Logo stamps


Please visit THIS page about our current status
and limited needs – BEFORE requesting a stamp and BEFORE beginning to make any cards.







[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]We want you to stamp the backs of your cards so much that we have a screaming deal on a stamp![/wpcol_1third]

[wpcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Each card we send is stamped with “Operation Write Home” so when families find out who made the cards their heroes wrote home on, they sometimes send us an email – like this one….and we want more! You could alternatively get a stamp made at your own local office supply store if you wish, with our name and/or logo, and some folks even prefer to make their own labels. Even handwriting the full name is fine. You can purchase fancier stamps at the two links below, or request the simple one for just $1.00. [/wpcol_2third_end]

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Set of OWH red rubber stamps (not free)

A set of official OWH logo rubber stamps that you can use with any crafting inks and be all matchy matchy with your papers! Only $6.50 Unmounted or $7.00 with cling cushion attached!

Purchase red rubber stamps

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Self-inking stamps (not free)

Great for those having really large cardmaking parties, or those who just make a lot of cards. Selfinking means you only get one color, but it also means no stamp pads sitting around. Custom options available.
Purchase self-inking stamps [/wpcol_1half_end]

Order a simple red rubber stamp for $1.00

You can either 1) purchase a simple red rubber stamp (no cling or cushion is included) directly from Stampers Best, who donates that cost back to OWH; or 2) request the stamp using the form below, and then send OWH a minimum of $1.00 when you send in your first batch of cards. The first option stretches your dollar further – since OWH incurs no cost when you purchase from the company. These stamps are used for the backs of cards (not needed for AnyHero cards).

NOTE: We are no longer able to send the stamps internationallyPlease send your cards in using labels on the back instead. Thank you for understanding.