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Interactive Cardmaking Project

This is the first of its kind undertaking, as far as I know. It was almost a year in the making! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read more about how it came about and what it took to complete.

The ICP is  best viewed on the YouTube website itself, so you can either click on the video below ; OR click HERE to be taken over to YouTube. If you’re on a smart device, you’ll likely need to switch to a desktop or laptop, as many smart devices don’t allow you to click on annotations. This video is the “start” – and will give you the instructions to go on an interactive cardmaking adventure!

Please share this page you’re on with your friends – it’ll give them more context about the project.

The three sketches, if you would like to try one out with something you learned – but you can use all sorts of other sketches to try out your new knowledge too!

Where can we see more of your videos?

More? 56 tutorials and you want more? lol. 🙂 This ICP is on my personal YouTube channel – so you could scroll around and see what else I have going on. I’m also on the May Arts channel regularly, and have made guest appearances on the Hero Arts channel as well. Whenever I’m out and about on the web, I link up to that on my personal blog, so go subscribe and stalk me if you feel the need. 🙂

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