OWHtv week 128…back in the saddle!

Why hello everyone, and welcome to 2014! OWHtv took a few weeks off, but we’re back. Or at least sporadically for a bit, since I’m at CHA in Anaheim right now! You may get a few extra bits of video throughout the show, at least that’s the plan; but technology doesn’t tend to be my friend when I’m working a show. (And unfortunately, the YouTube app uploaded the Friday video to a weird place, but it’s linked here so you can see it anyway!)

Here are the videos from this week…enjoy!

Stay tuned at 10am PST today – and you’ll get your first peek at 2 new stamp sets that Hero Arts is launching today with the opening of CHA!

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say that I really appreciate how you listed all the videos for the week here on the blog like this – makes for an easy catch up for people like me. I have limited time to have my “OWHtv Date” once a week so having all the posts like this are great!

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