Rebel with a Cause

Hey there fellow OWHers, it’s Paula here! I got up this morning and checked in on the new May ODBD Challenge and when I saw that today is National Scrapbooking Day, I started to wonder to myself… Wait a minute! … Where’s the Rebel Party? (If you’re an OWH newbie you may not be aware that it’s an OWH tradition for us to declare NSD a day for rebellion and we make cards for our Heroes instead.)

Well, as I got to thinking, it occurred to me that Sandy would be at her monthly crop all day, but (hehe) I still had my password and could sneak on in here and launch a little, friendly rebellion on my own. So I’m calling all you card making rebels out there to join me.


I decided to start with a kids birthday card. As you probably know right now there is a current need for Birthday, Thank You, Love and Miss You themed cards, so what will you be making? You can find a detailed and super helpful guide to card themes here that is well worth bookmarking for reference.


Okay now, who’s with me?


  1. Susan R

    Nicely done. Made cards for 8hrs in a room full of scrappers!

  2. Jo Ann

    Adorable card – I’ve gone mine linked :)

  3. Marsha D

    Yes, count me in. I will be posting my card tomorrow.

  4. Love it!!! I am in! Rebel at heart.

  5. Allergies are acting up and Ligustrum is in bloom – so I can’t play in my gardens. What a great excuse to spend all day making cards.

  6. Paula,

    So good to hear from you… and glad you remembered OWH’s traditional NSD celebration.

    Unfortunately, I’m out-of-town for the weekend… without a bit of card-making supplies. Will have to join you in spirit! :)

  7. Carolynn Wilson

    Thanks for the challenge, Paula, and for starting us out with such a happy card.

  8. Nancy M

    I was wondering…I’ve got well over 100 cards done just recently, so I guess that counts for somethin’. Gonna keep rollin’, as soon as my spring asthma lets me!! Roll on, folks!!

  9. I’m glad you remembered, Paula. I look forward to our events, especially the VCMPs, and I was missing them :-(. So thanks for putting up a challenge today – I like being a rebel!

  10. I’m honestly trying to make BOTH cards & layouts today. Sadly, not feeling too well is affecting my crafty mojo. So far I’ve completed one card and one layout today. My slow speed alone is depressing! :-( I’m with you though, Paula, at least in spirit!

  11. Paula — What a great idea! You are my inspiration!

  12. sf_crafter

    Thanks very much for putting this together, Paula. I love the VCMPs and the Rebel parties and was wondering what happened to them this year.

  13. Hee hee! Perfect! I actually did think of our rebelliousness in the past this morning (but I didn’t have the password!! 😉 ). Can’t wait! I’ll try to join you soon!

  14. Kathleen Spaeth

    Why do scrap bookers need to be pitted against card makers, and vice versa? I do both and find this attitude to be very insulting (and not funny at all)! Actually one feeds the other, since I use my scraps to make cards. It would be so much wiser if you asked the scrap bookers to make a few cards with their scraps! Perhaps you could show the scrap bookers a few Sketches (using their scraps)? Shame on you for not kindly asking for assistance!! Many scrap bookers are afraid of the card making process, but once shown an Example they will pitch in and make a few. Whenever I go to a Crop, the scrap bookers always gather around my work space (asking lots of questions and expressing their awe at the cards I make), and before too long they ask to make one for themselves. Which is why I always bring extra card making supplies and share them. They in turn, share their paper scraps, tools, and embellishments with me. Everyone ends up happy and we all learn something new together. Paper crafting is supposed to be a pleasant, non-competitive, and enjoyable experience.

  15. Went to a 5 day “crop” the first weekend in April and only did cards! Made 100. will be doing the same in October. Will be planning and packing differently so I can make more this time! :) Decided I like card making better! hehe

  16. JoAnn

    I’m back, I’m in, and I got FOUR cards made today! Thanks for celebrating us rebels. :)


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