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Posted by on Apr 17, 2015 in Featured Friday Cardmaker, Stars and Stamps | 30 comments

Featured Friday Cardmakers: Sue’s Southern Stampin’ Sistas

I have a special treat for you today – a whole group of crafters! 

My name is Susan and my group began in 2009 when our local scrapbook store closed down and I became a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator just so the friends we had formed could stay together and continue to craft!! We began with 8 members and today we have 12. I am no longer a SU Demonstrator but we continue to meet for workshops using products that we have all accumulated (and continue to accumulate) through the years. We have even created a private Facebook page for our group, Sue’s Southern Stampin’ Sistas!! We share sketch and color challenges and the cards we create and enjoy keeping in touch with each other between workshops.

What’s your hometown, and do you have a blog? How long have you been stamping?

  • Susan G – Napoleonville, LA. Like most card makers today, I began scrapbooking at the urging of my student workers about 7 yrs ago, I have been making only cards for the last 6 yrs.
  • Susan B – Thibodaux, LA, 9 years.
  • Paula –  Vacherie, LA, I’ve been stamping/cardmaking for approximately 3 years. I’ve been an avid scrapbooker since my DS was in kindergarten, some 18 years ago. So scrapbooking was my hobby of choice. As he got older, I couldn’t put the camera in his face much anymore. So I knew I had to do something with all of my tools and supplies, and that is when I hooked up with Susan, our group leader, who so graciously took me in to make cards with the group.
  • Pat – Labadieville, LA has two blogs – this one and this one!
  • Debra – Thibodaux, LA. I have been making stamping/cardmaking for at least 8 years  I guess.  Seems I have always been doing but not on this level.
  • Mary – I am from Raceland, LA, 4-5 years.
  • Mona – Napoleonville, LA, 3 years.
  • Linda – Thibodaux, LA., 4-5 years.
  • Earline – Raceland, LA., 12+ years.


Do you have a craft room or specific area where you stamp/craft?    

  • Susan G – Oh, I have a craft room!!! I’ve moved and reorganized my craft room several times through the years and have settled in a smaller room, sharing the room with the home office. This seems to work best for me so far!
  • Susan B – I work in a specific area.
  • Paula – Yes, I do. Two years ago, while in a project to remove carpeting from my son’s bedroom, we decided to do the third bedroom at the same time. That was when I turned it into my own foxhole. I spend mostly all of my weekend in there creating cards for OWH, sometimes only coming out long enough to eat.
  • Pat – Yes , I do have my own craft room.  It is usually upside down even though everything has its place.  I work well in clutter I guess.
  • Debra – No, I don’t have a craft room or designated space.
  • Mary – I have a craft room for scrapbooking and card making.
  • Mona – I have a craft room.
  • Linda – I have a designated area where I craft.
  • Earline – Yes, I do have a craft room.


What are your favorite stamp/craft products?

  • Susan G – Wow, that’s a hard one because I love all of my products! I guess I’d have to say my dies, love that you can create so many different images with the dies. To me they take my cards to another level of creativity.
  • Susan B – my favorite products are stamps.
  • Paula –Oh Geez… lets see…. My favorite product has to be my Stamp A Ma Jig. I don’t do anything without that thing. I have two, one at my desk and another in my bag I take to workshops. My other favorite product are my alcohol markers. I’ve discovered coloring images at a whole new level since first grade. It’s so relaxing to me. I’m taking classes right now to get better.
  • Pat – I like a variety of stamps and craft products. I use what gets the effect I want. I’ll add my own sketches if I can’t find what I want.
  • Debra – I really don’t have any favorites.
  • Mary – My favorite tools are my Cuttle Bug, Embossing Folders, Spellbinders & Dies, and tons of Stamps.
  • Mona – My favorite stamp is SU “Thoughts and Prayers”.
  • Linda – I have no favorite products, I enjoy everything I have.
  • Earline – Rubber stamps and dies!

Do you have a favorite technique?

  • Susan G – I wouldn’t exactly call it a technique, but I love layers, many layers!!
  • Susan B – my favorite technique is sponging.
  • Paula – My favorite technique right now is emboss-resist. I love the look. It makes a card so elegant plus, its super easy to do.
  • Pat – No favorite technique. I like to try everything and am always learning.
  • Debra – No.
  • Mary – My favorite technique is using embossing folders & stamps.
  • Mona – Not really.
  • Linda – I do enjoy painting on cards!
  • Earline – No, I am pretty much open to learning anything.

SusanG4Have any particular OWH sketches or tutorials served as inspiration for your cards?

  • Susan G – Yes, some have. However, since the popularity of Pinterest, I seem to get most of my ideas from there.
  • Susan B – No
  • Paula – No, I use them from time to time. Most of my inspiration is from Pinterest or other galleries, including OWH. I usually take that inspiration and end up creating something of my own. I just don’t have that talent to start to come up with anything on my own. I often don’t know where to start. To talented crafters and designers, it just comes so naturally, whereas I have to put a lot of time and thought into a design. I’d rather take that time and build from someone else’s ideas. I make more cards that way
  • Pat – I just like to think about what I would want to recieve if I was the person getting the card and what I would want to send to the special person.
  • Debra – No, I do like to look on Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Mary –. I make all my OWH cards….”Patriot” cards.
  • Mona – I like Pinterest .
  • Linda – No, I tend to look for inspiration from Pinterest.
  • Earline – No.

SusanG5Do you prefer digis or stamps?

  • Susan G – I love the real thing!! I love both clear mount and wood mount stamps!
  • Susan B – I prefer clear mount stamps.
  • Paula – I prefer stamps. I’m always afraid digis don’t last as long or will smear when I try to color. I have an old injet printer so I just don’t know how those inks compare to Memento or other inks.
  • Pat – I use stamps most of the time.
  • Debra – I prefer stamps.
  • Mary – I prefer using stamps.
  • Mona – I prefer stamps.
  • Linda – I prefer stamps.
  • Earline – I prefer stamps.

Do you have a favorite theme?

  • Susan G – I don’t think I favor one theme over another.
  • Susan B – I like nature themed cards best.
  • Paula – Yes, I do. As I’m creating cards for our heroes, I can’t help but think about the love they want to send back home to their loved one and how much they must miss them. So my favorite theme is “love” cards and “Miss You” cards. Not necessarily Valentine, because you can say “I Love You” every day of the year.
  • Pat –Do I have a favorite theme? Not really. Depends what age I am making the card for. As long as the message is loving and caring.
  • Debra – No, I do not.
  • Mary – My favorite them is masculine cards, hunting, fishing, & swamp scenes.
  • Mona – No, I do not.
  • Linda –  No, just depends what I am working on at the time.
  • Earline –Not really, but I tend to make more birthday cards for teens.


Are there colors you love to include on your cards?

  • Susan G – I am a Red, White and Blue girl all the way!! Cards with the combination of all 3 or monochromatic cards with either color are my favorites!
  • Susan B – I love Stampin’ Up’s Cherry Cobbler, Old Olive, and Daffodil Delight.
  • Paula – Colors? I love color! I have every color of the rainbow and everything in between of cardstock, inkpads, stickles, cats eye chalk, memento, twine, etc…. so any color is perfectly fine with me to use on cards.
  • Pat – Colors….hmmmm, no particular color. Again it depends what and who I imagine the card for. Then I use what gives me the best effect.
  • Debra – My favorite all time color is SU’s Cherry Cobbler!
  • Mary –I love to use bright colors, and tan, brown, beige, and chocolate
  • Mona – Teal is my favorite color.
  • Linda – Not really.
  • Earline – I am drawn to pinks and greens.

How did you hear about Operation Write Home?

  • Susan G – I read about OWH in a magazine article about 6 yrs. ago and immediately looked into how my group could contribute. We have been submitting cards ever since.
  • Susan B – From our demonstrator, Susan Gautreaux
  • Paula – I heard from OWH from our group leader. She first introduced me to OWH when I became a member of their cardmaking group. I did some research on the website and immediately wanted to help! Our heroes only deserve the best, which is why I spend a lot of time on one card, sometimes as much as four hours!
  • Pat – I heard about OWH from our team leader, Susan. It sounded great and something we could do as a group.
  • Debra – From Sue Gautreaux.
  • Mary –I heard about OWH thru my Staminup Card Making Class under Susan…Now “Sue’s Southern Stampin’ Sistas.
  • Mona – From Susan Gautreaux.
  • Linda – I heard about OWH from our fearless leader, Sue!
  • Earline – From Facebook and our instructor, Sue.

What motivates you to make cards for our heroes?

  • Susan G – My dad served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He instilled in us a deep sense of patriotism and a love for all things military. Some of my fondest memories as a child are listening to his records (remember those) of John Philip Sousa as loud as my mom would allow!! My nephew served in the U.S. Marines and my husband’s nephew is currently deployed in the U.S. Air Force. Having said all that, my biggest motivation is the memory of my brother. He was career U.S. Navy and died of a heart attack at his desk as a civilian employee for the U.S. Navy 6 yrs. ago. With every card I make for OWH, I try to remember that this card may be the last written word from a loved one deployed in the military. Not that my card would be treasured for its design, but what an honor that maybe someone’s last words are written on something I created! I may never know if that has ever happened and that’s ok, as long as I know that I helped someone send love home while serving our country.
  • Susan B – I feel like I am doing a small part for those who give so much.
  • Paula H – For me, our heroes are my inspiration! They deserve nothing less from me here at home. Their countless months and years away from home and family is why I do this. A card home to a family member, mother, father, wife, child, etc. is inspiration enough for me to make for them. I often wonder who is the recipient of my cards and hopefully they are enjoying them Another big motivation for me is card making trends. I love being introduced to new products and can hardly wait sometimes to get those product so that I can create for them. I make a few cards for my own friends and family, but 90 percent of what I do is for them!
  • Pat – Just thinking of the men and women that have to be away from their homes and families is motivation. They have to sacrifice so much in their own relationships and lives to protect us and our country , yet you always hear them say they would do it over again. They are special people in my heart.
  • Debra – Just a small thanks from me for their great service to our country.
  • Mary –I was raised military; my father was in the Air Force for 22 years, World War II,
    and my three brothers all served our country. My oldest brother served 21 years even serving in Spain.
    One of my brothers served in the Vietnam War, and my other brother served in Tideland.
    I am so proud of my family and today say thank you and fly my American Flag high.
    We moved in March 2015 and the first thing we put in the yard was our American Flag.
  • Mona – Their service to the USA.
  • Linda – I remember Sue telling us that a card we create could be the last message a family member receives from a service man or woman and that has stuck with me and been my driving force.
  • Earline – I can just imagine how good it must feel to receive a card from a loved one.



  1. So good to see card makers from Louisiana.

    • Thanks Laverne, so happy and excited that Sandy nominated us for this honor!!

    • Thanks so much lorigrimme!!!

  2. Thank you Sue’s Southern Stampin’ Sistas! You all do wonderful work and your group is such a great way to stay together. 🙂

    • Thanks Melissa!! We are honored to be featured this week!! Love my group of ladies and yes, they do great work!!

  3. Love the Sistas!!! What a treat to read their stories, and see a little of what they do. Love all the cards, such wonderful details- like the knot in the nautical card! Do you have a special member for such specialized details? Your group sounds terrific. Thanks, Sandy, for bringing them to us. Off to Pat’s blog now…..

    • Thanks Liz, your words are so kind!! No, we don’t have a certain member for details, they are all special in their way!! Call it God’s provision (I do), but when I mention that we are going to be working on something specific, someone always comes up with the best idea to add to the project. I had mentioned that we would be doing a nautical card and one my girls made all the sailor knots for that project!!! They are a fantastic group that I am privileged to call friends and “sistas”!!

      • Pat’s blog is fun, too! Great to see even more cards, and to get a sense of the Sistas’ sisterliness. Lotta love and creative support going on there. Thanks for sharing, Ladies.

  4. How fun to have a whole group show off their awesome work today — nice job, ladies, and congrats on being featured this week!

    • Thanks Adele!! My sistas do great work and I am so very excited that the OWH blog world gets to see just a few of them!!

  5. Thanks to all of you for your generous comments. It is quite an honor! Cardmaking for our heroes is so much fun! It is an expensive hobby, but what better way to share the wealth than with our men and women in uniform working to keep us safe here at home and help them write home to their families! Its a Win-Win situation!

  6. What a great bunch of ladies. I am so proud of you all. Thanks for sharing your stories with OWH. And a big huge thank you for making such beautiful cards for our servicemen and women. The examples of your work is wonderful. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Donna! They are indeed a great bunch of ladies, talented and generous as well, love them all!

  7. What an awesome group of ladies you all are! I think it is so fun that you all get together still today, keep doing just that!! Nice to meet you all in this post and congrats on being featured! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thank you Brenda and so nice to hear from so many of our fellow crafters across this great USA!!

  8. Remarkable! I was saying this for after having to do a drudgery type house project as a reward-and I got a whole bushel of wonderful!

    Wow. I am SO jealous! I wish I had a bunch of terrific women to meet with regularly to create and laugh!

    It does feel like everyone has different leanings so all kinds of creativity must be flying around the room!

    The cards are really beautiful. I really like that sun die! Whose is it?
    I am just getting into inlay so that really caught my eye!

    Definitely-always keep the group going! This is something people can do when other things fall away…wont it be amazing when you say “We’ve been doing this for 30 years and we have made X number of cards!” Sounds like a sweet movie to me!

    • Margot, thank you so much for your sweet words! I am so blessed to have found these wonderful friends through the years. A few of us have known each other for many years and others found their way to the group through friends or divine intervention! The sun die was my card, I used the Sun Ray die from My Favorite Things, I love that inlay look too!!! If you ever get down to south Louisiana, look us up and we’ll share stories and make pretty cards together!!!

  9. The Sistahs are rocking with some great cards!

    • Thanks Val!! My ladies sure do rock, I love them all!!!

  10. What sweet cards and an even sweeter story! Thanks so much for your support of OWH. 🙂

    • Thanks Sybrina!!! We sure enjoy what we do!!!

  11. Ladies I love your comments and stories. I think I relate to each one of you in one way or another. I too come from scrap booking into card making. Thank you all for sharing your stories and supporting this wonderful cause…OWH!!!

    • Thank you Debbie! I think all of us card makers have a lot in common, big hearts and tons of creativity, not to mention lots of paper!!!

  12. Ladies ur cards are awsome. I also make cards for OWH. I live in Lafayette. I use Stampin Up supplies and there is one scrapbook store that have beautiful paper,Tresured Memories.
    I was checking to find a class that teach the tecnique for using Copic,Spectrum Noir and Chanelon markers.
    I checked out some Videos but I need hands on in a class type of teaching.
    Do you’ll know if there are classes in this area?
    My e-mail

    • Albertine, so good to hear from you!!! I do not know of any local or nearby classes, but one of my group members, Paula, has been taking online classes, I’ll have her email you and tell you all about it! If I ever go through Lafayette, I’ll surely look up Treasured Memories, thanks!!!

      • Paula,when u have a moment,could u e-mail me and let me know about the classes ur taking on line?
        I am trying to improve the cards I am making for OWH and I am thinking that I can improve them with better markers, like Spectrum Noir, Chameleon and Copic markers.Ur cards are such an insperation. They are great.

        • Albertine, I did send you 2 emails but both came back to me, I must be entering something wrong in your address. Anyway this is what Paula said: she asked me to let you know that the classes she has taken and is still taking are with this site

          There is a fee, but I can tell you, it really must be worth it because her coloring is awesome!!! And she said that it is a work at your own pace type of training. If you have any questions, write back to me and I’ll forward your questions to her for you.
          Thanks for your comments and it is good to meet you, even if it is just online!

  13. Congratulations Sistas. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Vicki!!

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