Searching for the right card

Thank you for the latest box of cards that I received today.

We are finally under the 3 month mark! I was thinking we were never going to get to this point.

Attached is a photo I took of a soldier looking through your cards in Northern Afghanistan. I figured you would enjoy this picture.

Hope things are well back in the states.




  1. Kelly (Georgia)

    Enjoy very much! Three more months, hooray for getting out of there!

  2. Carol M. in ABQ


    It’s nice to see OWH boxes with our cards at an overseas destination. That’s a picture of reality! Thank you for the picture…God Bless!

  3. Where can i send letters and cards to

  4. Val Denyer

    I am always humbled by the hero emails. So glad to be honoring their hard work through OWH.

  5. I’m so glad we can provide an assortment of “perfect” cards to look through. I love this picture, and under 3 months left.

  6. So blessed! Cards coming ur way this week!!!

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