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Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in Hero Blog | 5 comments

The cards go fast and are appreciated!

We thank you for all you do! The cards go fast and are appreciated! We wish you the best of this Easter season!

Again, thank you!



  1. What an awesome pic! Love posts like this!

  2. Amazing! They do so much for us, and I feel like I do so little in return!

  3. love the picture – love these kinds of posts…makes my heart feel good

  4. Such a beautiful picture! God bless all of you and God bless America!!

  5. How can I contact your group. I’m a card maker who has been approached by a Professional Women’s group in my city to have an event that would make cards to be sent to Women Soldiers to either have Valentines they can send to their loved ones or to send them Mothers Day Cards. I’m looking for a Military Group that can assist us in this endeavor , with help as to where exactly we can send the cards to.

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