Our heroes

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[wpcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]These brave men and women from every branch of service – deployed all over the world – are giving so much of themselves…making a few cards is the least we can do to say thanks. Contacts sign up to receive boxes for their unit, and they share them with all who are stationed alongside them.

Pull up a chair and enjoy the slideshow below; these are photos sent to us by our heroes or their families, and we know they’ll make you smile! Nametapes are fuzzed out to protect identities of anyone pictured. Go visit the Hero Blog to read their words of gratitude too! Note: the piano music was specially written by Clint Gawthrop for our heroes. Hover over the menu at the bottom if you wish to turn off the music.


How does a hero get cards?

Our heroes are a self-selected group; we supply cards to anyone requesting who is deployed outside the nation’s borders. We’ve served the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, and even forward-deployed Coast Guard. We’ve also included contractors in our rotations; they serve right alongside our heroes and they share the cards around. We’ve even sent a custom shipment to a Polish General via one of our Army contacts serving under NATO Command! We’ve heard from several international forces heroes who have shared in the blessings of our cards.

How many heroes are being served?

Each of our shippers maintains a list of contacts – anywhere from 50 to 100, depending on the time of year. (The fall/winter season is when we pick up lots of extra contacts.) Each shipper rotates boxes to their contacts, attempting to get a box out to them every 6 to 8 weeks, more often if we have more cards available. And as each one has capacity to take on more heroes, they take the next hero in line on the waiting list, which typically has 6-20 waiting at any given time. As time goes on, if our shippers haven’t heard back from the hero or their family after three boxes, they’re removed from our list until otherwise notified. We want to be sure our cards are getting to those who can best use them! So we encourage heroes and their loved ones to let us know not only deployment/redeployment status and address changes, but whether or not our cards are meeting the heroes’ needs.

Do you hear back from anyone about the cards?

Yes! Read the Hero Blog – just be sure to take kleenex!