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OWHtv Week 152 – the end of summer!

Posted by on Jul 26, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 8 comments

I know, I know, it’s only nearing the end of July – but for OWH, that IS the end of summer! We have to work well ahead of any season – a card we get July 31st may not get to a hero til the mid-to-end of August, and it could be months before it winds its way all the way home to their loved ones. So if you have swimsuit or beach cards in your box, send ‘em on in! (It’s fine to send a little package of just those if you’d like – then send the rest when your box is full….be wise in your shipping!)  July 31 is the last day for us to receive summery cards.

Please remember this same early-holiday idea when doing fall and winter cards, too.

  • Our halloween boxes (deadline for spooks is Aug 31, but earlier is better!) will all be shipped by early September so they make it back home on time.
  • The last fall cards will be in the boxes going out the first of October along with the turkeys; Thanksgiving deadline is Sept 30, but sooner is better.
  • Christmas shipping starts in early October so we get everything in their hands in plenty of time for them to make the lonnnnnnng journey back to the states! That’s why we’re pressing for the Oct 10th deadline for Christmas cards - with the drawdown and troop movements going on, we want the cards in their hands even earlier; lots will no longer be receiving mail in those last months as they pack up to come home, but they’d still like to write home for Christmas!

As you post your holiday cards this year on Pinterest, blogs, Facebook, or wherever, can you help us get that Oct 10 deadline cemented into everyone’s minds? An occasional mention by lots of different people will go a long way to assure we have the needed cards in time to process and ship them out. Let’s do this! :)

And now, on to OWHtv! Enjoy catching up!

OWHtv Week 151

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And Casual Friday’s video (not linked here) had a simple purpose of showing you Heather’s video here:

OWHtv Week 150 – and updates!

Posted by on Jul 12, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 4 comments

Hey everyone! It’s been a little crazy of a week, so I thought in addition to sharing the OWHtv episodes, I’d give you a little behind the scenes about the fundraiser. My deepest apologies to anyone who got confused/missed out on things!

Delayed Final Receipts

The way our store works – when we have actual products – physical stamps, etc – we have limited quantities. And since it takes a bit for PayPal and our website to “talk” to each other, there’s a good chance that the store could oversell an item before it knows PayPal has processed the donation. So I have it set to not complete the PayPal transaction til I give it a thumbs up….which means I’m manually watching the “inventory” rather than trusting the site to do it. And sometimes I get it wonky too! This is new to us, so bear with us during this learning phase.

Other stores can order more product when it gets low, but since this is donated discontinued items, we can only sell til it’s done. That’s why you get automated receipts quickly from them – if they just need to order more, it’s not a big deal for them.

The classes, even though we can take as many students as will come, are caught up in this, too; so the final receipt with the link to the class and your password are delayed until I click that okay button. That’d be why it’s taking some time….whether it’s being out at the grocery store or post office, or being asleep in my time zone, it just takes a little time.

Once the product fundraiser is sold out, I’ll turn off the thing that makes me ok all purchases, so when it’s only classes available, the receipts will come right away.

Price Increase for Simple Shading Class

Apologies, big time! When setting the final date for the discounted rate, I thought I put it at midnight Friday night. Apparently I had it set a day earlier, or else me and the website were both really lost. To make up for it – I’ve extended the lower price now til Sunday night (hopefully through the whole day Sunday, eeep!). If you purchased it at the higher price and would like the partial refund, just email sandy (at) operation write home (dot) org and I’ll take care of that.

On a good note, it sounds like those who already went to the class page are enjoying it – so yay for that, eh? :) :) :)

Love you guys – thanks so much for your amazing support through this fundraiser; you’ve done an amazing job spreading the word – let’s continue to get those Grab Bag Envelopes sold so they can get out there and be used for our heroes! Yeah!



And now, let’s get on to what many of you have been waiting for – OWHtv for this week! We played with pumpkins and had a blast turning them into non-Halloween cards….we saw some really incredible cards in an unboxing…go enjoy!

OWHtv Week 149

Posted by on Jun 21, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 8 comments

Happy first weekend of SUMMER! Hope you’ve all got some lovely weather and activities to enjoy! If not….well we have some OWHtv you can catch up on! Everything from our SitRep to a return to Card Triple Play….and a video showing some masking and coloring on Wednesday! By the comments it appears lots of folks are impressed with Ruza’s cards – check out her blog too!

Don’t forget that the office is “closed” til after the 4th, since Ciara doesn’t know the passcode for the wireless. LOL! But she has housesitters keeping her company. If you can hold packages and mail them around the 4th of July, that’ll help spread the load of the mass of packages so we can keep up, thanks!

Flag Day…New Fundraiser Dies….and OWHtv Week 147!

Posted by on Jun 14, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 12 comments

Happy Flag Day!

It’s a great day to celebrate Old Glory…so if you want to share YOUR flag-inspired creation, there’s an Inlinkz at the bottom of this post! :)


Hero Arts fundraiser dies!

I’m so excited…you guys made such a success out of the Lil Hoots and Missing You stamp sets that Hero Arts made dies for us too! Click on the one on the left for the Lil Hoots set, and the right for Missing You – if you still need the stamps to go with them, they’re in the “recommended” section below each die set. Remember, 25% of proceeds are donated to OWH – so your shopping is helping our heroes! (Just in case you needed some justification…lol!)

***NOTE!*** There are some hung over Friday the 13th gremlins hanging around at Hero Arts….so the photos may not match the names of the dies. They tell me you should go by the NAME and not the IMAGE when making your purchase; and if I know Hero Arts, if you end up getting the wrong thing, they’ll work it out. :)



And now…on to OWHtv!

It’s the weekend! And so another work week is behind us – hope you’re planning on a little fun (and crafty!) time this weekend! Father’s Day is tomorrow…and if you haven’t gotten your card done yet, be sure to check out the Wednesday video – I saw Lisa Spangler make THIS card and asked her if I could do a video version of it. I know lots of you have that stamp set, so it’s an easy leap to get out a few ink shades and make a scene!

In the summer reading video, the article in Woman’s Day was shared – if you’re new and reading this because of the magazine, leave a comment and let us know! We hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out the Welcome page and learn all about the ins and outs of OWH. We’re glad you’re joining us!

Enjoy the week’s episodes!

I want to clarify something before you watch the Mailroom episode. When I recorded the voiceover, we had just completed hours of unpacking, and then I packed all those cards into 48 boxes – so I was pretty tired. I didn’t explain very well that you are most welcome to send in the small packages – we take all sizes – but I just wanted to share the tips for those who always are asking how they can help even more than they do. I thought it would help for you to know that it does take the same amount of processing for the small as it does for the large ones. With only one person working on the data entry, every little bit helps, so you’re welcome to hang onto cards during non-holiday-deadline times until you have a larger package to send – besides, it’ll save you a few bucks in shipping as well! :)

OWHtv Week 146…and a message to users of smart devices

Posted by on Jun 7, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 7 comments

Hi everyone! I think you’ve all enjoyed the unboxing videos this week…I’m so glad I had a bunch of them I could film before leaving for that trip! Our regular OWHtv resumes this coming week and we have some fun things for you.

Users of smart devices: Some of your devices are unable to see videos lately, but please understand that it’s NOT our fault here at OWH and there isn’t a thing we can do for you. Big sad face! We’d fix it if we could. It’s something between your device, your ISP, and YouTube. I’ve been seeing lots of articles about providers limiting access to video to particular users or during certain hours because of bandwidth, so that might be it.

Some are having success watching by setting it at a lower quality– 360p. But a ton  of smart device users also have no problem at all on their devices—so the videos do work. So pretty please, no more mean emails, it’s making me really sad that you’re upset and I can’t help. Despite the accusations, I am not conspiring to frustrate smart device users. Watch on a desktop until YT or your ISP resolve whatever the problem is.

OWHtv Week 145

Posted by on May 23, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 1 comment

Hello everyone! Hope you’re ready to go hop along this weekend on the bloghop! If you (ha) get bored, come check out this week’s OWHtv….we’ll have one quick special this coming Monday, then the show is on hiatus til June when I get back home in June. (Donation receipts will be waiting til I get back and get mail opened too!)

OWHtv Week 144

Posted by on May 17, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 6 comments

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you’ve got some fun plans…we’re a week out from Memorial Day Weekend, so it’s time to check off those big chores this weekend – so you get some extra time for the bloghop next Saturday! :)

On this week’s OWHtv segments, we got to see the sorting of some AnyHero mail, a few sticker cards with sneaky glitter, we learn how to make chocolate OWH party favors, an unboxing – and then a Vietnam Veteran made me cry at the Post Office! Enjoy catching up on this week’s shows:

OWHtv Week 143

Posted by on May 10, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 2 comments

We had another great week on OWHtv! We love to see your comments on our videos, and this week has had a few more than usual…yay! :) Ciara’s got a little video out from Monday, and the middle of the week was chock full of ideas for putting color into stamps. And Friday? Oh man! What a flash sale it was – 6 hours and all the stamps were sold!

If you didn’t see the fundraiser while the stamps were still available (this was a really small one!), don’t worry…we’ll have more fundraiser sales coming up in the next few months. A few ways you can be among the first to be notified:

  1. YouTube subscribers – click on the little round button beside “subscribe” for the option to have emails sent to you
  2. eNews subscribers – link in the sidebar here on the blog
  3. Blog subscribers – link in the sidebar here on the blog

Enjoy catching up on this week’s episodes:

OWHtv Week 142

Posted by on May 5, 2014 in OWHtv, Stars and Stamps | 4 comments

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I tooooooootally spaced posting the OWHtv episodes last week. Between end-of-month stuff, National Scrapbook Day, having to re-send the enews twice, plus finally replacing an ancient laptop from 1998….things just got away from me! But I’m here with the videos today. The Xylophone video still doesn’t seem to play for some folks on some devices and some browsers…sorry :(

Note that in Friday’s video there’s a call for volunteers. Not a one so far….so if you’d like to help (on the 23rd not 30th), check out the video for what’s needed.