Schools and scouts

Kids love to support our nation’s heroes! Children are creative and love to practice their coloring and writing skills. Classrooms, scouts, families, birthday parties – get your kids to join the fun!

Download Free Coloring Pages



What’s the best way for children to be involved? Writing letters and coloring pictures! Who doesn’t like to have a picture colored by a child to cheer them! We have coloring pages to choose from, or let the kids go free-form; they can also cut pages out of their own coloring book! Kids can use stickers or foamies, fingerpaints or watercolors – whatever they’d like aside from glitter. Please keep cards to a size that folds to 8.5 x 11 or smaller; they need to fit inside a gallon ziploc bag.

What should the kids write? They can write about their school, hobbies, favorite foods or sports. Once children get started, they’re pretty good at figuring out what to say!

What should kids NOT write? Guide the children to keep the messages positive. Refrain from comments about death, pictures of tanks blowing people up, etc. Even though our heroes know these are realities in their lives, the kids’ messages should be uplifting.

Will the heroes write back? It’s possible! An adult’s address (or school’s address) can be written on the letter. Please do NOT have the children sign with their last names; first name and age is adequate.

Can kids make the cards for the heroes to write home on? Please guide kids to make cards with messages inside. Though we love art made by our own children, our heroes don’t know your kids; they’re sending these cards to their own loved ones. Some children are able to help Mom with crafting nice-looking cards, and that’s fine; but cards with drawings and sentiments and foamies all over them are not what our contacts desire to write home on.