Flag Day…New Fundraiser Dies….and OWHtv Week 147!

Happy Flag Day!

It’s a great day to celebrate Old Glory…so if you want to share YOUR flag-inspired creation, there’s an Inlinkz at the bottom of this post! :)


Hero Arts fundraiser dies!

I’m so excited…you guys made such a success out of the Lil Hoots and Missing You stamp sets that Hero Arts made dies for us too! Click on the one on the left for the Lil Hoots set, and the right for Missing You – if you still need the stamps to go with them, they’re in the “recommended” section below each die set. Remember, 25% of proceeds are donated to OWH – so your shopping is helping our heroes! (Just in case you needed some justification…lol!)

***NOTE!*** There are some hung over Friday the 13th gremlins hanging around at Hero Arts….so the photos may not match the names of the dies. They tell me you should go by the NAME and not the IMAGE when making your purchase; and if I know Hero Arts, if you end up getting the wrong thing, they’ll work it out. :)



And now…on to OWHtv!

It’s the weekend! And so another work week is behind us – hope you’re planning on a little fun (and crafty!) time this weekend! Father’s Day is tomorrow…and if you haven’t gotten your card done yet, be sure to check out the Wednesday video – I saw Lisa Spangler make THIS card and asked her if I could do a video version of it. I know lots of you have that stamp set, so it’s an easy leap to get out a few ink shades and make a scene!

In the summer reading video, the article in Woman’s Day was shared – if you’re new and reading this because of the magazine, leave a comment and let us know! We hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out the Welcome page and learn all about the ins and outs of OWH. We’re glad you’re joining us!

Enjoy the week’s episodes!

I want to clarify something before you watch the Mailroom episode. When I recorded the voiceover, we had just completed hours of unpacking, and then I packed all those cards into 48 boxes – so I was pretty tired. I didn’t explain very well that you are most welcome to send in the small packages – we take all sizes – but I just wanted to share the tips for those who always are asking how they can help even more than they do. I thought it would help for you to know that it does take the same amount of processing for the small as it does for the large ones. With only one person working on the data entry, every little bit helps, so you’re welcome to hang onto cards during non-holiday-deadline times until you have a larger package to send – besides, it’ll save you a few bucks in shipping as well! :)


  1. Just placed an order for the Missing Ewe stamps and dies at Hero Arts. It LOOKS like they are mis-labeled on the Hero Arts site. (i.e.: Lil Hoot and Missing Ewe dies names are reversed). I hope I get the right pair in the mail! You might want to check it out with the folks at Hero Arts. I’m going to leave them a message, too.

    • I noticed the same thing- that’s the stamp set I want, but I agree, the dies seemed to be for the other set. Hope they can straighten it out!

  2. Totally understand the mailroom message, carry on Sandy and all of your wonderful helpers. Everything we do, everything you do, all for our military. Thank you so much for your continued support of them and trying so hard to accommodate their needs. :)

  3. Happy, happy, happy! I may be late for work this morning, but I did get my order placed! Can’t wait for my critter dies to get here!

  4. Would it be possible for someone (me) to help with the data entry? Maybe you could scan the packing lists and email them to me, I could enter the information into a spreadsheet or some file that you could import into the program you use?

  5. Christine

    I’m a newby who found OWH through the Woman’s Day magazine article. My daughter moved to Virginia in April with her new hubby who is a sailor, so I needed something new to do. Wow. When I read the article, I knew this was for me. I love paper and letter writing! I went out the next day, bought some supplies and got started. I’m obsessed and watching the videos, looking at the sketches and learning as I go. So much fun! My kitchen table is overloaded. Might need to turn my daughter’s bedroom into a craft room! I love that this is a community as well as a wonderful cause.

    • Judith Laughlin

      Christine, Welcome to the wild, and wonderful world of card making! And welcome to OWH!

  6. ThePurplePlace

    I am so excited about the new dies and will be adding them to my stash soon! Thanks so much for sharing the fun news! I just LOVE Hero Arts!!

  7. Well boooooo! I ordered the Missing Ewe stamps and both sets of dies on June 14 and just got an e-mail from Hero Arts that they’re expecting to get the dies JULY 9!! That means I’ll get them a month from now instead of this week as I’d hoped. Very sad face…I’ve been looking forward to using these soon. No word on the stamps, so maybe they’ll arrive soon and I can have a stamping and coloring marathon. Gotta look on the bright side, right! I can have the images stamped and colored and the papers all ready for the happy day the dies arrive.

    • I know, I’m so sad! It sounds like there was a manufacturing goof. But…alas, the dies will still be coming! :) Good idea getting the coloring fest underway so you’re ready to chop up bears when the dies get there.

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