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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Cardmaking 201, Stars and Stamps, Tutorial | 27 comments

Lawn Fawn: Tutorial and….glitter!?!

Yes, oh MY! How on earth can OWH have a glitter tutorial, you ask? Well…..I’m here with the scoop! And the card uses a stamped image from our fabulous friends at Lawn Fawn.

Oh wait. Did you notice, over at the Lawn Fawn blog – a $50 Gift Certificate is up for grabs! W00t!!!

Okay. Now back to the glitter tutorial.

First, the reason for the ‘no glitter’ rule

Glitter can make our heroes’ uniforms visible to night vision goggles, and we don’t want to get anyone killed! Our desires to make our cards sparkle MUST come after their needs to stay alive – and though we do send cards to some locations where that isn’t a problem, we send to many where it could be, so we just don’t allow any loose glitter in any box of OWH cards. We also can’t be taking time to sort out which have glitter and finding other places to donate, packing them up, sending them off, etc – so we are not able to use them at all.

As well, if you include one card with glitter flaking off of it in your box – your entire box may be contaminated by that one card. If our shippers have time, they’ll vacuum out a box to try to get rid of stray sparkles, but if you picture how many boxes they go through daily, that’s not much of an option. So please triage  your box BEFORE shipping it to make sure one card won’t make your entire package unusable.

The story behind the guideline

In writing the guidelines on our site, I used to say only – NO GLITTER. Seemed clear enough to me. But I got (and still get) hundreds of emails every year telling me…

  • “MY Stickles doesn’t flake off, are you sure I can’t use it?”
  • “My glitter pen never comes off, why are you so strict?”
  • “It’s not a card without some sparkle!”
  • “But I seal in my glitter, it isn’t going anywhere!”
  •  “What about the papers with glitter in them?”

I tell ya, this many emails can wear a girl down after a while! Sometimes my email box looks like I’m talkin’ with teens. LOL. So…after testing and finding out that some small amounts of Stickles or glitter pen *can* stay put on the card in a few cases, or that sealing them in with Glossy Accents can work, I changed the guidelines to say that SOME sparkly products that stay put MAY be ok if they don’t flake off the card. Then my email looks like this instead:

  • “I’m confused. You say no glitter, then glitter is ok. Which is it?”
  • “What brand of glitter glue is ok?”
  • “My shipper emailed that my Stickles contaminated my whole package. You said Stickles is ok!”

That means the “skimmers” didn’t read the whole thing, and surely believed their glitter is ok – without checking to see that it flaked off. Some colors/brands of glitter glues seem to flake more than others, and using it in mass quantities is always a huge problem. But we’re not product testers here at OWH – so it’s up to you to test  your own cards out. Rub the glittery part on your sweater – if anything is left behind, that is what is called flaking off.

Example: Just last week, a group sent in a bunch of absolutely darling cards – including a set of cards that had big cupcakes with Stickles all over the frosting. The group read on the website that some Stickles is ok; but they didn’t check how the cards reacted once the Stickles was dry. Glitter had come off  all over the cards in the box – and all over the shipper, and other cards on the sorting table.

The easiest solution

Many of you have put away all your glitter of all types, and discovered that your cards actually *are* cute without it! Avoiding glitter completely is the easiest solution if you have any doubts about what is okay and what isn’t.

We’re stuck with a glittery mix in the explanation – and whenever I’m asked for the top 5 guidelines, NO GLITTER is always on the list. I don’t explain the “unless” part except when there’s time and space to do it fully as in this post – and I encourage all of you, as you post on FB and your blogs and twitter for newbies, encourage friends to just avoid glitter entirely unless you, too, want to go through the same long explanation.

The hardest solution

This spoof tutorial below is one I did for Oozak (the owner kept trying to find ways to make me use glitter – LOL – the more I fought, the more often the topic came up!)….it addresses one way you CAN use glitter and it will be ok. Ya just gotta be ready to really work for it…*grin* Enjoy!


Now for those of you who follow my blog, you already saw the above tutorial….so here are some more cards  for inspiration today using our partner Lawn Fawn’s stamps – Yolanda has a little Stickles sealed in with Glossy Accents on her card:

Click to see more details on Sandy’s blog

And this video created for May Arts last month shows another way you can “seal in” the glitter product. (The Sparkly Fluff in the video has a teeny bit of glitter in it, but not as much as straight-up glitter; I’m guessing regular glitter might get stuck to the plastic, so the tutorial could work really badly if you try it with just a tub of glitter.) Be sure you only build up with one layer of dimension, too – because hugely thick cards are also not going to work with cards going through the postal service.

Our kids’ joke for you today:

Why did George Washington sleep standing up? (answer is here!)

And the answer to the joke over on the Lawn Fawn blog: Put him in the front!


Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial – and that it answered those glittery questions. I’ll be linking this from the guidelines page, and hopefully it’s a much clearer explanation of the details of beglittering cards for OWH!



  1. Thanks, Sandy, for addressing this issue. I tend to avoid it; sometimes use paper that has glitter embedded in the design.

  2. It is just so much easier to not try to figure out how to use it! I have a “glitter free” zone.

  3. I have even found that Perfect Pearls will leave a residue of shimmer, so I don’t use that, either. I wonder why so man people have such a problem with following rules?

  4. I too, keep a “Glitter Free Card Zone” and just add other bling for Pizzazz!
    I will try to make myself add Glossy Accents to my next card and be sure it dries overnight.

    (Glitter is a must when I face paint, though)

  5. I don’t understand why the glitter subject is such a problem. Just don’t use it! It is as simple as that. We have tons of other craft items that we can use on our cards to make them pretty. As Sandy mentioned in her post, our cards are for our Heroes not for us. I’m sure our male Heroes don’t mind not having glitter all over the cards.

    • Exactly!! I cannot believe this is even a point of discussion when the safety of our heroes is at stake. There are plenty of other options to make great cards. It is not worth the risk.

  6. Love your video. It is informative as well as entertaining.

  7. I believe the best answer is to just remain “glitter free”

  8. Sandy,
    Thanks so much for doing this again. Some of us are just not getting it. I used stickles on a few of my cards and always tested it with my fingers to make sure it did not come off. Well today you said to rub your top or your pants with the card and see what happens. I was so shocked. Even though it did not come off on my hands, it sure did on my clothes. So now I am feeling really bad and good at the same time. Bad because I really did not know it was flaking off and good cause I know now I will never use it again on the cards for ‘our guys’. Thanks again for doing that one more time .
    Love you

  9. In the past I’ve used Stickles on some cards but only in small amounts. Sure hope one of my boxes wasn’t the one referred to above! That’s it. No more Stickles. I spend too much time and effort on my cards for them to not be usable. Thanks for the information!

  10. Very nice. For OWH purposes, I’ll just continue with the no-glitter policy…..

  11. I don’t mind being glitter-free for OWH. I imagine it makes it easier for the shippers and I can use my glitter paper for other non-OWH projects. And I know my craft space stays cleaner when I stay away from loose glitter:)

  12. Easy for me to put the glitter away-when my kids were in school, I hated them coming home with that “gift” they made and it was full of glitter. Of course, so were they and everything around them! When I started making cards I ventured into the glitter in the form of pens and that is all I allow in my house!!

  13. Now that’s a fun video and so clever! The cards are so cute today. Thanks for sharing !

  14. If I want to add some sparkle, I use small gems, shiny brads or metallic non-glittery paper.

    I just saw something on Pinterest that showed an easy way to make sure the cards were not too thick. If you can pass them thru the center space of the cutter, then they would go thru the machines at the post office.

    • Which cutter? If you tell me I will check my cards : )

  15. Love this! Great cards! I have been laughing about that video all evening! My favorite part is the “drying overnight” clips!!! 😀 bwahaha! Hopefully this will settle the glitter situation once and for all!!

  16. Thanks for an entertaining and educational post! I’m not a fan of glitter, but I’ve been curious about some of the questions you answered here. For my OWH cards, I don’t use any glitter in any form. (And even for my non-OWH cards, I rarely use it – too much cleanup even when I try to isolate it, like in the video. )

  17. while I don’t use loose Glitter, I do love me some Stickles… now all safely sealed 😉 I even went back thru my shoebox of cards for OWH & made sure they were ALL sealed for safely

  18. LOL Sandy, I love my glitter and especially my Stickles, but I think I’m going to keep my OWH cards glitter free – love your glitter safety set up 🙂

  19. Oh Sandy, you always make me smile. Now, I know how I can safely use glitter in my room. Do I even have glitter?

  20. Great video spoof, but with a very valid message. For the life of me, I don’t understand why people think they need to use glitter. Use it for family cards, but don’t take a chance on our troops. It should be any easy rule to follow.

  21. Love the cards! I own a few stickles but rarely use them. I don’t even use embossing powder much because I seem to always “over cook” it and it flakes off. Thanks for sharing!

  22. OMGosh u r insane! LOL!

    I have retired my glitter stuff so I will have safe cards… I am still laughing… I think u r a lil touched in the head (in a good way : )!

    I have become addicted to your videos, I luvs them!

  23. I stopped by a “make a card for our troops” table in a local franchise of a Nationally Known Craft Store. While making my glitter-free card with the supplies they provided, I mentioned to the employee running the project that glitter is said to be dangerous. She looked at me with a little disdain (or so I perceived) and said, “no, it’s okay.” I don’t know what organization was collecting the cards, but apparently the message has not gotten through to everyone. Maybe you should post it on YouTube or Facebook. Or make it into a news release?

    • We try talking about the glitter restriction regularly, but a some of the smaller cardmaking groups just don’t really follow safety guidelines…..sometimes even those who want to collect cards for US want to follow them. But that’s why our shippers go through boxes to segregate out cards that don’t follow them.

  24. I am a newbie to OWH so just seen this. I was laughing so hard! Having been a professional floral designer for 30 years, I know the dangers of glitter! One Christmas I got a piece in my eye. It caused all kinds of pain. You could not see it but I knew something was there. Finally after 2 visits to my MD I went to an optomologist and he put fluorescent dye in the eye and finally seen what the problem was. So see? Glitter really is a danger to your health!
    Whew! Sorry so long! Oh…..and I do have my own hard hat and safety glasses. 🙂 I belong to thebuilders group at church.
    Thanks for all the great tutes!

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