Our walls are no longer a bare white

Thank you very much for the wonderful cards! They brought smiles to our Soldiers, and our walls are no longer a bare white. It amazed us that people from so many places would take the time to write to us. It means more than you can imagine. We really appreciate the support from people back home, and there is something special about receiving it from children. Many thanked us for all that we do (it is our honor), but we want to emphasize how much we thank you for going above and beyond as citizens. Please take pride in knowing what a great and positive impact your gift has on our unit’s morale!

Maj. D.



  1. Pat Kinkaid

    Do you think they know how much they encourage us?

  2. another Pat

    Ms Kinkaid is right. Every time I read such a sweet note, I dash off to work on some more cards. We do so little in comparison to the sacrifices they and their families make.

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