Happy Superbowl-Hangover Monday!

Did you see who WON the Superbowl yesterday? Okay, at least who won the ads…KLEENEX ALERT!



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Okay, now on to the promised Monthly Mailroom Report! Instead of the report living here on the blog, there will be a page that will host the reports each month, so you’ll know where to go for it; the single monthly report now contains the Mailroom Monday and Thankful Thursday reports for the month of January. We’re just running it once a month rather than weekly, to save us some time.

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  1. Uh, shouldn’t that be for January 2013??

  2. Wow! That commercial is awesome. Love it.

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one tearing up! I thought the commercial was wonderful and so very thoughtful! If makes my heart happy that they aired it during the Superbowl! What a fantastic message!!!

  4. My absolutely favorite commercial from the super bowl! I cried again while watching it just now!

  5. Didn’t watch the Super Bowl, so thanks for sharing it here! I’m all misty here at my desk at lunch! Very nice ad to fit in to all the craziness of the Super Bowl!

  6. Aundria B.

    That is THE best commercial – so nice to see our heroes and their families/loved ones honored by corporate America like this. Way to go, Jeep!

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