OWHtv Week 149

Happy first weekend of SUMMER! Hope you’ve all got some lovely weather and activities to enjoy! If not….well we have some OWHtv you can catch up on! Everything from our SitRep to a return to Card Triple Play….and a video showing some masking and coloring on Wednesday! By the comments it appears lots of folks are impressed with Ruza’s cards – check out her blog too!

Don’t forget that the office is “closed” til after the 4th, since Ciara doesn’t know the passcode for the wireless. LOL! But she has housesitters keeping her company. If you can hold packages and mail them around the 4th of July, that’ll help spread the load of the mass of packages so we can keep up, thanks!


  1. Barb W

    Sandy, In the masking video, you used a tape runner. I have one of those but I can’t find refills for it. Can you tell me where you get yours please? Thanks. Love the card too and will try watercoloring mine in the future!! Thanks BarbW

    • Barb, I currently use Tombow tape runners, and the refills come in a pack of 3. I get them at AC Moore, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

    • I think it might be a Tombow Stamp runner, so I Googled “refill for tombow stamp runner adhesive” and found some sources. The seventh result on the list is a handy video from Simon Says Stamp on how to take out the old refill and put the new one in. I couldn’t figure out how it opened after I slid the little ‘open’ button back until I watched the video just now. Anyway, they run about $4 – 5 apiece, and some are closeouts and less than that. It looks like the pink one is a dot pattern and the blue is permanent. If you have a scrapbooking store that’s not a big box store, they might have it as well. Hope that helps.

  2. Ruza’s cards are very unique! Any idea where the stamps come from? I still feel like such a newbie and don’t recognize the stamp brands. Have a great trip Sandy! Wish I could make it down to MD to visit. Also, I do use watercolor pencils to color stamps.

  3. If you click on the link to Ruza’s blog (if it doesn’t show, click on “about” below the video on the YouTube website to see the link), you can see her fantastic work. It looks like she gets the images from a variety of sources. If you see one you like on her blog, click on the link (she makes the names of the stamps into links to the sources). I spent some time there – she finds the most amazing stamps!!

  4. Sandy-
    Thanks for the slider lesson. I never knew how to do that and I am sure I will watch it again and again.

    Travel well and safely…hope you have a great time with the family!! We’ll miss you but will try to behave anyway. :)

    I noticed Ruza uses a lot of Your Next Stamp brand. It’s an interesting company-lot of stuff for making kid based cards. She is a very good colorist and I like her image/sentiment combos. Her blog is pretty cool.

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