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Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Cardmaking 201, Tutorial | 3 comments

Tutorial – Pinwheel #3!

If you participated in the Virtual Card Party this weekend, you’ve already seen this tutorial on my blog, Hello From Kate. We wanted to repeat it today to catch the folks who weren’t able to follow along.

We’ve had two kinds of pinwheels in the past, but this one is the most like the toys on a stick we had when we were kids. Also, this is by far the easiest!

Start with a 3″ square of double-sided paper, or two 3″ squares of patterned paper glued together to create whatever color combination you like.

Line up the square on your paper cutter to cut on the diagonal. Be sure to double-check one end when you adjust the other before cutting.

Cut a little more than half-way to the center of the paper on each of the four corners.

Put some adhesive on the tip of one corner and fold it forward to the center. You can also put a glue dot in the center of the pinwheel unless you’re going to use a brad (so you don’t have to try to put a hole through the glue dot which is not fun!).

Repeat on each of the corners and then embellish the center with a brad or button.

This sample card is based on Sketch #8. If the pinwheel is going to be an accent on the card rather than the focal point, you can use a smaller square. The sample below is a pinwheel made from a 2″ square and is based on Sketch #61.

Now give this new pinwheel a try. Share your links below. Let’s see if this pinwheel is as addictive as the others!

Everyone, remember, if you see a cool technique or if you have one you would like to share, please email me at Also, you can find archives of our previous tutorials at the Cardmaking Resources page of the OWH website, and lots of great information in the Cardmaking Glossary.


  1. What a great use for those leftover scraps of patterned paper!!! Thanks Kate! You know I love this card!!!

  2. Piiinwheeeels! What a pretty gallery. I feel like I was away for a week, not a weekend!

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