Tools of the Trade!

Welcome to Episode 1 of Tools of the Trade.. as seen on OWHtv!

I’m so excited to get this project kicked off this year. In this episode, you will learn about two of the most basic tools you need to get started when making cards for OWH! Now, before you get bored and wander off, remember that you can use these tools when following LOTS of our already existing tutorials! You can also share this video with friends to encourage them to start collecting some of the basics and start making some cards!

Hope you enjoyed the show! Here is another diagram to show how scoring and folding “the right direction” will result in smoother, prettier folds.



Here is another photo.. it was difficult to get a close-up of how much better this makes your edges look when you fold it this way. Maybe you can zoom in to get a better look!


Do you have your tools ready? Here are some archived tutorials to follow… ready? Go!

Scoring,  Fun Fold Card,  Funky Fold Card,  Pleating
Z-Fold Card,  Zig-Zag Fold,  Dahlia Fold,  Diamond Fold
Paper Pansies,  Easel Card,  Tri-Fold Shutter Card





  1. Kristine

    I can’t see the video. It just shows a blank white space.

  2. trishreddick

    I don’t see it either, but I will come back later!

  3. Great picture! Once I zoomed in I could really see a difference! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I am so glad to see this. I posted the question on FB the other day! Glad I know the right way to score now! THANK YOU! My cards look better already!

  5. Stephanie Allison

    Thank you. I always wondered if it made a difference which way the paper was folded. I don’t have a mat or the metal thing either!

  6. Thanks for that folding tip. I think I’ve been doing it wrong all along!

  7. Great tip! Years ago I was taught that fold – and to remember it, my personal mantra is “mountain in the middle.” I know that when the card is folded properly, the mountain ‘hump’ is inside the card.

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