Sandy’s craziness update

Hi everyone! I’ve got a rambling post for you today – these are things that just didn’t fit in with the normal posting routine so you’re getting an eclectic collection of notes today! :)

First – I was pointed to this blog post – and wanted to be sure you all took your kleenex with you to go read it!

SecondAnother blog post you’ll want to see – our Danish sisters shared some fun things…they got their prize box and dressed up their mascot, Fifty, in his new finery!

Third – my email inbox hath exploded! In good ways of course…you all are doing a bang-up job of sharing our project with the world, so we’re getting lots of newbies joining us. And newbies have questions! So I don’t mind. However, if you’re one of our ‘regulars’ and send me something that I consider mostly an FYI, you may not get a reply. We’re sidling up to the holiday season, and things are starting to ramp up here…our shippers will all be a little less able to keep up with email conversations back and forth, so please have grace for us as we keep up with dayjobs and family too. Facebook and the Forum are great places to get questions answered if you can go that route…lots of OWHers keep an eye on those two for me. Here are a few tasks I’m personally undertaking in the week or two:

  • ordering 20,000 more envelopes, and stocking the triage box with liners and adhesive
  • preparing for our birthday month celebration in September (oh what FUN is coming!)
  • getting some blog events prepped (mark Labor Day weekend on your calendar for a VCMP, and World Cardmaking Day for our big bloghop!) and a few more that’ll be coming our way
  • prepping content to keep OWHtv going while I’m buried in holiday shipping
  • planning a Birthday Bash cardmaking party in my area (have you got yours on the calendar!?)
  • prepping customs forms, labels, section dividers, and cards for my units through the next months
  • And one task I’m happy to have checked off: all these boxes below now have their OWH labels on them! This will carry me through the Halloween card season, so now I need to order boxes for Christmas and do the same with them!



Next…some numbers! I was looking at the numbers of cards we’ve sent out in 2012, and comparing to 2011 – this chart shows the comparison. I was going to vlog about this, but seeing the chart is easier here in a blog post.

I’m so glad to see we’re down by so much less in July than in June, that’s finally moving in the right direction!  (Did you think I was making a fuss over nothing all this time? lol!) We did receive more cards than this – but thousands are holiday cards, so those aren’t counted in this chart; these are cards shipped out only. That tells a different story than the number of cards that came in – this is just the amount that was usable at this time.

But the number of months in red make me wonder where will we be for August and the rest of the year. Will we meet last year’s shipping totals? Only if we get enough cards that can be sent now rather than boxloads of Christmas. (Not that we don’t welcome your holiday cards early – but we also need some to ship in August.)

I know a lot of this was my fault for expecting we’d have less units deployed because of the drawdown in Iraq. However…we became MORE popular among everyone who’s still there. We’re supporting more units in more countries than ever. That was a surprise to me! So while a lot of folks left OWH with the drawdown, I’m thrilled so many stuck with us and kept us going as you have. And that so many new people have joined us! We may have had to stretch out shipments, but with the recent pickup in the pace, we may be back on track!

Lots have been asking about OWHtv. And I want you to rest assured that it’ll be continuing for the next few months as-is. While it seems like a half hour show would be more work than a 4minute vlog, the show can actually be a little easier! If I have everything at hand – card shares, announcements, etc, and Stump Sandy materials – then it’s a half-hour-and-done kind of thing. A vlog takes my brain a little to wrap around an idea, script-writing, filming, resources (costumes, props, music, video, other things to add to it), then editing, exporting, and uploading. That process can be anywhere from 4 hours to 20 hours. An example – last weekend’s Olympic vlog took 2 hours to find, download, and edit the audio, an hour to design a card to fit it, an hour to shoot it, and 2 hours to edit it and get it uploaded. If you missed it, here it is in it’s silly glory:

I think that’s MORE than enough of an essay for the time being….stay tuned tomorrow night for OWHtv and the latest on the Interactive YT project!


  1. Melissa T.

    Whew! You are busy. So I will get back to card making, which is probably what you need most right now. :) Have a great day!

  2. Back to card making. I have quite a few made up. Just get them finished, packaged and off. A lot of general cards, too.

  3. me too – working on new general cards to ship to Caro – thanks for the great update sandy and wow – march and june look scaaaaaary on your chart.

  4. Amy Macak

    Too cute! You put so much thought into everything you do– thank you!

  5. Thanks for putting the numbers out there in black and white! I’m a numbers person so when I see data like this, it gets me motivated to help out even more. Tonight, I’m going to forgo my shopping trip that I was considering, pick up the essentials in my town, and spend the hour I would have spent driving making a few cards. :)

  6. A big THANK YOU to our shippers and all the card makers. I find making the cards to be good therapy. (Besides that, hubby can’t complain about my hobby when it is going for a good cause).

  7. You are amazing Sandy! As soon as my daughter starts kindergarten I will have the time necessary to start making cards for OWH. I have my free stamp and am working on building up my envelope stash. Even though I am not participating yet, I really appreciate your hard work for this much needed cause! Kudos to you & your helpers :)

  8. Terry Beaulieu

    Am working on getting out 50 this month. Finished 15 over the last few days. Thank for the info Sandy………..

  9. Natalie

    Thanks for doing what you are doing for the troops. Actually, it was because of the Simplicity blog the other day that I researched OWH, signed up as a newbie, and ordered some OWH stamps. I hope to get some cards out to my regional shipper before school starts up… I teach in the middle school. That will prevent me from sending out huge amounts, but I want to do what little I can to help this worthwhile cause! Your level of organization is truly impressive! Blessings to all who are involved and have made the commitment to participate!

    • Natalie how about getting your students to write letters? They can practice spelling and bless our heroes at the same time! :)

  10. Oh my, those numbers are scary! I’ve almost got another big box ready to go…as soon as I get back will get it all sorted,labeled, do any triage, make sure they’re all stamped and get it shipped off! I’ve been working on lots of general use ’em now type cards with some Christmas the last couple of days. Yahoo and WELCOME to all the newbies! Glad to hear that we’re getting new folks!

  11. WAUW that is a LOT of boxes – must take up a LOT of room at your place. We ship out much less and my home looks like a mess around every shipment date =0) Thanks for linking to us and HI to everyone we met during the bloghop. Busy here in Denmark making Xmas cards and we have also reminded our cardmakers that we need other cards than xmas cards. Your video is definately worth a gold medal – I am impressed you can find time for making those – I told my ladies not to get their hopes up – I will have to stick to blogging and Facebook. Take care and give Ciara a hug from Fifty =0)

  12. Mary Frances

    First, thanks for all you and your team do for OWH…just an inspiration to all of us! I’m new to OWH, just sent my first box of cards in last week…so glad to find this group and feel I’m doing something to help. I, too, subscribe to the blog you posted the link for. So glad so many people are spreading the word, hopefully, more cards will start arriving soon. God Bless!

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