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Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Featured Friday Cardmaker, Stars and Stamps | 110 comments

Featured Friday Question: Do you ever have crafter’s shopping remorse?



Some people have asked how Featured Friday cardmakers are chosen.  They’re selected by shippers and Sandy from from regular contributors who do exceptional work.  So you could be the next cardmaker selected!  Just make sure to check  your email (and Spam folder) for an invitation from me.  You don’t have to worry about making and sending in extra cards; Sandy will have already recommended you and sent me photos, so I’d just need you to answer a few questions, and, yay!, everyone can enjoy your wonderful work!

Changing it up a bit this week, our blog team has been chatting about all the supplies we have in our craft rooms – much of which we had to have at the time, but it’s never seen use! And even as we think about using it, we pretty much realize we either don’t want to….or it’s really not worth trying to force it.

In these rough economic times, we can’t afford to be wasting our money on things that aren’t going to work for us. If we can shop smarter, then we’ve got more resources in our pockets for heavy-duty cardstock, awesome stamps, ribbon, and embellishments….as well as shipping money to get our packages to OWH, and maybe some left over for donating too!

We know YOU all have similar experiences with things you’ve bought and shouldn’t have. So let’s get it all out in the open – and maybe next time we see one of those “must-have” items, we’ll stop to think about why we think we need it…and make some smarter purchases!

owh shopper

Starting with members of the blog team – what did you buy that you wish you hadn’t spent the resources on?  Then we’d LOVE to hear from the rest of you in the comments! (The items shown aren’t necessarily the exact ones team members bought, but pictures I found on the internet.)

“Oh the number of 12×12 paper stacks I bought over the years! I wasn’t able to resist a sale whenever I saw them discounted. And even though I only really liked 20% of the pad, I somehow justified buying the things. In the last year I went through a major purge and gave away many, many, many, many inches thick of patterned paper to my local elementary school. I sorted it first by “keep,” “maybe,” and “donate.” Then a few months later I went through the “maybe” stack and got rid of more piles. I’m now down to just a single cropper hopper full, plus 6×6 pads – much more manageable, and I’m more able and willing to use them. And I made the school SO happy!” – Sandy

ff paper pad

“I wish I had a dollar back for every template, compass, punch and “circle cutter” I ever purchased before my Cricut.  I never could cut even TRACED circles well enough to look even! Circles are really a basic shape that I use time and time again and it’s really worth the money to get a good die cutting system that makes perfect circles in every size any time.” – Nancy

FF circle cutter


“I bought a Fastenator – you remember, those really long staplers that reach to the middle of a 12 x 12 page.  They work with regular staples as well as chunky decorative “staples.”  I think I’ve used it once for a challenge that called for the use of a neglected tool.  HA!  It sure was neglected all right!  I still have it because I can’t think of anyone who would want it if I gifted it to them.  I must be saving it for a future neglected tool challenge.” – Allison

FF fastenater

“When I first started stamping many years ago I fell in love with VersaMagic Chalk inks and bought at least 20 ink pads in various colors. Within a very short time I was plain tired of the effect they gave and moved on. Those pads dried out without having been used very much at all. I should have bought just one or two. It would have satisfied my needs and saved a lot of money too.  Also,  in my early card making days I bought a huge set of those scissors that have the fancy edges and struggled with measuring and drawing out pencil lines to try to cut straight with them. I soon found it was virtually impossible to get good results and after I started to photograph some of my cards I realized just how unprofessional they were making my otherwise nice cards look so I gave the whole set to the young daughter of a friend. She loved them and it was a win-win for both of us.” – Paula

ff scissors

“I have a bunch of old embellishments in every color of the rainbow, eyelets, brads, nail heads, etc. that I wish I would have bought in just a few usable colors.”  – Jan

ff brads

“I’m with Nancy on the circle (and oval) cutters, but the main thing I’ve bought not once, not twice, but an embarrassing number of times is a sticker maker. Both the X kind and the larger one with the crank handle.  I know many people love them to pieces, but I either have lots of sticky stuff at the edges of the stickers to clean off, or the thing jams halfway through.  So, I end up buying more cartridges, and sometimes even a new machine, thinking that I must be doing it wrong.  I finally went cold turkey, but have to admit that while looking on Amazon to see if anyone else had this problem, I only found two people out of hundreds complaining, so I just be doing it wrong.  I also had to stop myself from pressing the one-click order button and trying again! ” – JoAnn

ff xyron


Surely we can’t be the only ones! So, how about you all?  Want to share?


  1. I bought a crop-a-dial last year or year before that and the only time it’s been out of the case was when I got it! I’ve never used it!!

    I need paper, just don’t have the money to go get some. Need it for some Christmas presents I want to make this year.

    I also seem to have an abundance of stamps that I’m not using that need to find a new home!

  2. I guess I’d have to say the rather large stash of stickers i have. When i began scrapbooking and cardmaking I just loved shopping for new sticker when they were on sale and even now i enjoy a stroll down the isle but in all honesty i never use them. I have a Cricut so that’s my go to tool for themed embellishments. So wish I knew of someone who would put all those stickers to good use.

    I’ve purged a great deal of my 12 x 12 paper also and have been very picky about buying any more. Boy! did I learn that it’s probably cheaper to buy a few pieces of the “good” stuff specifically for a project than buying the “on sale” pads.

    I guess the last thing I bought too much would be ribbon. In the beginning, I scoffed up bunches of ribbon from Michaels in various colors and patterns when they were on sale but after trying the May Arts I just wish I didn’t buy so many rolls! Wouldn’t it be fun to just cut 1 or 2 yard peices of various ribbon and have a ribbon swap?

  3. I think my biggest waste of money was a Cricut. I tried to take a class to learn how to use it but the instructor really wasn’t much help so I never learned to use it properly. It’s not really that I want to get rid of it I just wish I knew how to better use it to be more useful.
    The other big waste that I have is rubber stamps. I use a lot of digital stamps lately and my stamps sets are really neglected. I really hope that I can get more organized and maybe I’ll better know what I have to use.
    I do keep a stash of things to use as blog candy. Some of it I bought and some I won in challenges, etc. So often if I don’t want it I will save it to use as blog candy.

    • Donna, there are many tutorials on the internet to learn the Cricut. They have been very helpful to me. Mary@cardztv has good ones ans so does Joy’s Life. Good luck.

    • I’m with your Donna, and not only did I buy one, but I even upgraded to an Expression and bought a Gypsy too, but hardly EVER used it or any of the cartridges, nearly as much as I should have. Now I am in the process of getting ready to sell it all. I have since bought a Silhouette Cameo and absolutely LOVE it. Love that it’s easy to use, cuts very well and that I can cut an image I want and even design my own. NO carts needed either!! Love Love LOVE!!

  4. When I first started scrapbooking I bought alot of supplies with glitter which I now avoid. Items that I purchased for scrapbooking are many times too big for cards, even the paper. I first need to get more organized so I can use everything to the best advantage or give it away.

  5. My “mistake” was myATG gun. After watching Sandy’s videos, I thought I would try one as I go through quite a bit of tape. Unfortunately, I’m not as adapt at using one as Sandy. I’ve watched You Tube videos to see if I’m doing something wrong, and still can’t get it to work well. It’s back to the small tape dispensers for me!

    • Mary Frances, I thought the same thing at first. Now it is my go to tape. It lasts so much longer and is in the long run so much cheaper. I still have trouble occasionally don’t get me wrong. But overall it is the first tape I go to now. The loading was really tricky. I saw a utube video about putting a piece of cardboard from some old ribbon. The SU! ribbon cardboard is perfect fit with just a miner tweek. You have to make sure the tape isn’t above your start spot too. Give it a few more changes you might learn to love it.

    • I so wanted the ATG gun to work, but the glue on it triggers my asthma. I even tried leaving it outside for a couple days. I’m not surprised, I guess, since 3M painter’s tape does the same thing. So, I had to send it back.

    • I bought one, tried it and sold it at a garage sale. I wasted more tape trying to load it. It never would load right and jammed all the time.

  6. Hands down it was my Cricut and cartridges! I really thought I wanted one and was so excited when I got it and of course, I had to have cartridges – many, many cartridges! I found I used it most for letters. I look at some of my scrap pages that have Cricut embellishments and they are horrible! I sold my Cricut and now have an e-bosser and dies. Dies can be very expensive also, but I find I use them all the time. I have not once missed my Cricut – must be because Thickers are available.

    • I like my Cricut when I bother to drag it out. But it was handy for letters on scrapbook pages. And I do use it for circles and ovals. The Sesame Street and robots are simple things are also fun for kid’s cards. But it certainly isn’t vital to my cardmaking.

    • I felt like that too, until I got asked to join a design team…as the Cricut designer! Now I (have to) use it all the time. LOL!

  7. I have to go along with the scissors and circle/oval cutters as well as the Fiskars 12×12 Embossing/debossing with templates. The ribbon iron was another bad purchase. I’m sure I could think of a few more. “Wink”

    • I iron my ribbons over a lightbulb. Which are getting harder to find since I live in a nationally designated “green” city. I insist my husband leave one in a table lamp for me. lol

      • I saw something on Pinterest where they used a flat iron on its lowest setting to press a ribbon.

  8. My least used item is a plastic box of pre-cut 1 1/2 inch paper squares in assorted colors and with plain and decorative edges. I thought I would use these on scrap book pages when putting a header on a page like “vacation” by putting a sticker letter on each square. I tried it once and it took up so much space that I have not done it since. I have not found a way to use them on A2 cards either.

  9. Well — I purchased way too much 12 x 12 paper and like Sandy only a sheet or two I like in the whole pad. I am also going to use Sandy’s idea and clean it all out and donate to the local grammar school and make room for some really nice paper. I am really liking the 6 x 6 pads much better. For me the print size seems more suited for card making. I also have a huge stash of stickers that should be purged and donated as well.

    • I agree about the print size. I culled a LOT of paper and gave it to St. Jude’s when we moved back to the PNW from TN. But I’m saving it for when I get back to making pages. As a rule, the 6×6 prints work way better on cards.

  10. By far the least used item is my Cricut. I wished I had never purchased it along with the many many cartridges. I thought for sure I would use it more than what I do, but now it’s just taking up valuable space and collecting dust.

    My most favorite thing is my ATG tape gun! It’s my “go to” tape for just about everything. My 12×12 paper has been cut down to 6×6 squares, and it’s amazing that I am now starting to use that paper. I think it was the big sheets that intimidated me. LOL

  11. My biggest regret purchase? my Silhouette! I don’t have the patience for turning it all on, playing around with the settings, etc, to cut an image or word. I use it for multiples (like Christmas cards) but that is about it. I’d rather pull out my die binders and cut something.
    I do NOT have a problem with too much 12×12 paper (though my family would disagree) but I also scrapbook. In fact, I use the leftover scraps from my pages to make cards.
    I also do not have Jan’s problem. I have ooodles of brads (eyelets, etc….but mostly brads) and use them all the time! I love having the exact right color and finish to go with my project.
    And, Renee……I finally broke down and bought a second Crop-A-Dile. I could never find mine because it kept mysteriously moving itself to the garage!
    Yep……definitely that Silhouette!

  12. I still have a Cricut sitting on the top of the close shelf and I also have a box of cartridges, what a waste of money. In the beginning I used cutouts on cards and I made lots of posters for a women’s group. The Xyron was used once and it took three of us to figure out how to use it, but at least it was not as expensive.
    Paper, I have lots of paper and try to buy only double sided. Twelve by twelve paper is cut into 4 x 6 pieces and I organize them by color. Most of my cards are stamped and then colored with copics and then I choose my paper. Paper I don’t like goes to a garage sale held twice a year at my local craft store. What does not sell goes to an after school program for kids.
    I love my Cuttlebug.

    • Do you have a blog or an email?

      • Thanks for asking my blog is:
        Lower case l

    • Hi Barbara, If you’re interested in selling any of your cartridges let me know! 🙂

  13. so far, i regret buying the martha stewart punches… they don’t punch cleanly, they’re pricey, and i feel bad buying things made in china (i’m of tibetan descent) and undercutting US made or Japanese made products of superior quality … if anyone wants them, visit my blog and i’ll send them to you … take them … PLEASE!

    i also regret buying the “bulk paper” … too thin, ugly patterns for cards, and not easy to get rid of.

    then i regret buying all the watercolour stuff i bought … great stuff … but once i went copic, i can’t bring myself to colour with anything else. once again, anyone want to take this stuff off my hands? PLEASE?!

    … and because of my introduction into copics, many of the non-permanent stamp pads i bought are of no use to me now. i have 5 of them and just don’t know what to do with them?! (see prior pleads)

    lastly, there’s the 2 dreaded vials … the delightful, but dangerous vials of glitter that i can’t use … for anything … esp OWH cards … they stare at me … they beckon me … but i have no use for them … and everyone i know (except for me) really hates glitter … ARGH!

    • I’m going to second the Martha Stewart punches. I love some of the designs (especially the picket fence), but I too often find myself having to dig out the paper and tearing it. And yes, I definitely agree with the terrible too-long going Chinese/Tibetan problem. Which is why I love (!!) that all the stamps I buy are made in the U.S.

      • I only have 1 Martha Stewart punch, and I agree that it doesn’t punch very well. No more of those !

    • I will gladly take your stuff off your hands. I host OWH parties and I can also donate some of the stuff to my kids school who just started a papercrafting club and will be making Any Hero Cards for OWH really soon. I couldn’t get on your blog, but you can contact me at Raeanna25 at

    • I’d be glad to help you out with your watercolor stuff, I love it! I also could use it for my OWH card parties. I haven’t had any problems with my MS punches, but prefer EK Success ones. I’ve never gotten into the Copics…not to great with markers!

      • forgot…..rufus1931 at hotmail dot com

    • Hi Tery,

      Read the comment you left on Scrapping with Purpose. Hoping we can arrange something.

      Would you be able to send a URL or e-mail address for me to contact you?
      My e-mail is cards[dot]by[dot]sybrina[at]gmail[dot]com



  14. I regret buying those 12 x 12 paper pads just because they were on sale. I love the 6×6 pads and the colors and patterns. I also regret getting the decorative scissors. I could never get a good cut edge with them.

  15. I bought a Fiskars corner trimmer that has a dial to change to 3 sizes/shapes. I could have used my resources better by purchasing a corner chomper. Also – the Xyron machines – the weird color brads – and so so so many other things!

  16. The Cricut, without a doubt! I do not have the room to leave it sitting out. Besides I have a friend that is a whiz with hers so I trade paper for a cutout whenever I need something super special. I do regret some of the 12×12 paper especially if it is designed to be used as one sheet. Maybe I will try cutting some up to 6×6 pieces and seeing if that does not inspire me!

  17. Are you kidding…I think I’ve done all of these. Patterned 12×12, Fastenator, sticker maker, all of which were never used and are now gone…but I still have (drum roll please) 4 circle makes…why, why, why. No one wants them, So yes, regrets, I have quite a few.

  18. I have to agree about the Cricut machine as a bad purchase. Takes up a lot of space, expensive to get started and to maintain, does not do a very good job of cutting basic shapes like circles and squares. The shapes always seem wonky. I have invested in some very nice dies that I use with my Big Shot. They give me the consistency I need.

    Contrary to other posts, I love my 12 x 12 pads. However, I buy mat stacks of patterned paper, and the 12 x 12 coordinating solids that I use for matting. When possible, I buy 8 x 8 pads, as I can get 2 cards fronts from one sheet.

    To each her own! Guess that is why there are SOOOOO many different products on the market!! 🙂

  19. Definitely the 12 x 12 paper pads, but I’ve donated all of those away. Also the Sew Easy with many different heads. I thought it looked so cool, and had to buy it. And I’ve never even opened it. Such a waste of money.

    • Kristie, I did even worse. I read negative reviews about the Sew Easy, but motivated by some stitching on OWH cards, I went out and bought the smallest sewing machine available. It’s very small, very portable, works great, or did the one time I used it to sew crooked lines. At least it doesn’t take up too much closet space and if I ever have to sew a seam, I can. 🙂

  20. Wow! And all these weeks, I thought I was the only one who overspent and underused items. The elementary schools are a good give-away-friend, as are senior citizen crafting programs. But the most important and difficult thing is just saying “no” to so many can’t-live-without purchases.

    • Patricia, I am convinced that there are evil people paid to sit in rooms thinking up new crafting things that we didn’t even know we MUST HAVE until we saw them in the store. My question has always been. . . how do I get to be one of those people???? lol

  21. JoAnn….I thoroughly enjoyed your article……I couldn’t agree more with all the comments from the ladies…..I have purchased every thing mentioned and totally agree with all the comments….many of which are still cluttering up my hobby room……Sometines I have to laugh at some of th articles in craft magazines about their hobby rooms–not cluttered, all neat and marked attractively—they certainly do not look like mine…..
    Thanks again…..makes me feel much better….quess, misery loves company!!!!

    • Thanks Carole! Yes, those magazine craft rooms remind me of the rooms shown in home and garden magazines. Amazing, but does anyone live/cook/craft in them? 🙂

  22. sounds like we all have about the same comments, mine is not the 12×12 but the 6×6 pads….. I found a style that was on clearance (marked .01 at Michaels) and when it rung up for one cent, I went back and bought the other 8…… glitter too was something that I bought pre-OWH and now it is in a box not being used.

  23. I have a Fastenator, I had no idea you could use regular staples with it, now maybe I will give it another try. I also had many circle cutters (including the one shown) before Nesties and and my Cricut.

  24. The Cricut Expression is my ultimate buyers remorse. I have had it for 3 years and have rarely used it. Those info-mercials making it look so fun and clever. Not cool sales team, not cool.

    Second on the list is my i-top tool, including all the accessories and punches and add-ons.

    • OH! But I love, love, love my Xyron. (Not the big one, just the little 1.5 guy.) Use it all the time.

  25. I have to say that I have used Xyron adhesive and machines for years and have never had a problem with how the machines operate and nothing has come unstuck on me. I have made wall hangings that are years old and still as good as the day I made them. I can’t use liquid glues to save my life without making a mess, only for Xyron my projects would be a complete mess.

    • Oh, no! Sharon and Nicole, picture me covering my ears!! You guys are tempting me to try the maddening Xyron again!!! Maybe I need to have you come over and give me a lesson! lol

    • I have to agree with Sharon. I have used Xyron machines since my first day of scrapbooking when I my 1.5″ Create-a-Sticker or X. I have one in every size and use them in all my mini books, scrapbooking and cardmaking. It’s been over 10 years and I have never had a problem with the way they work or with projects coming undone. Love my Xyrons!

    • I would be totally lost without my X, 2.5 and 5 inch machines. I use them every time I scrap.

    • I USED to be in love with my 1.5 Xyron. I must have hit a bad batch of refills, because NOTHING stuck to the paper, so I gave it up. 🙁 Haven’t touched it in years. I keep forgetting I have a 2.5, though. Hmmm, I guess I don’t need them, huh?

  26. Mine would have to be the Corner Chomper thing… It’s super bulky and it doesn’t cut clean. Straight out of the package and it is horrible. I stick to my Creative Memories one, it’s simple and little but does the job.
    Also I went crazy on the Washi Tape… and I don’t use it. It just sits there and looks pretty. I just can’t use it…cause it looks pretty.
    Annnd I have to add that I’m looking at a stack of paper trimmers that I bought before my tonic…. From Fiskars to Creative Memories to Cricut…. they all failed. I will never go back from Tonic… never ever… Wish I would have went Tonic from the beginning.

      • My chomper works great! Don”t get me started on paper trimmer nightmares:)

      • how do you sand them? sometimes (fairly often) mine doesn’t seem to cut quite straight….right away since I first bought it. would love to know how you “sand” it.

    • I have seen several craft diva’s who use their washi tape for masks and stencil because it is removable. It is a great way to use it up!

    • I’m with you on the Tonic. I was always the girl who couldn’t cut straight to save my life. It really made a difference. Even with it, I can occasionally go slanty. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because it’s right handed and I’m left-handed so I turn it a bit.

    • The lady who works at my scrapbook store told me the secret to getting straight cuts on your paper trimmer – I use Fiskars with the rotary blade. She said to change the blade and the guide strip often and your cuts will be straight all the time!

  27. I have to agree with most of the above: Silhouette, 12×12 papers (packs and singles), MS punches and most EK punches (only do paper, not card stock), non-thumb punches (have to stand on those) and anything glitter. I’ve been selling off most of my stuff, and I’m trying REALLY HARD to use the rest of it.

    I’m buying dies now, too, so that sorta cancels out all my punch regrets, right? Oh, and washi tape? Yeah, but I don’t regret that. i LOVE that stuff, for now.

    I think my latest What Was I Thinking was my “one of each” Distress Paints. ;/

    • Leslie, I’ve almost bought all the distress paints, but I bought all the inks years ago when they first started coming out, only to realize that I’m mostly a CAS girl, so I don’t tend to do distressing. I remind myself that whenever I get an email about a website sale on the paints, or see them looking so pretty at Michaels.

      • I don’t shop because I have a coupon if I don’t already need something specific, I canceled my Mike’s emails, and I don’t go there to “browse”. It really cuts down on the shopping!

  28. wow- I love my Cricut! I do not use it all the time- but when I do- I am happy with it- and my gypsy! There are some great video tutorials out there for anyone who wants to give it one more try. I do use mine a lot for scrapbooking- titles, etc, but I do use it on cards too. Those of you who do not like it- let me know if you want to see any cartridges…. I have many but if you are looking to sell them…I may be your gal! I also LOVE my corner chomper!
    I went way overboard on the fiber craze a looooong time ago– those furry fibers, ones that had metallic running thru them—I used to buy and share with scrapping friends!Oh– and eyelets! I still have a lot of crazy shaped ones! I much prefer brads to eyelets! I love them- but rarely use them–buttons! I have soooo many and wish I used them more often! Fun topic!

    • I have to say my husband bought me a Cricut (not the big one) and I am happy with it. I didn’t invest in a ton of cartiridges but bought a few choice ones that could be used for every occasion.

    • I agree i love to use my Cricut – don’t use it all the time but happy i have it when i am in a creative mood – especially for making cute kid’s cards – i love the gypsy for designing but have grown to love the cricut craftroom just as much – much larger display and can see all my cartridge design’s at once- invested in many cartridges and find i have just about any design i could possible want to cut without having to try and figure it out myself – lots of youtube turtorials as well

  29. My regrets are not starting sooner, thinking “I have boys, why scrapbook?” And not having the money to purchase things… Im having a blast with my Cricut, its the bug so I regret not being able to go above 5-5.5 inches… I have no problem taking charity, please send me what you don’t like… =D

  30. Well the pads have not worked for me, and will not buy them any more. I also let go of alot of 12×12 paper that was just plain crazy know the ones at the end of the stack you say you will use and it never happens. I have to many House Mouse stamps (not used), as it turn out I stamp more than I color. I did let go of alot giltter, I just did not use it. Another money waster for me flower soft (never did use it). Still use my Cricut for scrapbooking but have cut out buyng cartriges. Now I just have work on my Die addiction! What great idea to comment over this huge dilemma we face.

  31. My biggest craft purchase regret is the Cricut Imagine. I had the basic Cricut for years and wore it out scrapbooking. When I saw the Cricut Imagine in the store I just had to have it. Little did I know, it’s a pain to get the machine to upgrade, it’s not user friendly with the craft room, and the Imagine cartridges are very very limited. Sadly, I went back to using the smaller worn out machine because it gets the job done better. The only time I drag out the heavy, bulky Imagine is when I need to create something larger than the little can create. However, my ever-growing stash of cartridges is well worth the investment. If anyone is trying to sell their cartridges, feel free to contact me.

    My favorite craft purchase/investment was a custom shelf that I personally designed and my brother built. It fits all of my crafting supplies perfectly and is more sturdy than the pre-designed, post-board that you can buy at the store. It’s wonderful especially since I live in an apartment and my space is limited. I love the 12×12 paper sets because they’re wonderful to scrapbook with and what’s leftover from the project I can mix-and-match for other projects.

  32. My biggest regret is buying the Stampin Up watercolor crayons when they were sold as one big set. I just don’t get the results I like from them. All my other regrets are small, like the 3 pack of Stickles, stamp sets I just didn’t like as much as I thought I did, packages of cardstock in colors I didn’t like, off brand inks, etc. I also regret all the stuff I bought with the intention to do 3D items, like Chinese takeout boxes, cute little buckets, candles, and so forth. I never seem to get around to doing anything with them.

    • Julie, I have so far, in 15 years, made two gift boxes from the 3D items I’ve bought. But I keep them. Because you never know. Or that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  33. I have three regrets and sadly, all were not cheap. I rarely, rarely use my Cricut Personal. I bought a lot of Martha Stewart punches and have given most away because they don’t cut cleanly. The most expensive was the Fiskars Creativity System and the letterpress plates. I have fiddled with it some, but NEVER made a card using it. I prefer my Big Shot.

  34. It is funny this topic should come up today as I am sitting here sorting through paper, stickers and embellishment to donate to a children’s program. I do love the 12×12 pads I have because they were the good quality cardstock and the papers are sooooo pretty I almost don’t want to use it. (but I do) I started scrapbooking when all that were really available were templates and deco scissors, most of which have been donated as well. Now I just get remorse when I come home with ANOTHER package of clearance embellishments. They are usually K&Co so they aren’t cheesy but my goal now is that once it is opened…. USE it up. It is an interesting challenge!

  35. Oh, one thing I DO really feel bad about is if I buy a stamp and then don’t use it. Makes me feel really stupid. Not that the stamp is useless, I’m just not that good with stamping. I love the stamps though. sheesh.

  36. I wanted a cricut sooooo bad, asked for one, loved the idea when I got one for Mothers Day a few years ago. Then I went to use it. Couldn’t figure out how, wasted tons of time and material in a machine that was supposed to save both.:( Now it sits taking up space with tons of those cartridges I wanted. What I did get to cut was always toooo big, not cute,and too detailed so it would rip. Be careful what you ask for definitely applies here. I hate to have my hubby feel bad so I just keep it. Stickers are also a problem. I chose them before I discovered stamps and copics. I have weeded out a bunch of these and kept the nicer ones, but every time I use them I am just not happy with the cards. Next g-sale all stickers go! I also have a glitter collection hiding in a box. It only comes out for personal cards but less all the time. I will not dispose of the glitter because it is just so pretty (at least not yet). We learn from our mistakes and next time will just dip a toe into a new product instead of jumping in and buying the whole line.

  37. I just thought of something that isn’t exactly a regret. But something I’m trying to do. I’m going to try to stop buying an entire sheet of stamps when I only want one sentiment or image. Because I have shelves and shelves of wooden stamps and binders and binders of the others and I’d probably have to live to 100 to use them all up. I have to remember that I am actually allowed to do duplicates occasionally since the same person isn’t getting multiples of the same card.

    • JoAnn, that’s where digi stamps can be a great help – you can find free ones (especially sentiments) or buy individual digi stamps or sets that are not as expensive as wooden or clear stamps. You can re-size them on your computer and they don’t take up any space in your craft room!

      • I like the idea of digis, but I spend 8-12 hrs a day at the computer, so I want my crafting to be totally separate from writing/work.

  38. HAHA Oh my goodness…..I think the better question is what do I have that I haven’t regretted buying! I have the old Sizzix die machine. It’s huge & very heavy. It has a handle that you pull down to cut your paper. I bought an alphabet set that’s a pain to cut & adhere. If the plate is too big, you have to move it several times & pull the handle down. SO much prefer my Cuttlebug.

    When everyone starting talking Copics, I was too cheap to buy any. I bought the huge set of Tombow markers. They are nice pens. But I can’t get them to blend right & ink smears.

    I know everyone is WOO HOO about their Tonic trimmers. But I really don’t like my 12×12 one. It leaves a ragged/rough edge. At least one nice thing is it cuts straight. I do have the photo Tonic trimmer & LOVE that one!

    I have several sets of circle cutters (one Creative Memories & one Fiskars). Never could get those things to work. I would either tear the paper or break the blade.

    I think my biggest problem is storage/organizational items. I see something & think WOW, that will work great with such & such. Then shortly after I regret it because it doesn’t work with the need I wanted it for.

    • Hi Krystil,
      I had the same problem with my tonic and I called them. The secret is pulling the blade into the plate as you cut. When i started doing that the jagged edge stopped. I love it now-finally a trimmer that cuts straight.

  39. Boy, I have a lot of company in the ‘regret the Cricut’ camp. Mine sits in the other room, still in the box. At least I only bought two cartridges. If I still went to all-day crops I’d use it, maybe, since so many of the other scrappers used theirs.

    I don’t do scrapbooks, just cards, so I’m also with those who wish they hadn’t bought so many 12×12 paper stacks, especially those with designs too big for cards. I only have three stacks, but that’s too many! Thanks to the person who recommends cutting them into 6×6 pieces – I’ll do that with some papers and see how it goes.

    While reorganizing my craft area I found several things I wish I’d not bought, including the Fiskars ShapeXpress and the stencils, the Cutterbee oval and circle cutter, and the Cutterbee paper trimmer. Hmmm…If I cut all those 12×12 papers, though, I’ll need it, won’t I? The trimmer I use for cards is the small guillotine type from Fiskars which has never needed sharpening.

    The X-type of Xyron sticker maker, Fiskars Mini ShapeBoss with texture plates, and a bunch of those mini-punches all live in the bottom drawer. They need to go to live at the library so the children’s librarian can use them in various activities!

    • OMG, the texture plates! I even figured out how to use those with the Cuttlebug, but then they came out with embossing folders, and those poor texture plates are unloved. We may need a museum for some of this stuff.

      • I have a few museum items too.

  40. I’ve never gotten a Cricut…every time I’d think I wanted one I’d talk myself out of it, now I’m glad I did! Never gotten into the Copics…just not that good with markers. Love my watercolors and watercolor pencils. ADORE my distress inks & stains. Love my stamps..wood/rubber/clear. Tried digi’s but don’t really like the results.
    Like so many others shouldn’t have bought the 12 x 12 pads, have tried all sorts of things to turn ugly papers into decent backgrounds, some worked others didn’t. Gave a bunch of papers to the local elementary school.
    I’ve still got way to many eyelets…brads are so much easier! I’ve got a new rule,, if I still really want it a month later I go for it. Wouldn’t believe the things that’s saved me from! Great discussion JoAnn!

  41. I have many of the same regrets! I got a Wishblade and it never left the box. i ended up selling it since I don’t do anything on the computer for my cards, so not sure why i bought it. I have a bunch of scrapbooking supplies and yet I can’t get motivated to do it. Bought a bunch of Basic Grey packs on sale at Hobby Lobby, yet a lot of them are way too distressed for my tastes. Luckily I have kept my purchasing of 12 x 12 pads to a minimum. I also agree with the Crop-A-Dile. Another thing I bought was the UTEE along with pan and everything and sold it totally brand new. I’m also with the person who mentioned the VersaMagic pads. Have every color and re-inker, but haven’t used them in years.

    I can’t live without my Xyrons! I have 1.5″, 5″ and 8.5″. I will be very upset when I can’t find decent priced 850 refills anymore! I use them for almost everything. I make cards to sell and I feel better knowing that there is no way they are going to fall apart. There is an easy way to get rid of the adhesive that sticks to the edges. Before pulling off the top cellophane layer run a very slightly dull pencil around the edge of the paper. The graphite acts like a lubricants so it slips around smoothly That pushes the cellophane down onto the adhesive layer more completely.

  42. I have very few regrets – mostly small items, like several different Exacto knives, and I can’t seem to cut with any of them. And some various glues that I didn’t like using, but now I’m happy with my Scor Tape and Glossy Accents for most everything. Nothing big though.

  43. Hi Mary- I am glad you likr the craftroom..I haven’t used it yet- looked around a bit. Are you able to design on the craftroom then transfer it to the gypsy yet? I think that was not possible in the past. I my cricut and computer are in differnt rooms- so if they could connect thru the gypsy- I would be so happy! The gypsy is small for my aging eyes- thankfully the zoom feature helps me a bit!My favorite thing about the gyspy is that I can remove things- I hate the ‘score’ marks the cricut makes- they are little cuts- which I dislike– so erasing those makes me feel powerful and happy! lol

  44. Oh my, where do I start with regrets?? Maybe all the paper trimmers I’ve bought trying to find one that cuts a straight line and doesn’t eat the paper. Right now I have two sizes of Tonic guillotine cutters [12×12 and 8×5] that I LOVE!

    I regret buying tons of punches. especially those teeny tiny ones, that I thought I couldn’t live without. Also, a truck load of stamps that “spoke to me” that I just had to have. And, a gazillion miles of paper that I couldn’t resist. So much money wasted on stuff I didn’t use, but I’ve managed to donate or sell most of it.

    I bought the 1.5″ Xyron when it first came out and I still use it and love it. Since then I’ve bought 2 of the Xyron in larger sizes and love them too.

    I think a lot of my regrets, like stamps, paper and tools, are time sensitive. By that I mean when I started out years ago my funds were limited, there weren’t that many stamp/scrapbooking shops in my area, and mail order was out of the question. And… a lot of the product I love, and use, now simply was not available at that time.

  45. So many things. The Gypsy – I couldn’t see the image because it was so small. 12×12 paper pads, Cricut, Sew Easy (still in the box after trying it once). I could go on, but there are so many things. I have sold a lot at our local scrapbook store garage sales.

  46. For those of you who do OWH sessions, we should have an “I’ll take it” page on OWH for people who have things to donate. I have a ton of stuff that I give away if I can’t sell it. Right now I’m looking at a bunch of SU stamp sets. I’d rather they go directly to a stamper instead of a thrift shop.

    • This is a good idea. I need to lighten my area up and would rather see it go to someone here.

  47. I would like to help anyone with Cricut cartridges they don’t want. I am sad about the card makers who do not use their Cricut. There are multiple cartridges with a card feature for each design. It’s really easy to cut a card and other layers in different colors. They make great, easy cards.

  48. What a fun, interesting conversation!

    During my scrapbooking days, I had an unlimited spending account. And, I certainly bought my share of albums and pricey embellishments that are collecting dust to this very day. Those are the purchases I most regret.

    These days, I am far more budget conscious. And, while there are a few things I’ve purchased at garage sales that I’ve not yet used, they’ve cost just a couple dollars at the most. No real regrets there — and no big splurges on big-ticket items like Cricuts.

    My best purchases have been the new Stampin’ Up! trimmer, my ATG gun, and numerous garage-sale organizational purchases. Wouldn’t want to live without any of these! Other favorites include: 6 by 6 pads, Distress Ink inks, Distress Ink core paper, and Creative Memories circle/oval cutting system and square punches. I really appreciate the convenience of not having to hand-cut circles, ovals, and squares. Contrary to other comments, I really love my few Martha Stewart punches (a couple of butterflies, a button, and a branch). It was interesting to learn that not all of these punch as cleanly as we would like.

    Thanks for a great post and interesting comments.

  49. What a great topic.

    I’ve been fortunate that most of my big ticket items really weren’t terribly expensive.
    My MIL ran the LSS for years. So most of my items were purchased through her which
    means I got the family discount.

    I do regret getting the Fastenator stapler and the I-Top button maker. Mostly because
    I haven’t used them as much as I thought I would. I’ve probably only used them once or
    twice at the most.

    I do have a QuicKutz Silhouette that I haven’t used as much as I thought I would, mostly
    because I spend more time on either the iPad or laptop. Although recently I’ve been using
    my DH’s desktop but he won’t let me download the software onto it.

    Now I’ve been trying to just use up all my scraps. I’ve got so many. The good thing is I’ve got
    the majority of them organized by color and I’ve cut them down to card size.

    For the most part I always try to buy patterned paper that will look good on a card or scrapbook.
    So I’ve got 6×6, which I store in my CTMH stamp organizer, my 12×12 and 8 1/2×11 are stored in store racks. The 12×12 one I got at Hobby Lobby and the 8 1/2×11 are in a rack my MIL had left
    over from when she retired and closed the LSS.

    For more basic shapes I use the CM Custom Cutting System and for more complicated shapes I use die cuts. I use QuicKutz, Sizzix, Spellbinders, which is probably why I don’t worry that I haven’t had a chance to use my Silhouette as often.

  50. Wow, most of my regrets come when something better comes along, Fiskars circle & oval cutters, Fiskars stencils, CM circle & oval cutters, Coluzzle, paper trimmers, eyelet setters, All in the garage. A jumbo pack of one sided 12×12 paper, poor quality. Foam mounted stamps, the price was good but sorry to work with. Heavy metal embellishments. My ATG is hard for me to use, it’s right handed and I’m not. I love my Xyron, 5″. I hate when colors don’t work together and have decided that sticking to one company help solve that problem so I usually buy SU papers and ink.

    • Can you unmount your foam mounted stamps and just use on an acrylic block? I have done that.

  51. Cropadile-gave away. Not enough strength in my hands to use it.
    Fastenater-Big joke. It is in the garage in the get rid of box
    Prismacolor pencils-I have have every color plus discontinued ones. Ignored since Copics
    Copics-Ever so nice but I force myself to color an image.
    Stickles-Lots of colors but don’t use because I do OWH cards. I love them though
    Xyron-Have 2 sizes and use both on occasion. I like them
    Ribbon-Ignored except for my May Arts wrinkle ribbon. Love that. I am no good at bow making
    Cricut-Never interested me

    Things I love
    Genesis cutter
    Both expensive and well worth the money I spent
    COMPUTER-Love digis and making sentiments in Word. I really need to learn how to Photoshop

  52. What a great post! I loved reading everyone’s comments and thoughts.
    I’d have to say my worst purchase was that set of decorative edged scissors I had to have. I gave most of them to the grandchildren. More useless items include my countless paper trimmers with their pricey replacement blades, my rub-ons {hate them!}, along with buttons, dew drops, and all those other bulky embellishments that I can’t use. I agree with everyone on the Martha Stewart punches – they make gorgeous borders, but they only work for a little while before they break, and I must have had to throw at least 4 of them away through the years. I love SU! and EK punches because they work beautifully again and again.

    I LOVE my Cricut, ATG gun, ZYRON sticker makers, Tonic 12″ and 8″ cutters and probably one of the best investments I ever made was buying a Scor-pal. All of these items get used on a regular basis, except for maybe the Cricut which I only use occasionally but I’m glad to have it when I need it. I have just 4 cartridges for the original Cricut I own and they’re all I need. I was never sold on the Expression and felt it was overkill for my needs. I love my crop-o-dile and would be lost without it when I need to punch holes in chipboard, several thicknesses, or metal. It’s come in handy for so many projects! I’m intrigued with the Silhouette, but I have so many creative items to play with, I can’t justify investing in one. Some of my 12×12″ papers get cut into 4″ squares and I tend to use them more often that way, but I keep some on hand for making boxes, books, and other items that require larger papers. I don’t buy 12″ papers anymore, as I’ve learned the smaller patterns in the 6″ paper pads are more appropriate for cards. I used to do scrapbooks, but after making so many of them, I have turned to exclusive card making now, so I try to buy just what works for cards now.

    My biggest investments today are with embossing folders and dies, because the uses for them are endless and they don’t cost a small fortune!

    Happy crafting everyone!

  53. I ordered a set of Tim Holtz Stickles….grungy sparkle? Nope, just doesn’t work. I also bought a LOT of 12X12 stacks with designs that are too big for cards and too busy for scrapbook pages. Even though I still like them, I will probably never use them.

    I LOVE my Cricut, but do have to admit I have a number of cartridges I have not used very much. There are just not enough hours in the week!

    A crafter friend and I compare notes occasionally on an estimated number of cards we could make without buying any new supplies… at this time, I think I’m up to about 3,000 (provided I didn’t run out of adhesive).

  54. I’m fortunate in that a sort-of local stamp store will sell unwanted crafting items. I don’t get cash, but credit at the store which I use for stamps I know I’ll use (Magenta cats!) and classes. I’ve unloaded tons of embossing powder (any that sparkled got ditched for the sale pile), small stamps (I now prefer much larger stamps than what I first started with years ago), mulberry paper and wads of other stuff. I recently discovered a local scrapbook store has swap meets – yay! More ways to get rid of excess stuff. I think my brain has blocked out all the stupid purchases I’ve made over the years. I used to see a demo of something at a convention or a store and think “gotta have that, it’s pretty cool” and then when I’d come across it months or years later I couldn’t remember how to use it. Fiber sparkly stuff you heat with the embossing gun (I think!)? Okay, forgot how to use that! In the “get rid of” bin! Jeez.

    My absolute favorite tools that I can’t live without: ATG, my hot knife for trimming stamps mounted on EZ Mount and my Speedball Model B Block Printing Press which I use for the vast majority of my stamps since I don’t have a lot of strength in my hands due to tendonitis. With the printing press I no longer need to stand to make good impressions with larger stamps and once I get the stamp inked properly, I *never* get a bad image (regardless of the size of the stamp) – I’ve saved tons of paper, ink and time by investing in this item.

  55. Number 1 regret would be upgrading to the Cricut Expression + Gypsy. I used my Create a lot more than I do the Expression that is currently the most fabulous dust collector ever. Number 2 would be all the 12×12 papers I bought when I first started out that I absolutely never use. A number 3 is the gajillion trimmers, shape cutters, and punches that have become pricey paperweights. On the other hand, my ATG is worth its weight in gold…

  56. I also iron ribbon only way to get the kinks out !

  57. Print Runner…. I could never get it to work properly. I even have the big ruler for it that was supposed to help me line it up… NOPE!!! WASTE of MONEY!

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