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Posted by on Mar 14, 2015 in Hero Blog | 1 comment

So many are willing to share their efforts

First, I want to thank you for the cards. I received the box a few weeks ago, but kept forgetting to email you. I have shared them with our group here- about 45 of us. They love the cards-especially the females! It really is wonderful that so many are willing to share their efforts with us!

I appreciated the touch of finding a personal card from you inside the box too! Sorry to hear about your dog.  Yes, I am back for a second tour, but really hoping this is my last time…not getting any younger.

Again, thanks for all that you and your contributors do for us!

C.H., US Navy, Cuba
(a teacher in my “other” life)



1 Comment

  1. Such a beautiful letter 😄 God bless our troops and God bless America!!

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