Tutorial: Layering With Your Cricut Machine

This week’s tutorial is brought to us by Sheila – she blogs at 2 Paw Prints.. Sandy noticed how great her Cricut cards were; the layering really makes the images “pop” on the card. We asked Sheila to share her secrets with the rest of us.

By using the creative features of your cricut machine you can make your creations literally pop off the page, making your cards that much more adorable. I’m using the Create a Critter cricut cartridge for this demonstration. Not all cricut cartridges have the same creative features for layering but most of them at least have a shadow feature.

For most of my critter cuts I use on cards I do a 3 inch cut. To make this dinosaur, I’m using the following four colors.

First I cut the shadow:

Then I cut layer 1:

Then layer 2:

And finally layer 3:

The Cricut machine has function keys that will say, “layer 1, layer 2, etc”. It’s very easy to follow.Here’s my four pieces that I’m ready to assemble together.

I start from bottom to top. I glue the orange cut onto the black shadow cut.

The lighter green cut is next.

And finally I add the top green layer.

I like to use fun cuts like these to make a variety of cards. In the “thinking of you” card, I added wiggle eyes!

When you use the layering features of the Cricut very often you’ll be left with a lot of small pieces that need to be adhered, such as eyes, lips, etc. I personally use Scotch brand Quick dry tacky glue for all of my adhesive needs. I have never had issues with any of my smaller pieces falling off because the tacky glue didn’t hold. I found that over time glue sticks didn’t hold up.


Thanks again, Sheila, for the great tips!  I don’t know about anyone else, but now I want a Cricut!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I don't have a cricut, but I do have some Sizzix dies that I can layer with. I'll have to pull them out. These cards are so cute.

  2. I've never seen this cartridge – it's so cute! Thanks for the tutorial – you can never have too much information! Now I'll be dragging out my Cricut and making cards. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Blogless and cricutless here as well, but read your tutorial with interest. I'm sure, now that I've seen the layering that the cricut can do and read through your great explaination, Sheila, I'll be able to incorporate some of the layering into my own cards. Thanks for sharing. Sharla

  4. I LOVE this cartridge – very adaptable for all sorts of applications (not just kids), and use it lots! Really DOES make a world of difference when you use it "as intended" (ie: adding all the different layers). And with the addition of GOOGLEY EYES…. TOO cute!!

  5. You gave me some great info! I have not done much with the layering with my Cricut because I just didn't "get" it! But now that I see how awesome it can make your cards look i am going to investigate it!!! Thanks! Beth Ann

  6. thanks for the tutorial
    I have a cricut and do not use it as much as I should, I'm going to give this layering a try!

    cute cards!

  7. I found this tutorial very worthwhile. I don't know anyone with a Cricut, so I really didn't have any idea what it could do. These cards are so cute! Thanks for all the great info!

  8. Woohoo!

    Fantastic tutorial! This is awesome because I own this cute cartridge and now you have INSPIRED me to start using my Cricut for some cute and different cards!

    Thank you!!

  9. This is my favorite cartridge, my kids love it when I make animals and letters, I also make their birthday invitations using Cricut.