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Outbound mail has increased significantly

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I received another box. The men here are really appreciating the cards! Our outbound mail has increased significantly.

I am sorry to hear of your beloved Ciara. I lost my pug immediately before my first deployment in 2011. She was exhausted one day so I put her in a clothes basket of towels fresh from the dryer, and placed it in her favorite spot in the hall where she could track everyone in the house. She had us trained to give her some love each time we passed her. At some point she left to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We believe she was 15 but as a rescue we weren’t sure. I will always be grateful I wa home when she left; she had everyone who loved her nearby that day.



Writing is a lost art

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I am an Army Officer currently serving my first tour of duty in Kuwait. Writing is a lost art these days. I have long enjoyed handwritten letters and cards, and have used them heavily in military environments. This year, I decided to actually be diligent and send out many Christmas cards to my loved ones back home whose support has made such a difference during my time here. Thank you for the beautiful cards you made and donated to Operation write home. I sent one to someone who has made a huge difference in my life here and I know she will love it.

Thank you for enhancing my holiday season.


1LT T.B.


Make a memory

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Thank you so much for your support with “Operation Write Home.”  This is my seventh deployment and my first as a Department of the Army Civilian.  I retired three years ago after 26 years on active duty.   I remember these beautiful cards from my 15 month deployment to Iraq and when I arrived here in uniform with the Soldiers I work with it was a nice surprise to see them here again.

They are of such great quality that they make us want to take the time to jot a note to our families.  As a Colonel I used to tell my Soldiers it only takes a few minutes to “make a memory.” E-mail is too easy and erases the joy of receiving something in the mail, that can be opened read and read again.  My wife has every card I’ve ever written from whatever part of the world and they mean more to her than anything I’ve ever purchased for her.

This time I’ve made it a point to write two a night.  My wife, kids, family members and friends love receiving them and I enjoy taking the time each night to think about them.  If it weren’t for you and those like you that take your time and your creativity to do this it would not be as enjoyable for us.  Since I’ve started my writing campaign I’ve seen younger guys start to do it as well.  I think they enjoy it and I see the joy when they tell me how much their wives and girlfriends were surprised to get a note in the mail.

I think you have probably saved some marriages and strengthened many.  Sorry for the e-mail, I should be sending you a card but I wanted you to know your efforts are making a difference.  Please thank all those involved, my words do not come close to expressing what it means to us.


C. H., GS-15


Smiles and comfort to their heart

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I wanted to let you know if I had not already, I did receive the cards and have a feeling they will go fast. I want to send a sincere thanks to you and all those individuals who take time to keep us and our families in mind while we are away.  All the cards are so beautiful, and with our writings inside to the delivery in mail to our family, I know it brings smiles and comfort to their heart.

I thank you so much!

TSgt T.P.

So ever thankful

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I would like to thank you and your organization for your efforts in supporting our Armed Forces. Your generosity and hard work does not go unnoticed. We areso ever thankful  for you and your associates at Operation Write Home. Thanks for the card.

I am so sorry to hear about your pal.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Overwhelmed by the gratitude

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One of our crafters received this thank you card from one of our heroes:

Thank you for the awesome box of note cards. I’ve been writing home faithfully but realized I neglected to thank YOU! I recently deployed from the Horn of Africa and even though it’s my 3rd deployment (2 x Iraq) I’m still overwhelmed by the gratitude we receive! …All the best in 2015 and thank you again for your support.  

—LTC C.P., US Army


Pure joy

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I am so sorry to hear you lost your baby Ciara. I love my animals very much so I can imagine you aer going through a world of pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers!
I want to thank you for what you do. We have over 1K troops on this base and every time we put the cards out they are gone within 24 hours! You have brought joy not only to me but my fellow brothers, sisters, and family. My husband was deployed before me so we’re going on 10 months apart. These cards have brightened our spirits and I can’t thank you enough for the happiness you have given me.

This picture is me and my husband before deployments  – he doesn’t smile like that often and when he opened up my last card I saw the pure joy from him! I hope you know you are making a difference for us. We cannot thank you enough for everything. You are an amazing person, stay strong!



Thoughtful and beautiful cards!

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Thank you so much for the thoughtful and beautiful cards! I have enjoyed sending them to friends and family. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you! :)

Cpt. K.H.


Each card

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We wanted to properly thank you and Operation Write Home for the cards; my team as well as others have enjoyed them! Each card has been put to good use.

I am very sad to hear about sweet Ciara. We have a dog named Blue and he holds our hearts; I can empathize with your loss.

Wishing you and your family (and all OWH) a blessed holiday season.

Maj H.C.

A big “THANKS!

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We really appreciate the boxes with cards. Please tell all the people that collaborate a big “THANKS!” Now we can write to our loved ones.

Have a blessed holiday,