Tutorial: The One Sheet Wonder

Admit it. We all have one… that stash of favorite 12×12 paper that is kept in a special place! Maybe these treasured papers are made by your favorite designer, they are full of your favorite colors and patterns or they have such dreamy texture! My own stash of  “favorites” has been sitting, neglected, for a very long time! Why do we hoard these beautiful papers, when they are just begging to be used! Sometimes I worry about that favorite paper going to waste. I want to use every last scrap of it and make as many cards as possible. I stress over cutting into it, worrying about how many cards I will really be able to make? In the end, I tuck my “favorites” back away. The “favorite” papers continue to pile up, and go unused, no matter how beautiful they are!


But no more! No need to feel remorse or stress over using them up! Here is a tutorial brought to you by Seongsook where you will learn to use one sheet of 12×12 paper to make eight beautiful cards. Not a scrap will go to waste! This method is sometimes called the “One Sheet Wonder” and there are many templates for this to be found. I love that this one makes eight cards, and they do all turn out so nicely. The original post can be seen here, at Seongsook’s Creations and reads as follows:

The One Sheet Wonder

I came up with this basic template to make eight cards along with several variations that you can make more out of it.  You will need to first cut in 5″x12″, the second cut in 5″x12″ and the rest will be 2″x12″.  Then go by the cutting diagram.


The original template image is larger, if you want to download it from Seongsooks’ blog.

Tip:  Punch out the focal image mat from the base layer that will be covered by dsp anyway.




Here are the cards that were made following the template:

OSW Card #1

OSW Card #2

OSW Card #3

OSW Card #4

OSW Card #5

OSW Card #5-1

OSW Card #6

OSW Card #7

OSW Card #8


 In the original post, Seongsook also shares the measurements needed to make even more cards from one 12×12 sheet. For example, you could also cut your 12×12 paper into twleve 4×3″ pieces to make twelve identical, “clean and simple” cards like this:

OSW 4x3 cut from 12x12 dsp to make 14 cards

Photo says 14 – but this really makes 12 cards.


Here are a few more tips when making One Sheet Wonder cards:

  • Begin by making your card bases with nice heavy-weight cardstock. Then choose some pretty solid coordinating cardstocks for mats.
  • Use a 12×12 paper with a pretty coordinating pattern on both sides to achieve the look that Seongsook demonstrated above. If your DSP (designer, or patterned paper) is one-sided, simply follow the template twice, using two coordinating sheets. You will then have enough to make 16 cards, instead of 8.
  • If you are still nervous about cutting into that paper, start by studying the template carefully. Seongsook noted that you should cut the horizontal lines first, and then the vertical. If your patterned paper is one sided, you could start by measuring and marking the back side of the paper with pencil first, then cutting. Once you do this, you will soon get the hang of it and feel more confident about cutting up your favorite papers!
  • When I cut my 12×12 into pieces like this, I find it helpful to mark each piece as I cut it. I use a pencil and write in small letters in a corner… “card 1,” “2A,” or “3B” etc., so that they are easier to identify later when assembling the cards.
  • There are many more OSW templates to be found by searching the internet. In general, the more cards a OSW template claims to make, the smaller the pieces are, and the less detailed your card will be. To remedy this, do not be afraid of adding more mats, pretty border punches or other things like stitching or embellishments. Use embossing folders in patterns to match your papers to add texture and dimension! I also love how Seongsook made such beautifully detailed sentiments for each of the cards shown above and popped them up using dimensional adhesives. The little touches like these will add a lot of detail to OSW cards and make them look even more fancy.
  • These OSW cards are GREAT to make for the holidays. If you have an abundance of pretty matching Christmas paper, for example, this is a really neat way to use it up to make some really nice coordinating cards.
  • It is great to be able to make cards in large quantities like this – but don’t forget that the OWH mission is to also focus on quality. Be sure to put lots of love and detail into each of these eight cards to make them quality and quantity!

I will leave an InLinkz again in case you would love to share your One Sheet Wonder creations with us here! Don’t forget to leave some love for Seeongsook in the comments, and share with us your links for other templates, if you’ve seen any great ones! Now take a deep breath, don’t close your eyes, because you will need them to see. . . and go cut up those horded favorite 12×12 papers! Let’s see what you can do!

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  1. Seongsook is always inspiring to me. I love how smart she is to cut out the punch from the base. Not only does it save paper, but I find that ‘peep hole’ in the back to be one extra place/way for the tape to grab on. Great post!!

  2. I saw this on Seongsook’s blog last week and made my cards on Sunday. I posted a picture on the OWH facebook page if anyone wants to take a peek

  3. OSWs are often my go-to ideas when I just need to crank out some cards and use up some paper. Thanks, Seongsook, for taking the time to figure it all out for us. The cards are lovely.

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  6. This is fabulous. I’ve already done 2 versions. One is using 4″ squares and I just used the template this morning. Those cards will be a post tomorrow.

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  8. Seongsook’s One Sheet Wonder is a fabulous tutorial. What a fun, easy way to make a stack of cards.

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  10. Seongsook’s tutorial for this OSW is fabulous! Instead of using double-sided paper I used 2 one-sided sheets. My results were a little different but I am still pleased with how quickly I could make a lot of cards. Thanks for the tutorial and what you do for Operation Write Home. This is a really great cause – I’m going to read up on the requirements so I can send cards too.

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  13. Thank you for the tutorial even though I am a little confused. I understanding that the 12×12 one page wonder is actually the layered pieces for a cardbase. If that is the case, I will have to try this, it would be much quicker and I love the pieces you used and can do this quite easily. Carolyn Smith

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  17. Thank you for the template and the ideas. I’m a new card maker and this will get me making several at once!