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Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in Cardmaking 101, Stars and Stamps, Tutorial | 3 comments

Tutorial: Summer House & Stitching

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I thought that this would be a good day to make sure that everyone has been able to enjoy Sandy’s Summer House tutorial using that cute little house stamp from Hero Arts.

I don’t know how things are in your neck of the woods, but summer just seems to be barely getting started here! I can’t stand the thought of it being over yet, but the truth is this… it’s time to finish the last of those summer themed cards and start thinking about autumn things! While you are enjoying making these fun summer houses, let’s talk a little more about stitching on cards. This week’s tutorial request is from Michelle in CA who sent me this e-mail…


I love the look of stitching on cards but it looks like a lot of work. What tools do you need to get started? Do I need a machine?

Thanks for asking, Michelle… let’s all help her out!

Here are a few basic tools that you can use to get started with stitching:

Some patterned templates, a piercing tool, a brass stitching template and a self-healing mat.

First you will need something to poke holes in the paper with. You will find many paper piercing tools available from lots of places. It’s one of those “basic” tools that you will always get a lot of use out of. If you don’t have one, a thumb tack might work until you get a good piercing tool. DON’T FORGET a self-healing mat or a few layers of old cardboard to go under your work so that you don’t poke your work surface.

There are also lots of stitching templates available made of metal, plastic or acrylic. These help you to pierce in a straight even pattern, or in a specific design. If you don’t have a template, it is also easy to put a ruler over your work and poke holes in even increments along the edge of the ruler. Let’ also not forget the cool piercing technique that Jenny Gropp taught us earlier this year when she used her Spellbinder die as a guide for piercing in a pretty shape. You could try this for stitching too!

After piercing your holes, the rest of the stitching is easy (although a little time-consuming). Sometimes it is nice to have some layers ready and do your stitching during other times like when riding in the car or watching TV. All you need is a needle and some strands of whatever you want to stitch with. You can stitch with floss, embroidery twine, hemp twine, pretty much anything as long as your holes are pierced large enough. Experiment with stitching in straight line, or zig-zagging patterns on your cards.

Yes, there are machines out there that you can use to stitch on your cards, I believe that any sewing machine will do. A friend of mine who is an excellent seamstress uses hers all of the time with some really pretty results. Sandy, I believe, has a Little Sew & Sew machine for card stitching. This is where I would love for all of you beautiful stitchers out there to chime in with your favorites and product reviews for stitching!

Feel free to use the in-linkz this week to share your summer houses or, since we discussed stitching, show us your stitched cards!


  1. You can also do a very nice faux stitching by first poking the holes, then connecting them with a pen. It’s fast and easy and looks pretty real. See my sample (#2 link)

  2. Love this idea too Adele! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good question and something a friend of mine wanted to do a while back so I was wondering if you have any video tuts of you doing some of the work on a card to see it in action please?


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