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Complete strangers back home

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Hi, Sandy!

I am a medic in the Army and I have just received a care package from Operation Write Home and card from you was inside. First, let me say, thank you, thank you very much. I hope people from home, like yourself, know how much it means to a military service member to receive a care package, letter or card from complete strangers back home. It is the main reason why I continue to reenlist to stay in the military and it is my favorite thing about deploying. It truly is a wonderful feeling knowing that there is that much support back home. Again, thank you!



Nothing like a hand written note on a beautiful card

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I’ve been meaning to write you. I cannot thank you enough for the cards you and Ciara sent us. They have been such a hit! We have been putting them to good use, and a bunch have already made it back to the states. We really are so appreciative.

quote70With so many holidays coming up this fall / winter, I know it will be great to be able to stay in touch by sending notes and greetings to our families. Emails are great, but there is just nothing like a hand written note on a beautiful card!

Thanks again,

-J. E., Kandahar, Afghanistan

The beautiful cards and the messages

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I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for our deployed soldiers and their families. I am a spouse of a deployed soldier and your cards truly are a blessing to us. My daughters and I are very fortunate to be able to speak with their father and see him on a regular basis over webcam but we always look forward to his cards in the mail. We have already received so many from him. Though he is really great about keeping in contact with us and emailing, I am not sure we would be getting cards in the mail if it weren’t for your Operation. My children and I love the beautiful cards and the messages my husband writes to us. I know the soldiers are very appreciative of what this operation does but I wanted you to know how appreciative the families are as well. Thank you again!

Just want to say “Thank You”

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We received the package and just want to say “Thank You.” We love your cards and have certainly enjoyed sending them to our friends and family at home. Again, thank you for all that you are doing for us and our deployed troops.

Hugs to Ciara!!! Have a wonderful day.

M.B., Afghanistan

The number of accolades

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Ms Sandy,

We all want to thank you for the wonderful cards we have received over the many months. They have not only helped our troops but their families as well. You cannot count the number of accolades from our families on the wonderful cards.

H.A., Afghanistan

The kindling needed

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Ms. Allnock,

Thank you for the cards we got yesterday. We appreciate your patriotic sentiments and cannot thank you enough for your kind and heartfelt words. We look forward to finishing out this tour and heading home this month.

I am sure I speak for the rest of the service members here, when I say that, we are reminded each day of why we do this job each and every time those AnyHero letters come in to the mail room. From the wars past and present, they have been the kindling needed to charge our hearts with the convictions needed to surpass the losses and to keep headstrong in the fight.

Thank you again.

God bless you, your family, your organization, and most importantly the United States of America.


SFC J.P., Bagram, Afghanistan

Combing through your boxes to find their favorite cards

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I just received another box of your cards. Thanks so much again. I love the cards and I’m sure everyone will too. The system I have set up to share the cards continue to generate a lot of interest. I have plenty of visitors combing through your boxes to find their favorite cards to send home to family and friends.

Tell your folks that they make a difference in our lives here at GTMO. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Y.C., CDR, USN, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Hit/miss mail

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We received the box of cards this past week! Everyone loved them!

I wanted to send an email because I don’t think our snail mail out of here is all that great. GETTING mail here is pretty good, but for some reason getting cards/letters out has been rumored to be hit/miss. But, that didn’t stop us from putting a card in the mail for you.

So, wanted to touch base ‘n send our gratitude JUST in case that letter gets lost on the way to Washington state!

Thanks again,

K. M. C., Major, USAF

Taken time out to write family

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Thank you so very much for the two boxes of Operation Write Home cards. I’ve shared them with not only my office, but lots of other offices here, and everyone loves them. I’ve taken time out to write family every 2-3 days, mostly thanks to you and the organization. It would be nice if the letters actually arrived every 2-3 days, but it seems that they get stockpiled somewhere along the line and delivered in bulk.

Even though I’m about done here, there are enough cards to carry through to the next group. And since President Obama says we have to be down to XXX troops by 1 January, there won’t be very many Americans left here after then to enjoy them.

I thank all of you for all you’ve done to help us stay in touch and deliver something tangible on a regular basis. It means something to us here, but more to our families that get them in the mail.

Thank you,

D.R.G., Major, USAF, MHA, Afghanistan

Hear my name called for mail

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Thank you so much for my “first” box…it was sooo awesome to hear my name called for mail.

We truly appreciate the box of cards—especially with the upcoming holiday season. Please tell Ciara – “Hello” and give a big hug from all of us.

Thank you for all you do for us and every Service member serving!

Best Regards….

V. S. H., SFC (OR-7)