Get busy

You can begin right away making cards – there’s no need to sign up or let anyone know ahead of time. Check out the Guidelines before you start (and especially before you shop for supplies!) – and then get going!

How many do I need to make? Any quantity of cards is just fine, whether a small package or a big box. Just remember – quality over quantity! We have thousands of cardmakers across the nation, and none of us is singlehandedly responsible to make a ton of cards. Take your time, use quality supplies to make sure your cards stay together, and enjoy yourself.

New to cardmaking? Check out our Resources page – we’ve got tutorials and freebies to help you become successful!

What themes are most needed? General thinking of you, birthday, love, miss you, and thanks. See this page for more detail.

Are there cardmaking groups in my area? We’ll be trying to connect more folks in the future. Stay tuned in coming months!

What’s the best way to keep up with the latest OWH news? Our Facebook fan page is the most active area for our crafters – come join the discussions and follow the news!

Do your best work! Our heroes are giving up so much for us and they deserve the very best we can create for them. Plus – as hard as it is to think about, it’s possible your card may be the final communication between a hero and their loved ones at home…make sure it’s the best work you know how to do, that it’s on good cardstock that will last well in a scrapbook, and that everything’s attached securely and won’t fall apart. These cards may be heirlooms – so let’s create some really beautiful ones!