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Posted by on Nov 5, 2013 in Cardmaking 301, Stars and Stamps, Tutorial, Uncategorized | 12 comments

Tutorial: Scratch-Off Cards

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I know that you will all feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with this fun tutorial for making some super cute scratch-off elements for your cards! I can’t wait to give this a try for some adorable Valentines! 

Let’s give Trish a big hand for submitting this tutorial to us this week. The original post can be found at her blog, Mouse Print Creations. Please enjoy this condensed version – even more helpful photos of the tutorial in progress can be seen at the original post, but this should be enough to give you the idea! Please enjoy…


Cards With A Scratch Off Message


Scratch-offs are fun, aren’t they?  Waiting to see what the secret message is.  They are even more fun when it is a lottery ticket and it says you won!  LOL!!
I learned this technique from You Tube, and here is my take on it.


Supplies you will need:

>  grey acrylic paint (or whatever color you want, red hearts would be fun for Valentine’s Day)
>  dish soap (doesn’t matter what brand)
>  clear plastic sheet of some kind (many use the Window Sheets that Stampin’ Up sell, I use either the plastic from my Cricut or a transparency sheet)
>  adhesive to glue the plastic to the secret message/image (I use my Zig 2-way glue pen)
>  foam brush
>  stamp with an open area to use as the place for the secret message, or you can use a circle or oval like I did on the above card.
>   StazOn ink for stamping the secret message and for stamping on the scratch off surface
>   Heat tool
>   container to seal the paint mixture for future use

Step by Step instructions:

Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part soap.  Basically 2 teaspoons of paint, and 1 teaspoon of soap.  Mix well.



Use a foam brush to spread an even coat of paint on the plastic. Don’t spread too thick or too thin.  Use a heat tool to dry completely, but be careful to not over heat the plastic.


Repeat process to apply a total of 2 coats.  3 coats are okay, as long as the paint is not too thick or it won’t scratch off.

Now if you are using a stamp to display the hidden message, you will want to stamp only the part of the stamp that you will be using as the scratch off.  In my case, the balloon in the front of the bunch is the one that will have the hidden message.  You will stamp with the StazOn ink, allow to dry then cut out the scratch off section you want on the card.

If you are going to use a circle or oval like the card above, you can now punch out that shape.


Stamp your hidden message with StazOn ink on the piece to be covered by the scratch off.  Once the ink is dry, apply a generous coat of glue using the Zig 2-way glue pen to that piece, making sure you apply glue all the way to the edges. Attach the plastic scratch off piece and let dry.

Hint, if you are using a circle or oval (like on the above card), attach the sentiment stamped shape to the card first, then attach the scratch off piece.  (Ask me how I know :{  )


There you go, the card is done. If the paint is not too thick, you can scratch it off with your fingernail, or a popsicle stick.


A couple tips:
~  You won’t want to pop up the scratch off image, or you won’t be able to scratch off the paint.
~  I did color the balloons with Copics, and used Memento ink for the main image stamp.
~  This process does not work with digital images unless the painted part does not need to be stamped.
~  Contact paper does not work for this process, it is too thin and it rips.
~  Make sure you put a stickynote inside telling them what to scratch off. It probably wouldn’t occur to them, but will be a wonderful surprise!
I bet you guys can’t wait to give this one a try.. what a fun, interactive element! This could be a lot of fun, for making a very special any hero card. If you plan to make this card for your general collection, it might be kind to include a post-it note inside the finished card to explain what is underneath the “scratch” part. (Be sure to use the “tuck 2.0” to make sure that your instructions stay with the card!)
I’ll leave an InLinkz for you to share your scratch cards here, too.
Thanks again, Trish, for sharing your fun technique! Keep those submissions coming in.. there are only a few weeks left in this calendar year for tutorials!
Send them to nancy @ operationwritehome dot org


  1. Very cool idea! But I’m not sure I understand…do I leave the paint attached to the plastic, and glue both plastic and paint to the message to be hidden? Or do I peel the paint off of the plastic and glue just the paint onto the message? Thanks.

    • Your first idea is right, Amy! 🙂

      • Wonderful, thanks so much!

  2. My understanding of the directions is that yes, you attach the plastic piece that’s been painted. It states “attach the plastic scratch off piece…”. This looks like a fun project! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve seen these before and they look like a really neat idea for children’s Valentine’s cards. Must try it now that I have a granddaughter. Thanks for the share and the reminder.

  4. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing, Trish!

  5. can u stamp on the scratch off area? Stamps are so easy to make in the cameo with cheap foam it would be self explanatory to just stamp ‘scratch here’ on the scratch off area if possible.

    • Yes, you can stamp on the scratch off part. I think you just need to use StazOn ink, though.

  6. and I am sorry not to thank you, my head was in question mode – this looks so unique and fun, thank you for sharing : )

  7. ok I am not being clear with my question, I do see u can stamp on it because u stamped the balloon, but will it rub off or smear?

    • That’s a good question… I would assume that stamping with staz-on or something similar would work great, and a “scratch here” message would be really nice to add!! I hope that somebody gives it a try! 🙂

    • After I stamped the balloons on the paint, I made sure it was dry before I started cutting out the balloon. The StazOn ink does not rub off the paint. Your idea of a “scratch here” stamp is perfect!!

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