE coming on! (Note that the big pearl on top of dimension is a little thick for OWH cards, but the design could totally be adapted!

Lilybee Designs

One more bit of fun…and inspiration: I’ve been having a longgggg email chat with one of our heroes. Oh the stories he’s been telling! I pulled out a little of what we talked about:

Q. Who do I miss at home?  

A. I miss my wife and three kids, my family and friends

Q. How do I keep in touch?

A. Internet is the number one answer (skype, email, Facebook messaging).  I sends lots of cards thanks to OWH and my kids love getting mail especially at their age.  Anything from Super Daddy makes them feel important.  I also write letters, mostly thank you letters to people who support my troops through their respective organizations.

Q. When I pick out a card, what goes through my mind as I search the box for cards?

A. At first, I thought, boy am I glad these are all separated by type with a tab/index spacer (thank you category; Happy Birthday category; you get the picture).  When I first sent cards from OWH, I looked for just the perfect card for the occasion.  After a while, I realized the cards are all perfect. All that matters is that I send it.  Our post office is real close to my office and postage is free so I really don’t have any excuses for not sending cards at least once in a while.

Q. How often do you write?

I admit that I am now sending more cards than I ever have in my life.  I average 4 a day minimum.  I have a wife and three kiddos waiting for me back in the United States.  I send each of them their own card each day.  My kids are 2,5 and 8 and they love getting personalized mail from daddy daily.  It makes them feel very special and important to get mail delivered.  I continue to encourage my Soldiers to send cards and they do.

Q. What kinds of cards appeal to you most?

A. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO spoiled now on awesome three dimensional cards.  I can’t ever go back to flat boring cards.  I guess I’ll have to figure out something for when I return stateside.  I can’t afford a new hobby so I know I won’t make them.  I’m so ADD and OCD tripled with being a perfectionist that I’d go nuts crafting.  :)  My wife is the crafty one.  I get involved only rarely.  I’m more of a handy man.

Q. What do you mean by “flat”?

The flat cards are just that.  Flat. One layer.  I like the “everything” that is added to the card stock to make it puffy.  I guess some of the cards are still flat but the design is not printed on; rather, it’s hand glued making it-in my mind-three dimensional.

Q. You really sound like a prime candidate for cardmaking. Won’t you join us when you get home?

A. No, I’ve got quite a few projects when I get home as it is. I’ve got camping to prepare for and a few of my current hobbies is playing drums and shooting.  My wife likes to sew and make door hanging wreaths. She’s a girl scout troops leader too so the girls are usually doing something crafty and sometimes big ole rugged daddy takes a turn at making something with more glitter on it than I care to admit!

He went on to tell me crazy stories of making projects with glitter with his kids….he’s got a special dislike for the stuff! lol! Maybe on OWHtv sometime I’ll share some. It’s been a real encouragement to hear how much the cards mean while I’ve been recovering from CHA…even though I’m pretty wiped out and buried in email to answer, it’s great to know just what the cards mean to our men and women overseas – and laugh with them a little!


  1. Kimberley Martini Young

    Thank you for sharing your conversation with the hero. What great motivation to make cards. Also, we were never able to hear the rest of the story about the family you met on the shuttle. Hope you are able to finish it some time.

  2. Thank you Sandy for sharing a bit of your email. it sure has me grinnin’ especially the bit about the glitter!

  3. It’s so nice that you prepare these interviews for us. Feels like we are there with our boys and girls.

  4. What a cool interview! thanks for sharing it. I’m eager to see the Boot Camp next week – yay Paula for working on that for us!

  5. Love that interview!

  6. Thanks for sharing the interview– love our troops!

  7. Janet Cobb

    His wife sounds like a good candidate for fledgling card maker! She could make them just the way he wants them, puffy and all! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Pat Kinkaid

    I loved the conversation with a hero. Especially how much his kids love getting cards. Thanks Sandy.

  9. joan jordan

    I also, love that interview!! Very inspiring to make kid cards, which are my fav to make!

  10. Melissa T.

    It is so nice to hear that a hero is writing so often, it makes me want to get busy with making more just so that this hero will always have enough. :)

  11. Paula S.

    Really rewarding to know how much the cards mean to our heroes and their families!

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