OWHtv Week 150 – and updates!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little crazy of a week, so I thought in addition to sharing the OWHtv episodes, I’d give you a little behind the scenes about the fundraiser. My deepest apologies to anyone who got confused/missed out on things!

Delayed Final Receipts

The way our store works – when we have actual products – physical stamps, etc – we have limited quantities. And since it takes a bit for PayPal and our website to “talk” to each other, there’s a good chance that the store could oversell an item before it knows PayPal has processed the donation. So I have it set to not complete the PayPal transaction til I give it a thumbs up….which means I’m manually watching the “inventory” rather than trusting the site to do it. And sometimes I get it wonky too! This is new to us, so bear with us during this learning phase.

Other stores can order more product when it gets low, but since this is donated discontinued items, we can only sell til it’s done. That’s why you get automated receipts quickly from them – if they just need to order more, it’s not a big deal for them.

The classes, even though we can take as many students as will come, are caught up in this, too; so the final receipt with the link to the class and your password are delayed until I click that okay button. That’d be why it’s taking some time….whether it’s being out at the grocery store or post office, or being asleep in my time zone, it just takes a little time.

Once the product fundraiser is sold out, I’ll turn off the thing that makes me ok all purchases, so when it’s only classes available, the receipts will come right away.

Price Increase for Simple Shading Class

Apologies, big time! When setting the final date for the discounted rate, I thought I put it at midnight Friday night. Apparently I had it set a day earlier, or else me and the website were both really lost. To make up for it – I’ve extended the lower price now til Sunday night (hopefully through the whole day Sunday, eeep!). If you purchased it at the higher price and would like the partial refund, just email sandy (at) operation write home (dot) org and I’ll take care of that.

On a good note, it sounds like those who already went to the class page are enjoying it – so yay for that, eh? :) :) :)

Love you guys – thanks so much for your amazing support through this fundraiser; you’ve done an amazing job spreading the word – let’s continue to get those Grab Bag Envelopes sold so they can get out there and be used for our heroes! Yeah!



And now, let’s get on to what many of you have been waiting for – OWHtv for this week! We played with pumpkins and had a blast turning them into non-Halloween cards….we saw some really incredible cards in an unboxing…go enjoy!


  1. Celeste Goff

    Loved the pumpkin triple play video Sandy!

  2. Martha G

    Sandy you do an amazing job with sorting all our cards into boxes for our Heroes, mailing them, doing videos, running a great website, sharing notes from our Heroes plus your wonderful creative efforts to earn a living! I can’t imagine how you manage to do it all and find time to give Ciara some lovin’!! Your enthusiasm always inspires me to go make the best cards I can. Thank you for all you do!!

  3. thank you for putting these up every week so those of us who accidentally miss one or two can catch up.

  4. Love your ideas for using pumpkins “out of the box”! Great ideas, especially the flower. I echo Martha’s comments that all the videos keep my mojo going. Also, love Judith’s “you keep me anchored” card. So many great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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