Tutorial: Guillotine Trimmer

Are you going to save up your holiday gift cards and money for something nice to add to your tools this year? Will Santa be extra good to you and bring you something fun?

I’ve found myself growing tired of buying trimmer blades… I even seem to go through the titanium ones quickly. So I have been researching some different options on paper trimmers and then, this week, I saw a fun new video from Craft Test Dummies. If you love the Dummies like I do, you can find them at their website or even on Facebook. ¬†They test all kinds of crafting supplies, but often, they test things that we can use for card making!

Enjoy the video for this Guillotine style trimmer!


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Let’s have some trimmer discussions too… do you have one in this style, or have you found something else that works wonders?
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  1. I am totally paper trimmer challenged! LOL. My husband bought me a guillotine cutter when I first started cards years ago. I drug it out when I joined OWH and I bought a smaller one just 3 months ago. I am not going back! They are much more accurate.

  2. Just want to pu tin a good word for the Xacto guillotine paper cutter – I just got my 2nd one from Staples for about $35 (the first one lasted 5 years or so before the blade was dull) and it does the job well. I would like the diagonal line markings as on the Martha Stewart trimmer, but it’s not vital for me. The Xacto is a black plastic, and one silly thing they did was to print the measuring increments in gray (my original one had white print on black, which was much more readable). Happy cutting, everyone!

  3. Great information on this cutter. :) Thank you Jenny!

  4. I’m still a Fiskars trimmer with the replacement blade fan. I esp like their newer model with the guide wire, so you can see EXACTLY where you are going to cut. Also, Fiskars stands behind their products and if you ever have a problem (my guide wire got shredded by my blade), contact them and they will send out replacement parts free of charge.

  5. I have the 12″ Tonic guillotine cutter and I LOVE IT!!!! I scrapbook also, so wanted the full size base. I have had it for 2 years and I haven’t looked back. (I actually bought it in Madison, WI when I met Sandy at an OWH event there. :o} )

  6. I think I’ve had, or tried, them all. My favorite by far is the large 12×12 Tonic guillotine, and it’s smaller companion. I think it’s 5×8… and perfect for cards. I have them both and they’re sturdier and more accurate than the others. And no more fuzzy edges.

    With the blade and rotary trimmers I was always replacing the trimmer or cutting insert. Also, when the blades started to wear I got fuzzy, uneven edges.

  7. Patti from Gainesville, FL

    A suggestion for those of you who use a guillotine trimmer…

    My guillotine trimmer had been in our teacher’s lounge for years. The blade had all kinds of knicks in it where people had tried to cut through staples. The blade was very dull, warped, and did not cut straight. When I retired, I took my trimmer with me because I knew I could use it at home for crafting. I took my guillotine trimmer to a business that sharpens knives and blades. They sharpened the blade for under $10.00! It now cuts perfectly! Check in your community for such a business. It could save you from having to buy a new trimmer!

  8. When I first started card making, I of course had to have the latest and so I bought the cutters that came out for card making, then I quickly realized that I wanted the kind that I had used at work, so I took myself to my favorite office supply store and bought the GBC ClassicCut CL300 wooden base paper cutter. I have used it for over 13 years and have never regretted it. I don’t know about the new ones coming out, but this one is great. Look at local office stores. My husband cleans the blade for me periodically with acetate and then it is as good as new. This tool is my most used tool. Works great for scrapbooking as well.. It does’t travel well as it is 13×15 approximately – but I do take it with me. I love, love, love this tool.

  9. I love my Fiskars single blade trimmer and it’s my most used tool. I do go through a lot of blades but like that it’s light, portable and easy to use. I got a guillotine cutter a few years back when I was making lots of multiple card kits but found that it wasn’t sturdy and often wobbled when I was cutting. Also it’s so huge and I’m a messy crafter so there never is enough room on my table for it!

  10. Have the Genesis Guilletine trimmer and love, love it! Very precise on cuts and only have replaced the blade (due to my negligence) once in the 5 years I’ve had it. On the higher end of expense but so worth it.

  11. I have both the Fiskars paper trimmer (with replaceable blades) and the Making Memories rotary blade paper cutter (no blade replacing necessary). I like the rotary one for making full-length cuts (unless I’m cutting very thin strips), especially since the blade does not dull. I use the Fiskars primarily for doing partial cuts (where I don’t cut the full length of the paper), or for cutting strips, since I have the wire guide and can see just where I am cutting.

  12. Gretchen H

    I’ve had a larger trimmer for years, for cutting up sheets of school pictures for Christmas cards (I used scissors for years, but UGH it took forever!). This year I just invested in a smaller one for trimming card papers. I’ve only just started card making.

  13. I love my Tonic guillotine trimmer! The Tonic has a wider place to put your left hand when cutting. I don’t know if it’s just the way it looks on this video or what, but it looks too small. I would be afraid of cutting myself.

  14. Aundria B.

    Thank you for sharing this video about this new product. My trimmer story began with a number of the Fiskars’ rotary trimmers but found that after awhile they’d stop cutting straight and I could never find the right replacement blades for any of them. I noticed Sandy and a number of OWHers using the Tonic Guillotine cutter, and finally broke down about a year ago and bought their 12×6 Guillotine. I love, love, LOVE this cutter and my only complaint would be that the light gray measurements/numbers are sometimes hard to read against the bright orange background.

  15. I have 4 trimmers, one I used just 3 times it is a cheap green cricut one, the other 3 I love! I have a fiskars rotary, kinda big but still small enough to prop next to my work table – I have a small blue cutterpede that I love too and would not want to crop without and I have a 16 year old guillotine trimmer – it is a wescott and my kids used it when they were in school so when I started crafting I went a dug it out. The blade is steel and it does dull over time, it costs a few dollars to take it to the butcher and he hones it for me and aligns it so it is always straight. It is big and it has to have it’s own li permanent spot but that is good because it keeps me getting up and down during a serious crafting session : )

  16. For many years I used the Fiskars trimmer with replaceable blades.. but I cut so much paper that the blades would go dull rather quickly. I purchased the 12 x 12 Tonic guillotine trimmer and I really liked it.. but where I had to keep it made it where I had to get up to go cut paper so last year I purchased the Fiskars ProCision trimmer and I LOVE IT!!! I have made thousands upon thousands of cuts with that thing and it cuts just as nice as the first. I bought it using a 50% off coupon taking it from $119 down to $60.. worth every single penny.

    I second what Carol said about Fiskars standing behind their products. I have worn off many of the measurement lines on trimmers and Fiskars has replaced them for me.

    I recently purchased a laptop table from Ikea that sits to the left of my desk and on it I keep my ProCision trimmer so I don’t have to get up to cut paper.

    blessings ~ Pam

  17. I also fail with guillotine trimmers. I love my Stampin’ Up! Trimmer! It is perfect for card makers, it scores and cuts. The blades are replaceable and it is accurate.

    In full disclosure I have been a hobbyist demo but I didn’t buy their trimmer until this one came out!

  18. You really have to try the Dahle range of paper trimmers too, I have a Dahle 554 and I have to tell you it is excellent! My hubby bought it for me when I decided to get more involved in paper crafting and card making and it really does give a perfect, professional finish!

    The only downside is the cost. Compared to Fiskars trimmers it is a little expensive and maybe a little more than I need but it certainly ticks all the boxes. HTH x

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