OWHtv Week 146…and a message to users of smart devices

Hi everyone! I think you’ve all enjoyed the unboxing videos this week…I’m so glad I had a bunch of them I could film before leaving for that trip! Our regular OWHtv resumes this coming week and we have some fun things for you.

Users of smart devices: Some of your devices are unable to see videos lately, but please understand that it’s NOT our fault here at OWH and there isn’t a thing we can do for you. Big sad face! We’d fix it if we could. It’s something between your device, your ISP, and YouTube. I’ve been seeing lots of articles about providers limiting access to video to particular users or during certain hours because of bandwidth, so that might be it.

Some are having success watching by setting it at a lower quality– 360p. But a ton  of smart device users also have no problem at all on their devices—so the videos do work. So pretty please, no more mean emails, it’s making me really sad that you’re upset and I can’t help. Despite the accusations, I am not conspiring to frustrate smart device users. Watch on a desktop until YT or your ISP resolve whatever the problem is.


  1. Karen Kizer

    You do so many wonderful things, Sandy. I am so sorry folks cannot be nice to you. Technology is challenging and it is not your responsibility to educate people on how to use their devices. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the mean comments.

  2. Donna Dacy

    Sorry that people feel the need to post mean comments. If everyone would just learn to have more patience, it would be so much nicer. Let’s all practice patience and kindness.

  3. The smart phone problem is not OWH. It works just fine on my Smart Phone. Besides, you’re postings have nothing to do with what does or does not work on people’s devices. Thanks for making my Saturdays enjoyable, Sandy! You rock!

  4. Sandy, you do great work! Sorry folks are not understanding their technical problems are not your doing! I watched on my iPad just fine, but even if it hadn’t worked, I would have tried another device. It is just the way of the world right now, with technology among services moving at different speeds! We {heart} you!

  5. Jennifer R

    C’mon people–don’t be mean, leave Sandy some love! On another note, I love the unboxing videos. It’s wonderful to see the variety of cards people send and it’s very inspirational (yet a little intimidating because they are so good!). Thanks for taking the time to do those videos. I am sure it takes longer than the normal unboxing process but those are really my favorites to watch!

  6. amy b.

    So sorry you have had unkind comments. I always figured it was me if I couldn’t get something to come up and it looks like I was right. THANK YOU for all your hard work.

  7. The thought never crossed my mind that OWH had anything to do with some videos not being viewable. Too bad you even have to deal with negative comments. I appreciate your planning ahead to continue OWHTV despite your traveling and all you do for OWH! Hope you get some downtime this summer, too.

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