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Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Cardmaking 101, Stars and Stamps, Tutorial | 14 comments

Tutorial: Spirelli

Happy Tuesday! You know, “Spirelli” really sounds like some kind of fancy pasta to me! Imagine my surprise when I found out that it is actually the name of this fancy technique that is being shared with us today by Cindy from Papers Pads & Pictures! 


Spirelli elements add a lot of texture and fun to cards and they are something that can be done yourself so easily!  All that you need is an appropriately shaped punch or die cut and some floss, twine or string to Spirelli with! I just love Cindy’s use of this sparkly metallic embroidery floss. What a great example of how to add some shine to a card without glitter! The result is stunning as you can see. Wouldn’t these make beautiful spring or Mother’s Day cards? Cindy’s original post, which can be seen here, is as follows:

Spirelli Tutorial

Spirelli is the art of wrapping string or floss around a scalloped shape. It adds a special accent to flowers, backgrounds and frames. Here is how you get started…


Start with a scalloped image. You can use a punch, dies or Cricut image.  Attach string or floss to the back of the image using a glue dot. If you are using floss, you might want to separate the ply.



Begin wrapping your floss around the image. Select a number of scallops between each wrap. The fewer the scallops skipped, the larger the center. For this sample, I skipped 5 scallops.


Continue to wrap, skipping the same number of scallops with each wrap. Work your way around the image.


When you are finished, attach the end to the glue dot that is holding the beginning of the floss. Regardless of the number of scallops you skip, each should have 2 wraps.  Here is my finished card with Spirelli flowers!


Doesn’t that look like so much fun! The original post includes just a few more photos and details about the card and products used if you want to go and see. Please be sure to stop by Cindy’s Blog today to leave her some love for sharing with us… she has invited us over for some more beautiful Spirelli examples. Hooray for fancy pasta! 

If you give this technique a try be sure to share your cards with us here! Have fun!


  1. I love this technique and have made some of these to add to cards off and on for several years. My favorite was to use a ‘moon’ shape which I unfortunately no longer have a photo (it was on my last computer & I did not transfer it to the new one). I recently purchased a partial ball of gold metallic crochet thread for 25 cents to use.

  2. I have always loved this technique but never knew the formula. Thanks for the info! (Also, when I first looked at the picture, I thought, “Why are they showing a technique that uses glitter?”. Love the quick clarification regarding metallic thread.)

  3. Very neat technique!
    I’ll have to try it!! ~Thanks

  4. This one is a must try. It reminds me of Spirographs!

  5. I used to do this a few years ago but stopped. It’s nice to be reminded of how pretty these can be.

  6. what an easy technique that I actually haven’t ever use before today! I just happened to have silver thread so it worked perfectly 🙂

  7. Where can I purchase the spirelli circles…or there a punch or die available. Thanks

    • Scalloped circle punches would probably be the easiest to find! They come in different sizes and can be found at any craft store.. Check the section near the trimmers and paper cutting / punching tools!! 🙂

  8. That card is awesome. I will try this new technique.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. Ok, so I am trying this am not being so lucky! Help! What happens when you wrap to the right? The second photo does not look you skipped five scallops! I am usaully good at stuff like this but something is missing for me.(I looked at the blog it did not really help:( sorry…

  10. I went to You Tube , I think I did It! Now I just have to make a card! LOL!

  11. Keep trying. Barbara!! 🙂 you’ll get it.. If you’re right handed like me, try holding the scallop in your left while winding the thread over and under in a clockwise direction. It doesn’t really matter how many scallops you skip as long as it is the same number each turn. Skipping three, for example gives a totally different look than skipping five or six! Just remember that you can’t get it “wrong”.. Experiment with it and practice until you’re happy with the look that you get and just have fun with it!

  12. Thanks very much for sharing this technique, Cindy and Nancy. It was a lot of fun and easy to do. Amazing, the different looks you get depending on how many scallops you skip.

  13. This was a new one for me. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN with this. I have a boatload of sparkly embroidery floss bought for…something. Now I don’t have to feel bad for buying it, hoarding it, or making the Army cart it around for me. Yee!!


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