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Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Stars and Stamps, Tutorial | 1 comment

Tutorial: Paper Punch Penguin

Hey folks! It’s Sandy sneaking in here on our Tutorial day…First, to invite YOU to share your tutorial ideas to our sweet Nancy. She’s been waiting on lots of you to submit your content, and we’re all out of tutorials at the moment, eeep! Second – to share a link I found to a tutorial on this adorable penguin card. Jan had sent this card in to OWH, and we shared it on Facebook today (did you know we share card inspiration every morning? And then the pics get posted on our awesome Pinterest page? Inspiration galore!); someone asked how to make this little penguin, so I went to–where else–Pinterest! And I located a tutorial on it HERE.


And while I was looking for this one, I found lots more tutorials on different penguins by searching “Penguin Punch Card.” Try that and see which one you like best, then share it with us here! And hey – do a little variation along the way using the punches you have, take pics, and share them with Nancy for a tutorial – YOU could be the one to teach us all something fun and new! (Email her at nancy (at) operationwritehome (dot) org)


1 Comment

  1. Penguins! Hurray! This is very cute. I’ll have to look around for some more, as you suggest! There are never enough penguin cards!

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