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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Cardmaking 301, Stars and Stamps, Tutorial | 7 comments

Tutorial: Tree Fold

It’s time to deck the halls and get those Christmas Cards flowing for our October 31st Christmas Card Deadline! Here’s a fun tutorial submitted by Lily for making a multitude of yuletide greetings. What I love about this best… is that they will all be different. How fun! I’m going to copy and paste Lily’s tutorial here but I will add some more suggestions for you along the way in case you don’t have the same tools or supplies. This card can be made with lots of variations!

The Tree Fold Card

1. Create two chipboard circles, 5 3/8 inches wide – one for tracing circle and the other for the cut / fold template.

(Don’t skip this step. You can use these templates over and over again. If you don’t have a protractor to measure a 5 3/8″ circle, use a die, use your Cricut or other cutting machine or trace a plate or bowl with similar measurements.)

2. Cut the second circle in half and use template to get the shape for the folding template OR measure 3-1/4” along center cut, mark point, then measure 2” to get the angle along circle
edge (37º).

3. Using the whole circle, trace around the edge with a gold, silver or white gel pen to create the look of tinsel. Mark circle center to show where you will cut circle in half.

(You are decorating the edges of the tree here – try it – or wait until your tree is completed / folded  and decorate as you wish.)

4. Trim out the tree using decorative edge scissors about 1/8 inch from traced circle, the cuts don’t have to be precise(trees aren’t).

(Try different deco-edge patterns for different looks!)

5. Turn over the cut circle and trace with the whole circle to get tinsel for the reverse side.

6. Cut the circle in half.

7. Place the folding template on top of the decorative paper. If you want a specific side of the paper to show for the top fold, place the template on the other side of the paper.

(Just experiment with it for a couple of times – you’ll soon get the hang of figuring out which side shows “up”)

8. Bring up the paper against the long fold.

9. Remove template. Fold the short side to meet the long edge.

10. Flip the paper over then form the third fold so that sides relatively even. This shape will pop up so use a little adhesive to keep folds down.

11. If you want to decorate with cording (I used needlepoint yarn), then attach one end of 11 inches of cording inside the top layer with dry adhesive.

12. Apply more adhesive to the back of the tree along the edges.
13. Wrap cording around the tree to form zig-zags using the adhesive to keep the cording in place. Attach the other end to the adhesive on the back.
14. Trim off any extra cording.
15. You might need more adhesive to secure to card.

Adhere your tree to a card base. I can’t wait to see the variations in this – you could use a plain or embossed pattern background. Don’t forget a star or something pretty for the top of your tree. You could further decorate your tree using bling, liquid pearls, more metallics, tiny punches, fine sparkly string… I can think of a million possibilities!

Here is one more thing I got in my e-mail – it’s a template for the half-circle folding pattern. You could try to click on it and print. It may not print at the exact dimensions shown above, but might give you a more general idea of how to approach the folding part.

Get to work, all of you Christmas Elves! Let’s see those trees! Use the In-Linkz to share your tree here and be sure to leave Lily some comments for sharing this tutorial with us here today. Thanks Lily!


  1. This is great fun. I think smaller versions of these could be flipped and turned into flowers for a fun bouquet.

  2. Great tut! I like the look of the trees – will have to give it a go.

  3. This is great! Thanks, lily, for the idea and tut!

  4. This is such a cute idea! I’ve seen it a bunch of times but never once tried it… this photos are so clear and simple that I am gong to give it a go during my next crafting session. Thanks for sharing it Lily and Nancy!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I dug out my old fashioned Creative Memories Circle cutters they work like a charm.

  6. Such a fun tutorial! Thanks for showing it step by step.

  7. I, too, pulled out my Creative Memory templates — great minds! And, my little tree is so darn cute. I can’t wait to work on a card base for it in the next day or two. Thanks, Lily, for such a wonderful idea. Thanks, Nancy, for such a clear tutorial!


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