OWHtv on the fritz!

Hey everyone! It’s Sandy here, and I’ve been trying to upload today’s OWHtv for, oh, gosh, 7 hours now. For some reason YT really just doesn’t like it! Grrr. It may show up at some point, but I wanted to let you know about something that’s in the video – that we have one final fundraiser in our store that just went live! (if the video does show up, Ciara’s in it! c’mon YT, be nice!)

(So much more exciting to tell you that in a video, so read this in your head in my voice!)

This one’s different than all the minisets – which are all great for color-ers……this new fundraiser pack is made up of awesome sentiments, graphics, alphas, and solid stamps, perfect for NONcolorers! Each flat rate envelope has 8-10 stamp sets in it, depending on the sizes of the sets, so you get PLENTY of stamping action out of any of these. I’ll be using some of them in the next couple months on OWHtv, too, so you’ll have the sets in your hands to try something out with them, too. Cool, eh?

We’ve priced the packets at $50, a really great value for that many fab stamp sets – click on the product to see an image of one sample packet (no guarantees you get THOSE sets, but it’ll show you the kinds of things you’ll get in yours!)

Shop for it!

Feel free to check out the other small sets in the store too, we still have some of the Pure Innocence and A La Modes available! :)

Happy shopping….and happy catching-up-on-OWHtv below, too:


  1. Regarding choosing a charity to donate cards, it has to mean something to me. The charity has to believe in what I believe (OWH fills the bill to the T!). I won’t just donate cards to get rid of them. I believe you mentioned at one point that WWP takes them as well. If I start making too many cards, I will certainly look at their website for possible donations.

    Sandy, I also asked in another comments about Any Hero mail and how the sitrep will effect those cards, Any comments on that?

  2. stay cool in craft room using a fan…just like Ciara…only I use it on the floor so it doesn’t blow all my stuff off the table :)

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