Get involved

There are so many ways to get started with Operation Write Home!

First, know that there’s no need to “sign up” to get started. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the guidelines (lots of great info for newbies on the Newbies page), visit our card gallery and Stars and Stamps blog for inspiration, and then get rolling on making cards and writing letters!



Get started making your cards! If you’d like to send in a small batch first and get some feedback, be sure to write a note to that effect on your packing slip. You may want to post some cards on Facebook and get input from other crafters, too! It’s fun to share what we’re all making.


Crafting Groups

Get some friends together and have fun making cards! To help plan your event, we’ve got tips galore for you here.


Not-so-Crafting Groups

Senior Centers, corporate offices, and group homes make cards for our heroes – they make fantastic AnyHero cards! This is a great way for nontraditional groups to get into crafting; make cards they can write their own notes in, and once they’re feeling more confident, they might decide to make some for our heroes to write home on! The letters can also be written on any kind of stationery, they don’t need to be on cards. Letters from the Greatest Generation are especially needed.


Schools and Scouts

Young people are in high demand around here….we need AnyHero cards, letters, drawings, and coloring pages by them! Our heroes just love to get mail from girl scouts and boy scouts, school children – even teens can practice their writing skills by sharing their lives with our heroes. Read more here.



Our partners make our world go around – we love you! Read more on our Partners page about the many ways you can join our efforts.