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Every weekday, a new short video goes on air with tips, inspiration, news, and responses to YOUR questions. So be sure to leave comments on the video page and your question might be answered on the “Casual Friday” chats. You can suggest themes for Stump Sandy, request topics to cover with cardshares, or any other ideas you come up with!

How and where can you watch?

  1. Each daily episode is now compiled on Saturdays into a blog post (scroll down to see them). So you can watch them all at once, or scroll through to see what looks interesting from the week.
  2. Turn on the playlist on YouTube and watch them all.
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  6. The playlist is always embedded here, so latest video queued up for you below:

OWHtv Week 140

Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 4 comments

This week’s OWHtv episodes included letterwriting to our contacts…our Situation Report with a challenge…Card Triple Play and Unboxings…..and a little box labelling! Click on a video to check out the topics!

See you in 2 weeks – we’ll be back with more shows after Easter!

OWHtv Week 139

Posted by on Mar 29, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 2 comments

This week on OWHtv….a VERY inspiring letter from a hero, another Tools of the Trade episode (embossing folders!), a peek at the western cards that shipped out to the hero with a special request. Don’t miss the penguin birthday cards too – and the winners announced on Friday’s video from the recycling bin!


OWHtv Week 138: Including 6 ways to use scraps to make flowers!

Posted by on Mar 22, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 14 comments

Good Saturday to you! It’s time for your OWHtv recap from the week…if you missed any episodes, just scroll down to catch them! Don’t forget to comment on the Friday video ON YouTube to qualify to win some goodies!

Since those flowers flew by, I stopped the video to capture stills of them for you. See the video for tips on card assembly. Enjoy!


Uses the SU Bird Punch wing for the tulips

Uses the SU Bird punch wing and branch to make the roses - petals are distressed with pink ink.

Uses the SU Bird punch wing and branch to make the roses – petals are distressed with pink ink.


Circles, scallops – and the owl punch for the vase!


Circles and scallops, plus a circle punch to make leaves.


A cascade of flowers from circles and scallops – see the video for tips on how this pearl pen doesn’t stick to other cards in the box.

Two one inch yellow squares, one half inch yellow square, and one green square = a tulip!

Two one inch yellow squares, one half inch yellow square, and one green square = a tulip!


OWHtv Week 137

Posted by on Mar 15, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 11 comments

Another week down saw the goodbye to almost all the Easter cards! That means it’s time to get serious about Mother’s Day cards; I’ve been shocked at how many of the Easter boxes contained Father’s Day but no Mother’s Day! Maybe that means those who skipped it are going to make a whole batch of Mom cards before the end of the month? Just in case, I’m setting aside some nice blank florals in case I need to convert a bunch of cards at the last minute….but I’m hopeful that everyone will be coming through with flying [pink and purple] colors! :)

Catch up on this week’s OWHtv episodes by clicking on them below…Monday we visited Lebanon, Tuesday had some sticker fun, Wednesday was a quick thank you, Thursday another rockin’ box was opened, and yesterday – well just a short plea for kids Hero mail. Lots of tucking to be done ’round here! :) Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

OWHtv Week 136

Posted by on Mar 8, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 3 comments

Happy weekend, everyone! It’s been a crazy-busy week here on OWHtv. First, Monday’s SitRep talked about one way to fill a box with themes – and making some of each theme for each audience (men/unisex, feminine, and kid-friendly). Tuesday Nancy brought us fun tips for dies….Wednesday’s fundraiser ROCKED (and is all over, sorry if you missed it!) but the cards in the video are still worth a look! We unboxed cards from a group of talented ladies on Thursday….and yesterday – a BLOGHOP! With new dies….how fun!

Enjoy catching up on all you missed!

QUICK fundraiser!

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Fundraisers, OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 61 comments

MFT Howdy
We received a generous donation of stamps from MFT again like last year – and as I’ve been sorting through them I found some western ones! Woohoo! So to help out those who want to try to get a card or two for the special request by March 20th – I thought I’d see if we can quickly get a fundraiser together. (You can still send western cards anytime, but by the end of the month we’ll send that hero his next box with lots of cowboy goodness inside!)

**At the end of this post will be the purchasing info.**

The stamp set is called “Howdy” and is discontinued – so the last 130 sets are in our hot little hands! It’s a clear set, pictured at right….and I want to mention a few things. There are some sentiments in here that would NOT make sense for use by our heroes, so please skip those – particularly the “Mosey on over, friend” stamp – uhm, nobody’s moseying to Afghanistan! “Neighbor” is a bit odd too.  I always recommend making a card with a clear sentiment on it, so if you want to use “Cowboy” or “Cowgirl,” perhaps pair it with the “Howdy” sentiment! The great thing about clear stamps is that you can layer one sentiment close to another and line it up right since you can see through them.

Here’s the OWHtv episode just launched that shows some cards made with this set:

bday male bday kid bday female sketch female love sketch male ty sketch kid tou

And now….how do YOU get in on the western fun? There are only limited sets available – I’ll change the number below as they’re claimed, and once they’re gone I’ll remove this info entirely:

UPDATE: All Stamp Sets are GONE!



OWHtv Week 135

Posted by on Mar 1, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 2 comments

Happy weeeeeeekend! I hope everyone has some crafty time scheduled….I’m gonna try to take an afternoon to play with some new toys – that always gets the mojo rising, doesn’t it?

This week’s OWHtv brought us a number of things….the Cowboy Challenge from a hero on the Monday video (more information HERE), sticker cards on Tuesday, a chalkboard technique on Wednesday, yet another fabulous unboxing video on Thursday….and Ciara showed off her wicked swimming skillz on Friday! Hope you enjoy these!

And I bet you thought I forgot to pick a winner for the Donut Prize on the 300th video! Nope, didn’t forget – here’s the winner…congratulations Marilyn Leonard!!

OWHtv Week 135: Marking 300 videos!

Posted by on Feb 22, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 17 comments

This week was a little shorter with the holiday on Monday…but it brought back the Card Triple Play, a giveaway on the Start to Finish episode, more incredible inspiration in the Unboxing of Reta’s cards….and some Olympic inspiration yesterday! It’s hard to believe we’ve surpassed 300 videos on our channel….if you’re ever in need of inspiration, there’s tons waiting for you to catch up on!

Before we get to those…this image got a gajillion “shares” and “likes” on Facebook, I wonder how many it’ll get here on the blog? LOL!




OWHtv Week 133

Posted by on Feb 15, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 4 comments

Happy Valentines weekend! Your cards have made this a special Valentine’s Day for a lot of families separated from their loved ones right now…I wish I could see all the faces when they get to their mailboxes! I did find THIS sweet picture on Instagram*…how cute are those smiles??

*Speaking of that….if you’re on Instagram, use the hashtag #operationwritehome when you post cards, or tag me (@sandyallnock). There are a number of photos with that hashtag already, so I’ve been going through them and found some treasures!

And now, on to this week’s videos! Monday’s hero mail, Tuesday’s Tools of the Trade with Nancy, Wednesday’s Camouflage Heart, Thursday’s Unboxing…lots to inspire you this week. And Friday’s video was a little different: the audio from the SiriusXM broadcast was captured in parts by Cindy S, a cardmaker, and I stitched the parts together and tossed in some footage of me sorting cards, too! Enjoy!

By the way – Monday’s a holiday, so OWHtv will be on vacation too. See you on Tuesday!

OWHtv Week 131

Posted by on Feb 1, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 5 comments

Happy Saturday! Here are your OWHtv episodes to catch up on…enjoy! (Coming next week: OWH Community Survey results!)