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Reading some of them to each other

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Hero Blog, Note from Sailor | 3 comments

Dear Sandy,

You should see the group of young sailors gathered around the box of cards that you recently sent. Not only are they picking out ones they like, but they are also having fun showing and reading some of them to each other. So once again, they are a hit. Thank you also for your prayers, and yes that is us in the news standing ready*. Say hi to Ciara for me.




Adorable, thoughtful and clever card designs

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I am a recipient of the wonderfully creative cards from your organization.  I am based in Bagram, Afghanistan and we have come to love your cards.  I just wanted to pass on a note to thank you for what you do.  Not only do we enjoy sending handwritten notes home, the adorable, thoughtful and clever card designs make it all the more better.

 Thanks again, you do a wonderful thing to support the troops here,



A warm Thank You

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Our Team here will like to send you a warm Thank You for the box of cards! We all truly appreciate all the work our citizens put in to make these creative beautiful cards for us to send to our love ones. Having these blanks cards personally allow me to write hand written note to my family and friends at home, and everyone really adore the cards.

We loved the picture of the Ciara enjoying the car ride…as long as she don’t try to drive ha ha ha!  I attached a recent picture of our team.

We also love all the Thank You cards from the wonderful children!

Thank You,




So personable and creative!

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Hi, Today I found a box of beautiful cards from you guys in our laundry room where people put boxes that they want to share with everyone. Thank you so much! I like to write my Dad, my sister, and my best friend once a week. And let’s just say, the cards they have here are pretty pathetic! lol So I was so happy when I found your cards. They were so personable and creative! I can’t wait to start using them. Thanks again,
SSgt JW, currently serving in Bagram, Afghanistan.


Thank you cards

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This is a request we expect to come in from a number of our units – as the drawdown moves forward and people near the end of their tours of duty in Afghanistan, they’ll want to send thanks back home to those who have supported them.


Caring and understanding

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I would like to say thank you for taking time out of your day to send letters to deployed members of the United States Armed Forces. There are members that don’t have families or people that write them. This is a great opportunity for a Soldier, Airman, Marine, or Sailor to get a note from someone that cares and understands what we as a military do for our great nation.

Thanks again!

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” -George S. Patton



Best Care Anywhere! + catching up!

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This photo of an excited hero was taken at the combat support hospital he works at – get a load of the sign posted above him! ;0)


With the crazy weekend full of VCMP challenges, we’ve missed out on sharing a few things….so here’s last week on instant replay!

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  • Halloween deadline: Aug 31; HallNOween should be able to be sent during the rest of the year!
  • Fall and Thanksgiving deadline: Sept 30
  • Christmas deadline: Oct 10th
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  • Go see Featured Cardmaker Mary Ellen!

And you know how some days the internet cooperates, and other days it doesn’t? Today seems to be one of them! Instead of the videos showing up here, just text links are showing up. Doh! I’ve  tried other links, and nada. Geeeshhhhh! So at least now they’re clickable links to last week’s OWHtv!




The VCMP is over but the Inlinkz stay open:



Well received

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Thank you for your patriotism and support to us deployed! The cards were very well received throughout the command in staying in touch with our loved ones back home. Thank you for providing us the means to correspond with family and friends!

-J.M, Qatar


3 separate Battalion organizations

Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in Hero Blog, Note from Afghanistan | 1 comment

I just wanted to write and thank you and everyone in your organization for all the wonderful cards. These cards have been making it more enjoyable to write home with for over a year – and for 3 separate Battalion organizations serving at our location!

I can’t even count how many my peers and I have used to write home, let alone myself. So thank you once again and know that they have been very appreciated.

-A.J, Afghanistan