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Taken time out to write family

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014 in Hero Blog, Note from Afghanistan | 1 comment

Thank you so very much for the two boxes of Operation Write Home cards. I’ve shared them with not only my office, but lots of other offices here, and everyone loves them. I’ve taken time out to write family every 2-3 days, mostly thanks to you and the organization. It would be nice if the letters actually arrived every 2-3 days, but it seems that they get stockpiled somewhere along the line and delivered in bulk.

Even though I’m about done here, there are enough cards to carry through to the next group. And since President Obama says we have to be down to XXX troops by 1 January, there won’t be very many Americans left here after then to enjoy them.

I thank all of you for all you’ve done to help us stay in touch and deliver something tangible on a regular basis. It means something to us here, but more to our families that get them in the mail.

Thank you,

D.R.G., Major, USAF, MHA, Afghanistan

Hear my name called for mail

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Thank you so much for my “first” box…it was sooo awesome to hear my name called for mail.

We truly appreciate the box of cards—especially with the upcoming holiday season. Please tell Ciara – “Hello” and give a big hug from all of us.

Thank you for all you do for us and every Service member serving!

Best Regards….

V. S. H., SFC (OR-7)


One of the more amazing ones

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Thank you so much for the most recent box of cards! I wanted to let you know that I’ll be headed out in less than a month, so please redistribute anything you’d planned to send me. Your program is truly one of the more amazing ones out there. I can’t thank you enough.


No excuses not to write home

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Just writing to let you know I received your box of cards.  Thank you very much for your kind gesture.

The cards you send definitely give no excuses not to write home, since 1) postage is free, and 2) you’ve provided cards for every occasion.

One of the first cards I write from that box will be to you and your trusted mascot.

Thank you again,

W. S. Y., Colonel (OF-5), US Army

Divine intervention

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I just want to thank you for the beautiful cards that were sent here to us.  I was going to ship a birthday gift to someone I love and I went to the “exchange” to find a card and not one was appropriate.  I didn’t  have time to order one and wait and so I thought I’d have to make a cheesy Word document to put in the box.  The next morning, like a small miracle and surely an answered prayer, your box of cards were out on a desk in our break area (I use that term liberally…it is a small utility room big enough for a desk to put a coffee pot and microwave on and we have our ironing board in there for all the women on the floor) at the living quarters. I’ve been on Bagram Air Field for over two months now and that is the first time here that I’ve seen an “Operation Write Home” box; I’ve seen them at USOs and I’ve seen them at Red Cross on other installations…but never in my living area.  I’d like to think there was some divine intervention  ~  I was able to send the box out with not one but TWO perfect cards so I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

These cards definitely make a difference!  I am getting ready to return home after 20 months here and just ordered a box for my deployed family here to receive after I leave later this week.  Thank you for what you do!!

Warmest regards,

S.J-A, Afghanistan


America’s best

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Thank you Sandy for the box of cards!!! It has been a long deployment but the Operation Write Home Cards have really made a  significant positive impact on the morale for our staff.  Sincere thank you for your group’s effort, it is America’s best!!!

I will now be home sometime next month.



The cards you sent

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I received your box of cards a couple of days ago—thank you so much.  The cards you sent will be provided to Headquarters United States Forces-Afghanistan and soldiers  here in Afghanistan.

The picture you sent of your golden retriever warmed my heart—I have one waiting for me to come home.  15 year olds is very old for a golden retriever, but Ciara looks like she’s doing just fine as a mascot.

Thank you again and all the best!

 I.T.D., Capt, USAF

Thank you for the boxes of cards

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I just wanted to say thank you for the boxes of cards I have received. I also wanted to let you know I will be leaving theater so there is no need to send anymore.

Thank you again for everything you and your organization does. It has been greatly appreciated.


M.J.D., 1LT, QM


Your cards have greatly helped me

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Thank you very much for the awesome cards. I received them yesterday. We really appreciate all of them. At this time, that will be enough. We are in the process of tearing everything down around the base.

We have been receiving several care packages for our soldiers and I was in desperate need of cards to write Thank You letters back for each of them. So your cards have greatly helped me and other soldiers.

Thanks again for all you guys do!!!



Thanks so much for caring

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I just received another box of those beautiful cards from you. Thanks so much for caring.

I’ve implemented a great system of sharing them with the Troopers here. Everyone appreciates them and loves sending their family hand-crafted cards. Thanks again. These cards really make a difference to those of us that are deployed here.