OWHtv is a great way to gain more information about Operation Write Home, learn more about cardmaking, and develop community around the project!


Every weekday (less often during peak seasons), a new short video goes on air with tips, inspiration, news, and responses to YOUR questions. So be sure to leave comments on the video page or our blog and your question might be answered on the “Casual Friday” chats. You can suggest themes for Stump Sandy, request topics to cover with cardshares, or any other ideas you come up with!

Not enough OWHtv? Check out the classes in our store as well!

How and where can you watch?

  1. Each daily episode is now compiled on Saturdays into a blog post (scroll down to see them). So you can watch them all at once, or scroll through to see what looks interesting from the week.
  2. Turn on the playlist on YouTube and watch them all.
  3. Visit the show’s Facebook page and see the videos there.
  4. To possibly receive emails from YouTube when the shows are posted (usually noon-2pm Pacific), subscribe to the channel. Make sure you check any box that asks if you’d like to be emailed; some folks have it checked but haven’t received the emails, so use one of the other methods if that happens.
  5. Be sure to share relevant videos with your friends – use Mailroom segments to invite others to write AnyHero letters, or send cardmaking videos to your crafty friends who need some inspiration. If there’s something particularly compelling, share it—and ask your friends and family to donate to support our work!


OWHtv Week 162

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Almost forgot to post our OWHtv episodes with all the WCMD excitement coming tomorrow! Enjoy…and come back in the morning for our World Card Making Day Bloghop!

Monday’s Start-to-Finish card with our new (coming soon!) stencil from Hero Arts:

Wednesday’s Sit Rep:

Friday’s REALLY brief visit with Ciara!

OWHtv Week 161

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Monday’s Mailroom video [Click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.]

Wednesday’s Start to Finish video [Click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.] See links below as well.

Sandy’s blog post: http://wp.me/p2kUof-3Oz
Kathy’s blog post: http://thedailymarker.com
OWHtv with Kathy’s tutorial: http://youtu.be/EC6YUobdbRk

——— S U P P L I E S ———

• Simon Says Stamp/Avery Elle Brave  ——  http://goo.gl/PRR0GM
• Surf Blue Cardstock  ——  http://goo.gl/0JCGLr
• Dye Ink Pad Surf Blue  ——  http://goo.gl/rQ20DH
• Simon Says Stamp Premium Dye Ink Pad SLATE Gray  ——  http://goo.gl/4IAkgv
• Smoke Grey Ink  ——  http://goo.gl/LUCZxm
• Memento Markers  ——  http://goo.gl/oI8a5W
• Ranger Inkssentials MINI MISTERS Set of 3 Spray Bottle Ink MIS22701  ——  http://goo.gl/sLcwh5
• ATG dispenser  ——  http://goo.gl/iGz0za
• Precious 3M Foam tape  ——  http://goo.gl/2gOJIS
• Ranger Non Stick Craft Sheet  ——  http://goo.gl/HaCNCm


And the Casual Friday giveaway video! [Click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.]

Apologies to those with hearing difficulties; new technology along with a real lack of time didn’t allow for fixing some of this in time to get a video posted. Basically, as a thank you to everyone sticking with OWH during this transition period – keeping up with appropriate shipments prepared correctly, and those still continuing to give financial gifts – we’re giving away 3 of the new stamp sets; one Avery Elle/Simon Says “Brave”; one Hero Arts fox (no dies); one Hero Arts arrow sentiments (no dies.) Comment on YouTube about what you’re working on for OWH…still the last of the Thanksgiving and Fall cards due Sept 30? Christmas due Oct 10? Or moving on to some love cards that’ll be great to send in time for Valentines? Oh – or maybe Hero Mail…Veteran’s Day is coming up in November!

OWHtv Week 160

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Preview the new Hero Arts stamps! (Click HERE to watch on YT.)

Unboxing Martha’s cards! She said this in an email after the video went live: “I send my sister in law a box of cards every year for her birthday. This year she thought my cards were better than ever and I attribute that to all I have learned from you at OWH and your blog. I am taking your upcoming Copic coloring class and can\’t wait for that to start. I am so grateful for your hard work to get cards to our heroes and thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching and inspiring me with my card making.” (Click HERE to watch on YT.)

A background plaid tutorial by friend-of-OWH Kathy Racoosin of The Daily Marker! (Click HERE to watch on YT.) Supply list is below the video as well as on YT. If you want to use this for the Sept ODBD challenge, details are HERE.

Kathy’s initial card with this technique – red white and blue: http://www.thedailymarker.com/2014/09/thanks-to-all-of-our/
And her card with the blue and green plaid: http://www.thedailymarker.com/2014/09/home-of-the-brave/

——— S U P P L I E S ———

• Simon Says Stamp/Avery Elle Brave  ——  http://goo.gl/PRR0GM
• Surf Blue Cardstock  ——  http://goo.gl/0JCGLr
• Dye Ink Pad Surf Blue  ——  http://goo.gl/rQ20DH
• Simon Says Stamp Premium Dye Ink Pad SLATE Gray  ——  http://goo.gl/4IAkgv
• Smoke Grey Ink  ——  http://goo.gl/LUCZxm
• 2 inch Post It Tape  ——  http://goo.gl/upcnZI
• Memento Markers  ——  http://goo.gl/oI8a5W
• Ranger Inkssentials MINI MISTERS Set of 3 Spray Bottle Ink MIS22701  ——  http://goo.gl/sLcwh5
• ATG dispenser  ——  http://goo.gl/iGz0za
• Precious 3M Foam tape  ——  http://goo.gl/2gOJIS
• Ranger Non Stick Craft Sheet  ——  http://goo.gl/HaCNCm
• 1″ Post-It Tape  ——  http://goo.gl/gczrjY

OWHtv Week 159

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Hello everyone! I had hoped to have a little more for you on OWHtv this week, but with a nagging cold, that was pretty much taken off my plate. Boo, hiss! I haven’t even felt up to any OWH Birthday celebrations.

Birthday? What? Yes! Today, Sept 12th, is the anniversary of the day we received our 501(c)(3) status in 2009. We had been sending cards since 2007, but the date in 2009 marked the official birth of the organization….and it was the first time we began receiving enough donations to cover expenses! Many many thanks to all who have kept us going so long – and who continue to do so.


I was strong enough to make it to the post office today – and found that postage prices went up! Phooey, eh? Medium boxes rose by 30 cents (now $12.65) and large boxes went up by 45 cents ($17.90 for domestic, $15.90 for APO). The flat rate envelopes went up too, I don’t remember by how much. I usually start paying attention to increases that happen in January, so this one took me by surprise. Sorry not to have given you notice!

This means that not only your postage will increase, but OWH’s as well….with the quantity of boxes we mail out, it’ll be a good bit for us. If you’d like to help out and haven’t yet purchased one of our Flat Rate Envelope packs, that’s a big help – the packs, about half gone now, are taking up shelf space we’ll need for the holidays. Feel free to share a link to the fundraiser on your blog or Fb so your crafty friends can get in on the sale too!

Now, on to OWHtv!

Hopefully next week I can get back to doing some more videos, but for now – I’m going to take the weekend off to try to rest up and recuperate.

OWHtv Week 158 – a dog blog

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mama let me blog! mama let me blog! i think it would be better to call it dogging than blogging. but what do i know.

photo 1

mama has been going away on trips. i get to stay with other people sometimes, and sometimes other people stay with me. i like other people too, even if i miss mama! when mama came home this time, i helped her with all this mail. so did miss kristie and miss penny. this was so much mail that they sent the BIG truck this time to deliver it!

photo 2

mama got sick after her last trip, so she asked me to blog today for her. and said i should ask you to be patient. she gets a lot of the same questions from the same people asked in a lot of different ways, just in case she missed it the first time – but i’m her personal assistant and can tell you she sees them all. so you don’t have to type it in a lot of places. its just taking her a long time to get through a lot of emails, especially when lots are the same stuff again. she’s not getting through it very fast coz i can’t type very fast to help her.

here are the 2 tv shows from this week.

i almost made one myself so there would be three, but my paw missed the ‘record’ button. so it was blank film. i was sad. so instead i posted one of my old videos from a couple years ago. my magic one. i hope you like it.

mama goes to see mister aaron, miss kimberly and miss jennifer, and all the nice people at Hero Arts for a few days. i’m already counting the minutes til she gets back!


OWHtv Week 157

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Hi everyone! Only two episodes for you this week…..I’m travelling and visiting family, and the housesitter doesn’t do videos – lol! Travel continues for a while, so if you’ve sent in cards recently, your patience in receiving courtesy e-receipts is appreciated, thanks!

The first video shows the hard way to create a card:

And the second shows the most common card design seen in OWH boxes:

OWHtv Week 156

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Whew! Has it been as crazy a week for everyone else as it has here? I’ve had hundreds more emails this week than usual….so many questions, so little time to answer! Yeesh! Perhaps it’s because I’m leaving next week and trying to get double the work done before I go….I’m excited to go see Mom, though! If you send cards in the next couple weeks, please be patient – I’ll be back in action by September 11th. Receipts will go out as soon as I can get to opening and processing all that mail. :) But rest assured, I’m getting a couple episodes of OWHtv to keep you going while I’m gone…leave lotsa love so I know you’ve been ’round! And now without further ado…this week’s videos!  

And the winners are:

  1. Lil Hoot: SOOZIE4HIM!
  2. Missing you: MELANIE SMITH!
  3. Surprise gift: JOANN POLLOCK!

Email your addresses to sandy at operation write home (dot) org and I’ll get ‘em in the mail to you!

And I guess “it’s a thing” is a thing. lol.

OWHtv Week 155

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Happy weekend, everyone! I have another week’s worth of OWHtv to share – and I noticed something in these first weeks of the new “routine” on our blog. We now get a series of posts on our blog that are heroletters all week, then featuredcardmaker+ owhtv + challenge each weekend. Kinda cool to combine all that inspiration on Fridays and Saturdays to get the weekend rolling!

Before going on to this week’s OWHtv,  a couple quick things:

  • To clarify any confusion: we’ve asked everyone to limit the number of holiday cards this year and lean more toward nonseasonal cards in our 5 themes. That, however, does not mean proceed with abandon on those cards. Some have interpreted what’s been said to mean keep going like mad….but we’re asking everyone (me included!) to slow down a bit and focus more than ever on quality – and not at all on quantity. We can finally afford the time and resources to make even MORE special cards, yay!
  • The Operation Rolling Tapegun page is being updated regularly with an FAQ section.
  • Please review guidelines! In the last 3 or 4 weeks, we’ve receieved more cards than ever with glitter, thick embellishments, and cards not tucked properly (they’re just slid under the flap, or flaps aren’t flipped. Watch the video HERE to learn the tuck). These things cause processes at HQ to screech to a halt to separate, store, and eventually repair. Thanks for your help!
  • I’ll be sending out a notice in coming weeks to the entire database, not only our email subscribers; it’s possible folks missed the Operation Rolling Tapegun page and SitRep, and I want to be sure everyone has all the info. If you are a coordinator of a cardmaking group, please be sure you send it on to folks on your team so they, too, know to make fewer cards.

And now without further ado – this week’s episodes! Tues and Weds were a lot of fun, and by the comments on YouTube, you all enjoyed watching as much as I did participating!

Penny’s collecting comments on the YouTube page, so be sure to click on the YT logo in the lower right to go over there and leave her some love. Won’t it be fun for her to be able to go back and read comments once she learns to read?

The Casual Friday video includes coupon codes at Daniel Smith good til Sept 2 – so if you shop for art supplies, have a pencil and paper handy. (We get no benefit from sharing this, just wanted to enable you if you can use the sale!) If you have a local art store, or a community college with art classes you can take, consider one! Just imagine how much fun it would be to learn some watercolor techniques to apply to your stamped images!

And since you’re in video mode….I thought I’d also share a video from my personal YouTube channel too: a tribute to Robin Williams. He was a man who brought joy to our deployed servicemen on many visits with the USO – read more HERE.

I think I’m done blathering for now….Allison will be with you in a little while with this month’s Throwdown!

OWHtv on the fritz!

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Hey everyone! It’s Sandy here, and I’ve been trying to upload today’s OWHtv for, oh, gosh, 7 hours now. For some reason YT really just doesn’t like it! Grrr. It may show up at some point, but I wanted to let you know about something that’s in the video – that we have one final fundraiser in our store that just went live! (if the video does show up, Ciara’s in it! c’mon YT, be nice!)

(So much more exciting to tell you that in a video, so read this in your head in my voice!)

This one’s different than all the minisets – which are all great for color-ers……this new fundraiser pack is made up of awesome sentiments, graphics, alphas, and solid stamps, perfect for NONcolorers! Each flat rate envelope has 8-10 stamp sets in it, depending on the sizes of the sets, so you get PLENTY of stamping action out of any of these. I’ll be using some of them in the next couple months on OWHtv, too, so you’ll have the sets in your hands to try something out with them, too. Cool, eh?

We’ve priced the packets at $50, a really great value for that many fab stamp sets – click on the product to see an image of one sample packet (no guarantees you get THOSE sets, but it’ll show you the kinds of things you’ll get in yours!)

Shop for it!

Feel free to check out the other small sets in the store too, we still have some of the Pure Innocence and A La Modes available! :)

Happy shopping….and happy catching-up-on-OWHtv below, too:

OWHtv Week 152 – the end of summer!

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I know, I know, it’s only nearing the end of July – but for OWH, that IS the end of summer! We have to work well ahead of any season – a card we get July 31st may not get to a hero til the mid-to-end of August, and it could be months before it winds its way all the way home to their loved ones. So if you have swimsuit or beach cards in your box, send ‘em on in! (It’s fine to send a little package of just those if you’d like – then send the rest when your box is full….be wise in your shipping!)  July 31 is the last day for us to receive summery cards.

Please remember this same early-holiday idea when doing fall and winter cards, too.

  • Our halloween boxes (deadline for spooks is Aug 31, but earlier is better!) will all be shipped by early September so they make it back home on time.
  • The last fall cards will be in the boxes going out the first of October along with the turkeys; Thanksgiving deadline is Sept 30, but sooner is better.
  • Christmas shipping starts in early October so we get everything in their hands in plenty of time for them to make the lonnnnnnng journey back to the states! That’s why we’re pressing for the Oct 10th deadline for Christmas cards – with the drawdown and troop movements going on, we want the cards in their hands even earlier; lots will no longer be receiving mail in those last months as they pack up to come home, but they’d still like to write home for Christmas!

As you post your holiday cards this year on Pinterest, blogs, Facebook, or wherever, can you help us get that Oct 10 deadline cemented into everyone’s minds? An occasional mention by lots of different people will go a long way to assure we have the needed cards in time to process and ship them out. Let’s do this! :)

And now, on to OWHtv! Enjoy catching up!