Renovation of OWH central!

Hello everyone! Sandy here…and I hope you’ve got your fingers and toes crossed that the renovation comes to its planned conclusion today or tomorrow. Wheeee! What a ride it’s been!

I appreciate your patience…with missing the show, with waiting for your receipts, with how long it’s taking to get to emails. Kris has been on several trips this month too, and is headed out on another – so we both are thankful for your patience! Please hold off emailing us about why you didn’t get a receipt yet…we have huge stacks of them, since our first priority is getting boxes out to our heroes for Mother’s Day.


There’s no OWHtv episode this week

*But ww will be back next week!* since I will finally be able to start moving into the room with gusto when I get home from work tonight. I hope! I’m so anxious to see if things fit! However, if you’d like an informal sneak peek, I’m going to do a live (not free) personal webcast Sunday afternoon 1pm Pacific time. Click here for details.


Your inspiration instead:

While you all graciously await the big REVEAL next Thursday on OWHtv…we have had so much inspiration lately, there’s no excuse not to go get busy making cards! We’re not desperate for quantity after the Mother’s Day deluge – so dig in and enjoy that mojo! Kris and I both need thank you and miss you cards more than anything at the moment.

PS: Welcome Newbies!

We’ve had lots of new cardmakers joining us lately (YAYYYYYY!!!!!) We’d love to invite you to visit the Welcome page and read a little more about us. Our shippers have been getting way more cards that don’t follow the guidelines in the last couple weeks, so please check out THIS video about how to do the tuck (and pay attention to the cards that fold on the short side – they tuck alllll the way inside the envelope; that’s been trouble for some folks!)…..please fill out a packing slip, including counting your cards – that takes us tons of time; and be sure to order your OWH stamp HERE so you can put Operation Write Home on the backs of your cards so your shippers don’t have to. Our card hospitals are taking in more patients, and we’d rather discharge them to duty overseas! :)

Alrighty…. I’ll see some of you on Sunday….the rest next week on OWHtv!



  1. It looks like Ciara’s been supervising the painters and lending a paw in getting the job done. Priceless :)

  2. Marcella

    Aw, another Thursday w/o OWHtv :( I do understand! I’m looking forward to you being back in your space. Having lived thru many do-it-yourself home renovations, I understand. Can’t wait till next Thurs to see the room :)

  3. Madame Wong

    Imagine that, your have a yellow wall. Or rather, a wall that looks like it has yellow and orange? Super bright and cheerful, whatever the color.

  4. Carol Wilson

    oh happy day!

  5. Debbie Caldwell

    I’m having OWHtv withdrawals…hurry back!!!! I like the color of the room very cheerful…yellow is a favorite of mine. Looks like Ciara got a bit too close to the painter. :)

  6. Joan Toon

    Looks like the Mango color we painted walls in my kitchen. Love it!

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