OWHtv Week 125

Hello everyone! It’s Sandy here with your OWHtv episodes from the past week. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind lately….I got back from a visit to the east coast and had a to-do list longer than my arm!

Please note that at this moment I’m planning on no OWHtv for Christmas week, and possibly for New Year’s week too….we’ll see how that goes. I’ll be teaching at CHA in January, and those would be great weeks for me to work on class materials (kits) for those if the stamps are manufactured in time. Yes, I said manufactured….there are more awesome stamps coming from our friends at Hero Arts! You’re going to LOVE this next set! So, needless to say, I have my work cut out for me in getting everything prepared…..so I might need some time off from the show during the holidays.

And speaking of kits – I hear there are some arriving for our booth at CHA – thank you to those participating! If you need the info on how to provide a kit or three, click HERE.

One more thing - we’ll be sending out a survey this coming week about OWH, including some questions about OWHtv and our blog. Please be sure you’re signed up for our monthly newsletter  so that’ll arrive in your inbox!

You’ll hear a little scratchiness in my voice in some of the videos – rest assured I’m ok. I’m having an argument with a cold over the last few weeks that just doesn’t seem to want to take a hike – but I am determined to win the fight!


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  1. Doris Cote

    We stayed at a hotel in Manassas, Va over the Thanksgiving holiday and they had a tray with Christmas cards, pens and a sign telling us that we could pick a card and write one to a service person. There was a manila envelope full of cards that people had written. Such a great idea.

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