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Happy Tuesday Everyone! I know that you will love this tutorial by Kristie M. about using 6×6 paper pads to their max! Perhaps you have noticed some pretty 6×6 paper pads with excellent prices at your local stores and online… they seem to be very popular lately and they are perfect for card making due to their smaller patterns and beautiful coordinating papers. Authentique, Basic Grey, Echo Park, My Mind’s Eye and many other companies all have some beautiful 6×6 pads. Rather than hoard them, what can you do with these?

Please welcome Kristie and her fantastic tutorial… By the way, here is a link to Kristie’s Flickr page where you can see photos of all of the finished cards from this project in case you need a closer look.

The 6×6 Pad Tutorial


 How to utilize the entire 6×6 paper pad when making cards!

 I was first introduced to using the mini 6×6 paper pads for card making by friends in my monthly craft group. Now I make most of my cards with the 6×6 pads. I love that the papers all coordinate together and the patterns are a reduced size, which is perfect for card makers. As a card maker, I do have a little quirk or OCD issue, as my hubby lovingly says, in that I HAVE to use up all the patterned paper. I do not like having scraps lying around. The scraps from the 6×6 pads can get quite small. So rather than figure out how to store a partially used paper pad, I decided to just use it all up before moving on to a new one. For me, this works great. Since many people have asked about my card making method, I am here to give one example of how I use the 6×6 pads.


First I selected Carta Bella Beautiful Moments 6×6 paper pad. I prefer using two-sided paper pads in case I don’t like some of the designs. I then gathered together matching cardstock. I’m never sure exactly which colors or how many I will use, so I just make sure to have lots of variety on hand. Then I selected one sketch to start with. I absolutely love sketches and am so grateful for all the talented people who provide those. Sometimes I may use  almost the entire pad on one sketch, but usually I just make a few cards then move on to another sketch.

In this example, I started with The Deconstructed sketch #46. I made 4 cards using the first sketch. Then, I looked at what papers and sizes  were left over and selected to work on OWH sketch #123 next. This  time I made 6 cards with the sketch.

I again looked over my leftover paper and scraps before choosing OWH sketch #127.

I made  7 cards with this sketch. Now, I basically had only scraps left, so I chose Mojo Monday sketch #229, since it would work perfectly with long strips of  paper.

With the scraps I had left, I made 5 cards with this sketch, leaving small pieces of paper. I selected Mojo Monday sketch # 238 for the last few cards since it used lots of small squares in the sketch.

The final card count from this paper pad was 24 cards. I average between 20-30 cards total from one 24-sheet paper pad, depending on which sketches are used.

 I hope this card tutorial will be beneficial to many card makers out there. Now go grab a 6×6 paper pad and get crafty!

Thanks again to Kristie for this excellent tutorial and all of those awesome examples… don’t forget to stop by Kristie’s Flickr page or leave her some comments and kudos here for sharing with us today!


  1. Wow thanks…now I feel that I have the basics for using those expensive papers I have been afraid to use.

  2. These are just gorgeous! I pinned the pic of the final batch. Every one of them looks so well done. I love that quilt paper!

  3. What a great tutorial! I love all the cards :) Those little bits of pretty paper are taking over my craft room. Now I am motivated to use them up. Thank you for sharing these tips with us!!

  4. This is the kind of tutorial I need to put into motion! Using up all the dsp so efficiently will make me feel much less like I’m hoarding! TFS!

  5. What a great tutorial! I love 6 x 6 pads and get a lot of cards out of one but I’ve never been quite this successful at using it all up! I am inspired to try with a new pad I just got yesterday! Then I’ll have more cards to send to OWH! TFS!

  6. Really cool idea! Thanks. *smile*

  7. Great Idea to keep working with a group of papers until they are all used up!
    I have done that with a small group but now will challenge myself with a whole 6×6

  8. Love this tut! I’m totally going to try this, maybe today… Let’s hope the kids cooperate!

  9. lisaloo812

    What a great idea! I have never used a 6×6 pad before, now I’m gonna have to run out and pick one up after work tonight! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Awesome tutorial and I have about 20 of these that need to be used up. Think I’m going to be giving this a try as I also love sketches and save a lot of them.

  11. Wonderful, wonderful! Thanks so much for this tutorial! It’s very close to the “assembly line” method, for 6×6 — and mass-producing one design helps so much get the quantity up while saving precious crafting time!

    I’m wondering if you are making “card fronts” only, and adhering them to separate white card bases, or if you are using your colored cardstock to also make colored card bases with the cards as you go?

    • Kristie

      Lynn, yes, I make the card fronts then adhere those to white card bases. I buy nice heavy weight paper in bulk for my card bases and then I never have to worry about lining them if I use dark paper for the fronts.

  12. sf_crafter

    Wonderful tutorial. I love the idea of seeing what size scraps you have and then finding a sketch that would use those size scraps.

  13. Wow! I love the idea of having a tutorial on how to use a 6×6 pad. I am going to try making cards today using up a whole pad and your tutorial.

  14. Unique idea. I’m going to try it as I have a stash of 6×6 pads. Can’t wait to give it a shot.

  15. Fantastic tutorial! I use my 6×6 pads but not to their fullest. As soon as I get back home I going to give this a try. Thanks so much!

  16. We love your “quirkiness” and you! Awesome work again sis!

  17. This is a fantastic tutorial! I’m a little OCD myself and hate having little bits and pieces hanging around but can’t bring myself to throw them away because they are truly large enough for cards. I also *LOVE* 6×6 paper pads and have become a hoarder of them. Maybe this will motivate me to turn them into cards as beautiful as yours! Now, to carve out some craft time…can we get a tutorial on that?! LOL

  18. this is great; thank you so much for sharing it. Now when I’m overwhelmed I have a new resource to kick start my mojo again. THANKS

  19. Such a GREAT approach to using 6×6 pads combined with the sketches! I like the idea of using up the whole pad too because sometimes as much as I love those big 12×12 pads by the time I get to using the last sheets I’ve developed a major aversion to every single pattern. LOL. Thanks for sharing this today Kristie!

  20. I am going to try this right now. This is such a great way to use the 6×6 pads!

  21. Oh my goodness this is brilliant–love it. I think I better get to crafting :) Love all the tips and pointers you offered!

  22. Thanks for the tutorial. I have lots of these and rarely use them but this helps alot.

  23. Great tutorial — now to put in practice :-) I usually find myself using part of one or two sheets from these and them they get added to my stack of patterned paper to use. Thanks again for the great tip.


  24. Love this! Thanks so much! I added this to my blog so others can see it too!

  25. Debby J

    Can’t wait to try this out-I have so many 6 x 6 pads and have only used a few pages from each. Looks like I’ll be busy tonight!!!

  26. Great idea! Now to go try that.

  27. Pat Kinkaid

    Thank you for this tutorial! What an efficient way to utilize a 6×6 pad. And your cards were beautiful too!

  28. I LOVE 6×6 pads! they not only cost less but the print is small & more pleasing to me, also the leftovers are much less

  29. Marianne Squire Maszer

    Thanks for sharing! I love using 6×6 pads!

  30. Sherry Hickey

    This is a great tutorial, Kristie, thanks! Love those 6×6 pads and this will help me use them more efficiently!!

  31. I actually liked this idea so much, but I was intrigued about all the sketches mentioned here. It took me a little bit of time, but I found them all! Here the links, just in case somebody else is looking for them:

    Deconstructed Sketch # 46


    OWH Sketch # 123


    OWH Sketch # 127


    Mojo Monday Sketch 229


    Mojo Monday Sketch # 238


  32. Great tutorial! I can’t wait to get started making cards using my 6X6 pads.

  33. This is going to happen!!! Thanks for the tutorial, and count on me to give this a try in September! I have six 6×6 pads sitting here just waiting to get used, so I’m going to get going on this!

  34. Kathy Stacy

    Wonderful recommendation – I collect 6 x 6 packs – love, love, love them and this tutorial. Thanks!

  35. Kristie

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. I can’t wait to see some pictures of what you do with your 6×6 paper pads. Make sure you post them!

  36. Heather C.

    Wow! This is wonderful! I just bought a 6 x 6 pad this last weekend. Will have to try this out. Thanks so much for writing this up and sharing it with us!

  37. I love your tutorial! It will be so helpful when I’m using the 6 x 6 papers.

  38. Thank you, Kristie, for the great tutorial; and thank you, too, Zaira, for the research on the sketches. I’ll be pulling out a couple of 6×6 pads soon. I like the smaller designs on them, too. Great work!

  39. This is amazing!! I have a hard time using up the whole pad, but this is a great idea and helps me to create more cards for OWH!!

  40. What a great tutorial. I have stacks and stacks of 6 x 6 pads. I usually just pick what I want for one or two cards and then stick the pieces back in it, or some I have attached envelopes to the back to keep the scraps in. I never thought of using a stack to go through and make a bunch of cards. I follow all those blogs with all those sketches and one some have saved/printed out every sketch that they have ever put out. I am going to try this. I just got a new 6 x 6 of some Christmas paper this past weekend. I used some pieces for a snowman card I made.. so I know there is plenty left.

    thanks again for sharing your process when using the 6 x 6 pads and choosing different sketches.

    ~ Pam

  41. Fabulous tutorial! TFS!!!

  42. Wow! That is awesome! I hate to waste paper, too, and my scrap piles keep getting bigger. I never would have thought to find sketches that use the scrap sized I have! THANKS!

  43. Nancy M

    This ROCKS!!! Thanks so much; I really appreciate it. I had to go out and buy a bunch of 6X6’s but of course, I could’ve just cut up my 12X12’s (hint hint to all you gals out there!!) Thanks again!! I can see my OWH box growing already!!

  44. This is great! I tend to buy papers because I love them, but only do a couple of projects with them. If I approach it like you do I can use it all up and feel good about the fact that I can now go shopping for a new favorite!

  45. Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this.

  46. Such a great way to use these!! Love how finished each card is.

  47. Great inspiration for using up those pads.

  48. What a great tutorial! I will be coming back to this as soon as school gets out and I get some crafty time. I have a bunch of 6 x 6 pads that are needing some attention. TFS

  49. Kristie — I have the SAME problem in that once I have scraps all over, I am compelled to use them. I made 40 cards from a K&Co pad that I LOVED. Some of them are posted on SplitCoastStampers. I have learned how to package the scraps and matching papers up in a file folder and put it away — so I can move on to the next set of be-e-e-u–ti-ful papers! I cannot wait to try this and I hope you don’t mind if I post your link. It’s a great tutorial!

  50. Thanks for sharing this and explaining your process – SO helpful!

  51. Barbara

    Thanks for sharing

  52. This is a wonderful technique, I have never seen before, thank you somuch.

  53. Wow! This is an awesome tutorial. I buy my paper in mostly 12×12 and take half and cut in 6×6 and kind of do the same thing you do, but not all at once. Since I’ma SU demo, at the end of a catalog year I take all the paper I have left over and give it away on my blog. =)

  54. Iona Schlaupitz

    Thank you for the tutorial. I get 6 sheets of double sided paper and 6 sheets of cardstock in a paper packet. Thus I can get 24-6×6 sheets of double sided paper and have my cardstock already picked out…how utterly awesome. Thanks again!!

  55. This is a really helpful TUIT. I never am quite sure how to use these pads and there are some pretty ones out there. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Wow! I love the idea to use up all the paper in one 6×6 before moving on. Brilliant and so easy!!


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