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Always fantastic and most welcome!

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Thanks to you and the gang of crafters for the recent package of new cards! I must admit they are always fantastic and most welcome!

I was saddened by the news of your loss, although I could tell from Ciara’s smile that she had a wonderful life. Hope you’re doing well in adjusting. I’m a fellow dog person and I know it can be tough.

As always, my thanks…

Best regards,



A phenomenal organization

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I wanted to say thank you for all you do for my soldiers and for me. Operation Write Home is a phenomenal organization and you guys give SO much. Thank you 1,000,000 times!

I wish I could have met your Ciara. She looked like Buddy, my 10 year old lab at home. They have such huge hearts, these furry animals! I hug Buddy just like you hugged Ciara in the photo. Such love! *

Happy holidays,


*This is the photo she’s referring to:


I am really impressed

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015 in Hero Blog | 4 comments

We are the lucky recipients of one of your boxes of cards.  As a fellow stamper (Stampin Up mostly), I and the crew here are most appreciative of the beautiful cards.  I look forward to seeing new boxes and new cards.  Cards for kids are great!  Girly cards and cards for boys everyone loves mail!

Again, I am really impressed with many of the cards and I try really hard not to take all of my favorites…sometimes I just take pics so I can replicate or borrow the ideas for  when I get home…my craft room awaits!

K.W., Djibouti Africa


So many are willing to share their efforts

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First, I want to thank you for the cards. I received the box a few weeks ago, but kept forgetting to email you. I have shared them with our group here- about 45 of us. They love the cards-especially the females! It really is wonderful that so many are willing to share their efforts with us!

I appreciated the touch of finding a personal card from you inside the box too! Sorry to hear about your dog.  Yes, I am back for a second tour, but really hoping this is my last time…not getting any younger.

Again, thanks for all that you and your contributors do for us!

C.H., US Navy, Cuba
(a teacher in my “other” life)



Outpouring of support

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Thank you so much for the beautiful cards. The entire staff was excited to see the selection and send a few notes home. Cards have also been placed in our waiting areas, so any service member coming through can write a note while waiting for an out-patient appointment.

As seen in the news, there is a reduction in forces. Perhaps modifying our quantity of any future shipments would be best to prevent cards going unused.

We are very grateful for the continued outpouring of support Americans have displayed!


CPT S.T., Afghanistan


Perfect timing

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Thank you for the box of cards you sent. It arrived yesterday! A few of my junior Marines and I were talking yesterday morning about how we were almost out of cards. And that afternoon your box arrived! Perfect timing.

One request – could we have more thank you cards and less birthday cards? We’re a thankful bunch out here. :)

Again, thank you for your organization’s work!

Warm regards,



Take time to remember

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Thank you so much for sending the package with letters – and cards we can write home with. We appreciate the support from Operation Write Home and the love of those who take time to remember our deployed and more importantly, the families back home.

Thanks again,

D.S., Navy, Bahrain


You have no idea

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Thank you again for the box of cards! You have no idea how many get sent just from my 25-soldier section! All of our families love them!

If cards are sent “freemail,” it takes minimum 2-3 weeks to get home; thanks for sending the seasonal cards nice and early!

Thanks again,



Letters are great, but…

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Thank you so much for all the cards you sent to us. They are going fast! I am so grateful for this program. Letters are great, but a card adds a nice touch to waiting friends and family!

Thank you! You. Are. Awesome!


Keep changing lives

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I wanted to thank you for the latest batch of wonderful cards – they are fantastic! Please pass my appreciation to all the others. Please share our appreciation at home from the teams like ours who you support. It makes a difference!

Keep changing lives there, and we’ll stay alert and safe here.

Best regards,

-LCDR J.I., Afghanistan, US Navy