Race you to the mailbox!

I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you on this last day of 2012. Which would you like first?

The good news? Okay! We’ve got a brand new card drive challenge ready to roll, and I have FIVE medium flatrate boxes full of crafty goodness to share! Yeah! Who doesn’t want to start their year off with new goodies? Click HERE to get details onthe Race You To The Mailbox drive.

(And no, it doesn’t supercede the Kids Cards we’re working on – this is just incentive to get shipping them fast.)

That leads to the bad news.

I just heard this weekend from the post office that prices are going up again. Now, before anyone badmouths our postal service, please remember that we depend heavily on them. They carry not only your mail to our shippers, but they carry our boxes over to our heroes, and the cards they write back home to their families. So while we might not be very happy about it – USPS needs to stay solvent. I could go on a tirade about what they’re going through – and how they’re not exactly allowed to do the things a normal business would do to compete and stay in the black. But I won’t because, well….all that doesn’t matter. What matters is….the rates are going up. And I for one am going to continue smiling at my postal clerks when they total up my shipping receipt, and I encourage you to do the same. Let’s make them happy to see OWHers in their line….even the grumpy ones can’t resist our smiles!

How much are prices going up? Are you sitting down….? Here’s what I got from their site:

  • Small box — $5.80   <———–that’s some of you
  • Medium box — $12.35   <———–that’s some of you
  • Large box — $16.85    <———–that’s some of you
  • Large APO/FPO box — $14.85   <———–that’s OWH, yikes….

Now would be the time to assess whether you should switch up to the large box – just take a little more time between shipments and pack it good and full (AnyHero mail makes great packing material!)….and don’t pay to ship air, as we say in the care package business!

So….get your next box ready to mail and get it out to the PO before the rate increase on January 27! Click to see the challenge details.…then get your friends together and set up a quick cardmaking party. Don’t rush and make cards that’ll fall apart, but be sure to fill a box and take advantage of the current rates quickly!

(And buy a roll of stamps for yourself too…letters go up a penny, but Forever stamps will last after the increase!)

Happy New Year!

PS Tonight after our shippers complete all data entry, I’ll post one more Mailroom Monday/Thankful Thursday report with the final shipments for 2012. Then we’re onward and upward to 2013!



  1. Laura Clumb

    whenever i feel like complaining at how much it cost to mail something, i always remind myself that it would cost me far more than that to drive it to wherever it’s going myself, and it would also take me longer to get there than it does the postal service. and i’d probably get lost too.

  2. For card makers who use priority mail, you can buy and print your postage online and receive a slight discount. The postage can be printed onto regular printer paper. Every little bit helps, and this way you don’t have to stand in line at the post office to pay for postage. You can even order empty priority mail boxes online and they will bring them to your home for FREE!

    • If you use regular paper to print the postage on, then how do you attach to the box? I know, dumb question. I have always wanted to print from online but figured I needed labels big enough which I didn’t have on hand. Thanks

      • I use the same packing tape to affix my label to the box, as I seal the box. No special labels needed. Plus when you pay for postage on line you have the option of either debit, credit or PayPal.

      • I use my Tombo adhesive, on all sides and in the middle and it stays on fine.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the postal service. Our rates are way lower than most of the world, and all we do is gripe. Well NOT ME! I can send a letter 3000 miles for less than 50 cents. Can’t beat that with a stick!

    I will get my box out to KS as soon as my envelopes arrive. :) Happy New Year!

  4. Jean B. in PA

    I think of postal increases this way – If I buy forever stamps and the price goes up 1 cent, I have just made 2.2% overnight on my investment, which is way more than I get at the bank these days! Since I am going to use the stamps anyway, I may as well stock up.

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