OWHtv Week 135: Marking 300 videos!

This week was a little shorter with the holiday on Monday…but it brought back the Card Triple Play, a giveaway on the Start to Finish episode, more incredible inspiration in the Unboxing of Reta’s cards….and some Olympic inspiration yesterday! It’s hard to believe we’ve surpassed 300 videos on our channel….if you’re ever in need of inspiration, there’s tons waiting for you to catch up on!





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  1. You are brave! I would NEVER be able to figure out how to put those pieces of paper together. Gives me incentive to go outside of my box and try something new!!!

  2. You did a great job with those papers! I love that you have a box of all ready to go of stamped images – that is usually my hardest part, getting the card “almost” done.

  3. I posted your “on the road” quote on Pinterest and within ten minutes had ten reposts and eleven likes. I guess a lot of us can relate.

  4. So glad to see card triple play….and the “Stump Sandy” is a wonderful reprise. I doubt if I qualify as a Craftathlete but I do love enjoy making cards.

  5. I love the “donut” card. How you can put together paper and make it look good is beyond me. I guess I need to go watch some more video’s. Congratulations on the 300th video!

  6. i am lucky, i just got back from the craft store!! hee hee. loved this video and must get busy downloading the sketches. also never thought to spend the day stamping and coloring to use at a later date. i just go for the card i need when i need it.

  7. I’m a craftaholic and know the road to recovery will be a long one because I can’t pass Hobby Lobby without stopping in! Great 300th video, Sandy!