Host a party

Get your friends together! Hosting a party can be a lot of fun, and a great way to share your passion for supporting our heroes. Invite your cardmaking buddies for a get-together, and join your efforts!



NOTE: we recommend having a party with crafters only, unless you have time to prepare kits and fully supervise new folks. Many don’t find using crafting tools a “natural” thing, and we often can get thousands of unusable cards because they’re falling apart. If you want to have a community-wide event with non-cardmakers, consider having people make AnyHero cards that they’ll sign with a note inside.

Once you have read these instructions, and checked out the cardmaking party tutorial for even more ideas, scroll to the form at the bottom of this page – sign your party up to be listed on our calendar, and maybe others nearby will contact you for details and come to your event, too!

Advertise! Check out our flyers page for pdfs you can download and customize.

Kits: When people ask our best advice for a cardmaking party, it’s always suggested to make kits ahead of time. While free-form design can be fun and creative, if your goal is to make a number of cards, that might not get much accomplished. As we all know, card design takes some thinking, and a single card may take an hour! If you prepare kits ahead – design the card and prepare all the papers, embellishments, and supplies for 10-20 of the same one – then the thinking part is taken out, and the cardmaking can begin. Invite other experienced cardmakers to each bring a kit set with them too – as well as to bring a stash of their own cards from home.

Make it fun! Some folks hold a little door prize raffle, serve up potluck lunch treats, or find other ways to add to the fun.

Having a party with inexperienced people? Design “thank you” cards (patriotic or otherwise) that are really simple – and have new folks write notes in them to a hero. We call these AnyHero notes, and they’re in HIGH demand! Once you’ve seen the quality of their work, you might then invite them to a different party where you’ll be making blank cards for our heroes to write home on.

Pack up! As your cards get done, have a station for sorting cards by theme, and for stamping the backs of the cards. Be sure to order a stamp if you haven’t already got one!

Fill out a packing slip. If anyone at your party needs a receipt, please be sure they fill out their own packing slip so we can record their cards and financial donations appropriately.

Send photos! Take pictures and either post them on our Facebook page, or email them for us to see!


Ready? Sign up!

Fill out this form and we’ll add your party to our event calendar! Note that we will only post City/State – when attendees contact you, then you will provide further details.