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Posted by on Dec 24, 2013 in Stars and Stamps, Tutorial | 14 comments

Tutorial(ish): Paper Punch Penguins!

Hello and Merry Christmas Eve! It’s Sandy here, and I had a little time on my hands (thanks to our volunteer partygoers helping me finishing up ALL the triage!) on Saturday night after the Christmas party. So I got busy working on some penguin ideas for you! Since our regular tutorials are on vacation (rest up Nancy! Awesome job this year!!), I thought I’d sneak in here on the blog and share the “pennies” as my buddy Ty calls them. Plus, some of you on the survey have said already that you only look at the blog, so you may have missed the announcement in the video….so I’m including the info on the mission here too.

First – why penguins? Well if you missed the mission (which is becoming known in my head as Operation Penguin)….one of our Brigadier Generals wants penguin cards for his team. While we want to meet his request, we need to take a few things into consideration:

  1. First, we do NOT need a gajillion penguin cards. We can share some extra penguins with our regular contacts, but if everyone goes nuts on penguins, we risk getting a reputation as a one-trick penguin here at OWH. LOL! So we want enough to send them a box or three.
  2. We need all different themes except holiday or seasonal. Birthday, love, miss you, thanks, thinking of you. No holidays. Just the regular themes so we can get a nice mixed box. These could be sent in summer, so please don’t use snowflake papers or embellishments.
  3. We want them to all look totally different. Our reputation goes before us – high quality cards, and every one in the box is unique. So…we don’t want lots of multiples, and we’d love for everyone to create their most unique penguin card. A nice one, of course!
  4. Penguin cards are due January 15th, 2014. If sending your penguins with a regular box, please put it in a baggie or mark it clearly as a card for the general or for Operation Penguin. If sending it solo, no receipt will be sent – that’s a lot of work for one card, so we hope you’re ok with that!

I’ve also heard lots of you say you have no penguin stamps. However – I’ve also heard some folks having an “aha!” when they think back to an old stamp set. One even said her husband remembered it before she did! So let your brain cook and think about all your stamps and see what you can come up with.

If you truly have no stamps, though, pengiun paper will work  – or, scroll down to see some paper punch ideas. And then share your penguin card in the InLinkz at the end of the post. And go see what others are creating! This is such a specific assignment, but I find things like this really get the mojo working overtime….often with great results!

Paper Punch Penguins

Stampin Up Owl Punch Penguin: Snip off the owl’s ears, and guess what – this is a penguin! I made him look down by putting the pupils of his eyes at the bottom toward the sentiment. The twine is threaded through holes punched through all the card layers before adding it to the card base, so it’s on the card very snugly.

Sandy Allnock - Paper punch penguin 1

Circle punch penguin: If you have a selection of circle punches, this is an easy penguin. I used a 1-3/4″ circle for the body, a 1-1/2″ for the tummy, then put the tummy circle into the larger punch and snipped it….so it then fits perfectly along the bottom. The wings are made with the 1-1/2″ circle, just cutting off slices to the size that looked right. I added stitching to create some detail, and used hearts for his beak and feet; pearl pen for eyes. Sandy Allnock - Paper punch penguin 2

Big body penguin: This guy uses the 1-3/4″ punch for the black body, but an oval for the tummy, and I did the same thing as above—putting the oval through the circle punch so it fits perfectly along the bottom of the circle. The wings this time are punched using the Stampin Up bird punch wings. Wiggly eyes, a little heart, and some feet – cute, eh? I think this will be my AnyHero card for the penguin mission!Sandy Allnock - Paper punch penguin 3

Penguin head: This one is along the lines of some other face-only paper punch tutorials we’ve done here, like the Elmo post. He probably looks the least penguin-like, though…I like the card but he might not be penguiny enough? (leave a comment with your opinion!) The punches needed here are circles for the eyes, and a corner rounder to use on the top of the head.  The card front is cut about an inch short, and the strip of patterned paper is on the inside of the card, peeking out. The card is “hot dog” folded – ie along the top edge of the card, rather than down the side  – so it tucks ALL the way into the envelope. (Watch Penny’s video for more info!) I added a cloud punch with a little heart in it, since the penguin needed something to ponder!Sandy Allnock - Paper punch penguin 4

Peeking penguin: This one is absolutely my favorite! The big circles are self-explanatory (you’ll need dies, I don’t know anyone making punches this big!)….but the heart shaped face was a little challenging. I first cut PART of a heart with my Big Shot – I only ran the top humps of the heart through, and stopped before getting to the sides. Then I lined up a circle die so it just about met the sides of the heart….and ran that part through. I did have to snip a little with my scissors to get them to meet, but it was pretty easy. Especially since the right side was the side I goofed – if you goof on the left, you can make him peek in from that side! His eyes are looking up at the hearts, giving him a playful, wistful look. Cute, eh?Sandy Allnock - Paper punch penguin 5

Which penguin is your favorite? Will you be trying one? While we don’t want everyone making identical cards, you’re welcome to make one or more of these for your OWH box – they’re so fun for any of our boxes, not only the general. But since everyone’s got penguins on the brain, just don’t go overboard., ‘k?


  1. Fun idea! I was sure I didn’t have anything penguin BUT I just found a penguin die cut on my Zoo Balloo cartridge for the Cricut! If I get time by the deadline I’ll include a couple of cards in my box that’s about ready to go.

  2. Now that is clever creativeness personified! Love all of them but especially the last one. Thanks for the clever ideas.

  3. I especially love the “Elmo” penguin. Cleaver!

  4. Beautiful examples!

  5. This is a great “challenge” for us! Any time a penguin can be involved in a card, I’m happy! I love seeing the different variations of paper piecing/punching for these guys! I really like the faux stitching on the second card and the peeking penguin is super! Thanks for some great ideas! I must confess, one of my alter egos is “stampingpenguin” and I do not have a shortage of penguin stamps! 😉

  6. Love these punchy penguins, especially how you re-purposed the good ol’ Stampin’ Up owl punch!!

  7. Love the punch penguin as I don’t have a penguin that is not Christmassy. Thanks for the creative ideas. Merry Christmas.

  8. All GREAT penguin cards! I love the “You are my sunshine” one the best, with the last one a close second. I like the roundness of the penguin–sort of baby penguin-ish in shape I guess. I love the richness of the ribbon with the pizzaz of the stars on top, and the stitching, and the colors, and the heart beak….;-)

  9. Love them all, do like the last one the best, fun and easier to CASE. Mine looks like a baby penguin too! Thanks Sandy for sharing all your talents and enthusiasm! Merry Christmas!

  10. My favorite is the peeking penguin but I don’t know if I can do that! I know I can do the owl!! I use my stampin up owl in strange ways all the time!! I’ll have to try some of these! Too cute. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!! You are such an inspiration. Too bad your survey didn’t have a place with your name in “where do you get inspiration?” LOL Merry Christmas!

  11. Love all, but my favorite is the Peeking Penguin! I was delighted to find a card and ornament from you in my mailbox yesterday! Thank you so much! The ornament has a place of honor on our Christmas tree, and will be on all our trees in the future, too. And I have the “Lil’ Hoot” stamp set, so now I have your little bears to go by. Christmas blessings to you, Sandy, and lots of joy in the new year. Harriet in NC

  12. Definitely love the last penguin with the heart-shaped face, but the second last one, with the wistful eyes, is pretty cute, too. Hope to make one to link up this week.

  13. I love the peeking penguin…adorable!! Will get mine linked up as soon as I get batteries for my camera (again)


  1. Operation Penguin Card | Lab Hands - […] in some way and are neither holiday nor seasonal in nature.  Please have a look at the rules HERE…

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