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Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Cardmaking 101, Stars and Stamps, Tutorial | 3 comments

Tutorial: Trees Revisited

Welcome everyone – to follow up on yesterday’s awesome Boot Camp lesson by Paula, I thought it might be fun to revisit these Christmas Tree tutorials from a couple of years ago. The layout and symmetry reminded me very much of Paula’s lesson, so if you would like to give this a go, now would be a great time!

Now is also an awesome time to be finishing up those Christmas cards and getting them in the mail before the October 31st deadline!

Here is a condensed version of those trees… the original tutorial post can be found here if you need more help. Now go, deck the halls!

The first tree was done by Jan from She’s Gone Digital.

Jan writes:

The supplies needed to make this project are very basic. One sheet of designer paper, the single sided works best because the thinner the paper the easier it is to fold, especially the smallest square. You’ll need your paper trimmer, a bone folder helps and an adhesive of your choice.

The next step is to cut the squares. The first square is 3″x3″, the second square is 2 1/2″x2 1/2″, the third square is 2″x2″, and the fourth square is 1 1/2″x1 1/2″.

Now the folding part –
I’ve drawn pictures for you because it was hard to see the fold lines on my patterned paper.

The first in the series of pictures is folding your square in half and creasing it.

The next picture is folding your square in half again in the other direction and creasing it.

The next picture shows folding the square from corner to corner each way and creasing it.

The next step is to fold the square in half after you’ve done all that.

Now, you will fold it to look like the first triangle shape pictured by pushing the top left and right outside corners toward the bottom center. You’ll end up with a triangle, a puffy triangle.

Next you’ll take the top section of this triangle and fold it in to meet the center scored line and do the same with the opposite front side so it looks like the one in the center of the picture above.

You now have a “tree part”. Fold the other 3 squares just like the first one and you can build your tree from the bottom up by stacking them one on top of the next, largest to smallest. Stick your tree together with the adhesive of your choice. I used a scrap of brown paper for the trunk of my tree, you can see my finished tree card pictured below.

Isn’t this an awesome, dimensional, non-lumpy very symmetrical tree? 

The next tree came from Kate! I love the frosty boughs on this tree!

To make this tree you will need:

Whatever base and background you want to use. My base is an A2-sized card 4.25″ x 5.5″. My red mats are 4″x 5.25″ and 2.75″ x 4″. The striped designer paper is 3.75″ x 5″ and the vanilla center panel is 2.5″ x 3.75″.

Several scallop circles. I used a 2-3/8″ punch. You could use a smaller punch, or a die cut of whatever size.

An isosceles triangle. (Hah! Geometry flashbacks anyone?) Mine is cut from a 4″ square. Mark the center on one side and cut from the two lower corners as illustrated here. Note – this triangle is going to be completely covered, so you can use scrap paper.

Cut each of your scallops into 4 quarters – one side you’ll cut in the valley between two hills, and the other you’ll cut the middle of a hill (as shown).

When You cut the middle of a hill it will make a pointy edge. You will use those on the outside of your tree to make the branches.

You can leave your branches green, but I like the flocked look. If you want a flocked tree, drag the scalloped edges directly across a white ink pad.

Adhere your circle quarters to the bottom of the triangle. Notice the pointy parts are on the outside to make the branches of the tree.

Just keep layering to the top. Depending on sizes, you may have to trim the top piece so it will fit.

Decorate your tree however you like. I cut out the star from a dry-embossed piece of cardstock and then heat embossed it with gold embossing powder for the top, and used some striped twine for garland.



  1. What a great effect and looks pretty easy! Thanks for the tutorials.

  2. Wow! A little folding work and a beautiful tree that will keep people wondering! I’ve already mailed my cards but I do have family and friends to make cards for. Thanks for sharing!

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