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Because of you

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Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the support you have provided me this year. Because of you and your organization, I was able to send letters home for every holiday, birthday, anniversary, thank you, and just because. It made my year just a little bit better! Please pass on my appreciation to your volunteers and supporters!


MSGT L.L., US Air Force, Afghanistan


A different set of emotions

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Hey Sandy,

Thanks for all the cards!  They arrived today.  I am really sorry to hear about your dog, hopefully her memory will warmth enough during the cold holiday season.  I say cold, but it is still shorts and t-shirt weather over here.  

The holidays are an extremely rough time for us all. Being away from family and friends is never easy.  A different set of emotions are generated though from the kindness we receive from strangers.  It is truly remarkable the support we receive and the love that is sent our way from so many volunteers.  

Thank you so much for you support,

SFC S.J.N., Kuwait


Hoping for…and so grateful to receive

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Dear OWH,

First, I am sorry for your loss of Ciara. I enjoyed seeing her pretty face in the boxes I received.

My staff was hoping for, and was so grateful to receive, the Christmas cards. They went fast!



Your cards have helped me keep in touch

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Several notes inside this card…with a photo!

  • Thanks so much for the cards! It makes it so easy for us to reach out to family and friends. LTC J.P.
  • As the biggest user of your cards, I definitely want to thank you for the beautiful gift. I average 2 cards per week to my wife and 2 kids and they absolutely LOVE getting mail from me. I also send another to thank yous per week to all the people who have supported us. Your cards are so beautiful and have helped me keep in touch. I’ve sent 60+ cards since arriving, thanks to you! You have been most gracious. Thanks for supporting us! -LtCol J.G.
  • Thank you so much for sending the cards. We share them among 200 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines as well as 17 other countries. So the cards are a huge hit and morale boost both here in Afghanistan and at home. All the best to you and your team. Thanks for taking care of our troops! – LtCol H.A.


Everyone can take what they like

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Thank you so much for my box of cards! It seemed appropriate to send a thank you on one of them! I will be sure to put them in the squadron common area so everyone can take what they like. I will even leave the picture of Ciara so everyone can see how adorable she is!

Thank you again to you and everyone at Operation Write Home!

2 out of 3 satisfied customers

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I just wanted to say thanks for supporting our unit with Operation Write Home.

I first saw the cards your team created last month at Bagram and was very impressed with the craftsmanship and dedication. I can’t believe how quickly you were able to send cards out to my group in Kabul, and how many you sent. This will really help the way we keep in touch with our families.

I have three children, Madden is a 7 year old girl then Tyler and Aubrey are 4 year old twins. I sent cards to each of them from what I found at Bagram last month. Madden, who is an avid reader really enjoyed sharing her card and reading the ones sent to her siblings. Aubrey was excited to get mail of her own and loved the pictures. Tyler was upset that there was no present with the card. 2 out of 3 satisfied customers isn’t bad!

Thanks again,

-G.L., Capt, USAF

What a joy!

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A note left here on our site…yay!

My husband is deployed and our 5 daughters and I received cards in the mail today from him made by OWH. What a joy! Thank you, the cards are beautiful!

A lot easier

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I got the box of cards and everyone wanted to give a huge thanks for making it a lot easier for us to write home! We appreciate you guys and love all the support!!!!




Ciara’s wall

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A pretty common sight at deployed locations around the world:


We have been putting them to good use

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I’ve been meaning to write you. I cannot thank you enough for the cards you and Ciaro sent us. They got here just prior to my unit’s arrival in theater, and they have been such a hit!

We have been putting them to good use, and a bunch have already made it back to the states. We really are so appreciative.

With so many holidays coming up this fall / winter, I know it will be great to be able to stay in touch by sending notes & greetings to our families. Emails are great, but there is just nothing like a hand written note on a beautiful card!

 Thanks again,

- J.E.