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Posted by on Dec 14, 2010 in Cardmaking 101, Stars and Stamps, Tutorial | 11 comments

Stamping 101 – Vellum

Vellum is a semi translucent paper similar to parchment. Most vellum sold for paper crafts is a plasticized cotton. It lends a softness to cards, adding layers and a delicate, feminine look.

Vellum is sold in a variety of colors as well as white. It is also sold with embedded patterns, pre-printed greetings, or as pre-cut or metal-rimmed tags.

Vellum can be used with die cutting machines, but be aware that it is more delicate than regular paper. It is easier to tear or accidentally crease, and accidental wrinkles can leave a scar (such as with waxed paper).

In my opinion, the trickiest part of using vellum is adhering it to the cards. Because you can see through it, adhesives must be hidden with embellishments. You can also use brads instead of adhesives. There is a product called vellum tape, but I have never used it. (If you have experience using vellum tape, please leave a comment and let us know how it works.)

Caution should be used when heat embossing, because vellum burns more easily than regular paper, and can melt or warp if heated too long in one spot.

When stamping on vellum, heat set your ink, even if you use dye ink. It takes a long time for ink to dry on vellum because it doesn’t soak into the paper; it just sits on top.

Special thanks to Julie for letting me use pictures of some of her cards (1st, 2nd and 4th). I’m also including a picture of one of the luminaries she made last year for Christmas presents. Little electric candles set inside shine through the vellum windows when lighted.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you like to use vellum. Also we’re including a Mr. Linky this time so you can show off your vellum creations. Remember, if you would like to share a technique or tutorial, please write


  1. Vellum tape – LOVE IT! However even if you use it the way the 'experts' recommend you still see it if you look for it.

    Cut your vellum tape to length, place your vellum piece where you want it on the project, then LIFT the vellum and apply the tape to the project – burnish it well the solid part of the tape should curl up when it is fully adhered (or I rub too hard ), then place the vellum over it and lightly pat it in place.

  2. Vellum tape does work pretty well but you have to be careful to keep the tape roll clean since the adhesive might show under the vellum if it had things stuck in it(like cat hairs in my house!)I keep my roll in a small round metal candy tin. Vellum tape has a paper backing so you should apply the tape strip to the vellum and then rub the paper well to transfer the adhesive evenly. One advantage of vellum tape is that it does not wrinkle vellum like a liquid glue tends to do and you can adhere edges of a vellum panel without the need for embellishments to hide the adhesive.

  3. Adhesive doesn't stand out if you cover the entire piece with adhesive. I use a Xyron machine. A Xyron covers the entire space with adhesive so there's no one spot that shows through. I use that whenever I want to adhere a piece of vellum.

  4. I've always had better luck applying the vellum tape to the paper FIRST, then placing the vellum over it (rather than adhering the tape to the vellum directly) – tends to not show thru as much…

  5. I've tried the glue dots for vellum and they work pretty well, but you don't get a whole lot in the pack. I always use my xyron machine or brads for vellum now. The xyron was an accident the first time, my son stuck a scrap piece of vellum in it and then stuck that on a piece of cardstock, I couldn't believe how great it looked! Sometimes your kids getting into your stuff can be a good thing, lol.

  6. These are all beautiful!

  7. TomBow has a mono velum adhesive tape runner that works great. I tried it for the first time recently on some Valentine cards, I ran the adhesive along the whole edge and couldn't see any of it through the velum.

  8. I don't know if it is still available, but Creative Memories used to make Vellum splits. Nice small (about 1/2 inch long slips of tape that worked great on vellum as long as you pressed it completely. I used it a lot.

    • Yes, which works beautifully, but is now retired. Please see my post below for info on the replacement product, which is the same thing, but for a Tape Runner!

  9. The vellum tapes I've always used yellowed. I'll have to try the kinds mentioned here.

  10. Nice examples using vellum. I Looove vellum and have fun embossing it. Haven’t tried it with my Cricut yet. The best adhesive that doesn’t show through is sold by Creative Memories. The Frosted Segments Tape Runner Refill for CM’s Tape Runner is the best!

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