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Posted by on May 12, 2015 in Stars and Stamps | 9 comments

Finishing Strong Campaign

Hello friends! If you’re on our email list or YouTube subscriber list, you already received this information just a short while ago in our OWH status report for May 2015. Please stay tuned until the end; watch it below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

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  1. Sandy, I can only imagine how much soul searching went in to making this bittersweet decision. I want to thank you and the OWH organization for the amazing opportunity to serve our troops and their families these many years, as well as for creating such a talented and generous community of crafters. Godspeed to you and OWH Community as we finish strong!

  2. I’m sad and happy at the same time. I’ll miss OWH, but I’m glad the need is so much less.

  3. Even though it is sad so see OWH cease, you must be so proud of all that you have accomplished. I will make my last box of cards a special one.

  4. Happy but sad at the same time – not sad that they are coming home but that OWH is ending. You have been an incredible part of so many lives – you have made such a difference – “thank you” will never be enough. Blessings and hugs

  5. This is a good thing, but also a sad thing. It’s awesome that OWH has sent so many cards to so many hero’s and it is kinda’ sad to see that end, but that also means that our Hero’s are home with their families. And that is a very good thing!! Will you get OWH back up and running if the need arises again Sandy? I’m hoping that the need doesn’t come back anytime soon, but you just never know. Thanks for all you do and have done Sandy, you are totally awesome!! Hugs, Brenda

  6. I’m so very thankful for all that Operation Write Home has meant to me over the past 5 years. Most of all, it’s been a way to express my gratitude to our deployed heroes and their families. Also a way to use and improve my card making. Great inspiration and community, and a well-organized common effort. Many thanks to Sandy and the OWH board for all your leadership over the years and for encouraging us to Finish Strong!

  7. 3 cheers for our returning troops and for Sandy Allnock! You are an inspiration and “knowing” you has meant so much to my life– and my card skills! One benefit of your work not mentioned is that you may be singlehandedly responsible for getting stamping and card supply companies going through the recession –I’ve sure had a ton of fun shopping for stamps suitable for out troops. Had some guilt about having so much fun helping out our troops. LOL!
    Its been a pleasure and an honor to be part of OWH. Thank you, Sandy, and all the best as you go forward in your adventure.
    Now to skedaddle and get that last box out to you by the deadline.

  8. Thank you everyone for letting me play in this wonderful playground known as owh. You’ve let me “Live, love, and laugh” all these years.

  9. Sandy, I have learned so much from you in the little time I have been connected to you and OWH. I wonder…will you keep the website, tutorials, You Tube videos, sketches, etc. still on the web? I depend on them greatly!

    I, too, (like Gerri) wonder if there are not MANY military groups that are still deployed even though our participation in wars has diminished.

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