OWHtv Week 143

We had another great week on OWHtv! We love to see your comments on our videos, and this week has had a few more than usual…yay! :) Ciara’s got a little video out from Monday, and the middle of the week was chock full of ideas for putting color into stamps. And Friday? Oh man! What a flash sale it was – 6 hours and all the stamps were sold!

If you didn’t see the fundraiser while the stamps were still available (this was a really small one!), don’t worry…we’ll have more fundraiser sales coming up in the next few months. A few ways you can be among the first to be notified:

  1. YouTube subscribers – click on the little round button beside “subscribe” for the option to have emails sent to you
  2. eNews subscribers – link in the sidebar here on the blog
  3. Blog subscribers – link in the sidebar here on the blog

Enjoy catching up on this week’s episodes:


  1. I didn’t see the post until the sale was finished and I’m on the computer most of the day. Color me frustrated!

    • Me either! Don’t know if it’s because I got a new computer. I was just starting to get the daily videos – now it’s gone back to once a week. Bummer! :-(

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