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Posted by on Sep 13, 2013 in Featured Friday Cardmaker, Stars and Stamps | 48 comments

Featured Friday Cardmaker: Kathy H., Ocala, FL

This week’s Featured Friday Cardmaker is Kathy H, from Ocala, FL.  who’s fortunate to have a group she makes cards with!  Not only did seeing her first card remind me that I really need to do more pop up cards, she also has a personal reason for making cards for our heroes, given that her youngest son served in Kuwait.

From Kathy: I do not currently have a blog, although that appears to be on the horizon for me! I spend so much time on others’ blogs and on my pinterest boards that I can’t imagine having enough time for my own blog and card making too. But we all make time for what really matters  to us!

So, while we’re waiting for her to carve a bit more time out of her already active life, please leave some special OWH love for her lovely and fun cards in the comments section!  Since she also enjoys meeting new friends with similar interests, she’d also love to hear from any other card makers in her area.

How long have you been stamping?

I first got involved in rubber stamping/ card making in early 2008. My husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness and that seemed a way to stay home with him and satisfy my creative urges. Although I had always been involved with some type of craft — woodworking, creative painting, flower design, stained glass, jewelry making, you name it —  I had never tried card making. Perhaps I thought it was too close to scrapbooking. I greatly admire the scrapbooker, but it seems like the job is never ending. I like the instant gratification that I get when I finish a card – or two or three!

My husband died in March, 2009 after 43 years of marriage. We were high schools sweethearts and had planned to grow old (older!!) together. However, the Lord had other ideas. I now live in an active adult community in Florida. I have a wonderful group of ladies who meet at my home once a month to make cards together. They usually bring a bag lunch and we spend all day making cards. I also belong to a community Rubber Stamping club. I work closely with a good friend who is a demonstrator for a stamping company. Two years ago, I started a Greeting Card Ministry at my church.

Ummm…in thinking about it, my life seems consumed with a passion for card making! What a wonderful “vice”!  So many cards, so little time….

Do  you have a craft room or specific area where you stamp/craft?

I have converted my den into my stamp room.  However, I do find that when I get really “creative” (ie my mess is too great!), I will move out to the kitchen area and work on my kitchen island. I have a large solar light there which really helps when I am doing detail work.

FF KathyH3

What are your favorite stamp/craft products?

I love to work with the more intricate dies, such as memory box, marianne design, cheery lynn, etc. I also like to work with the distress inks and papers. But truthfully,anything I work with… is a favorite at the time. I just love to be doing  what I do at the moment.  The women that I work with can tell you that we use a variety of products and change up ideas all the time – on a whim or a suggestion!

 Do you have a favorite  technique?

If I have to choose one, it would be coloring with distress reinkers and paint brush. I love the shading and watercolor effect that I can achieve. And I love to layer- layer- layer! However in most cases, whatever I am doing at the moment, is my favorite.

I love to try new (to me, anyway!) techniques and ideas that I see others doing. There is so much to learn from others. When we stop learning, we stop growing! We certainly narrow our potential.

FF  KathyH2

Have any particular OWH sketches or tutorials served as  inspiration for your cards?

I can not think of any particular sketch or tutorial. I look forward to the emails each week with the sketch, letters from our heroes, challenges, tutorials, etc. I always know that I can go to the OWH website  and search for a sketch or tutorial to give me inspiration when my mojo is  low. It is a wonderful resource for the novice and the experienced stamper. Always available any time of day or night!

 Do you prefer digis or stamps?

I would have to say stamps — but perhaps that isn’t fair, since I have never tried the digis! I know that they are growing in popularity and many stampers love them. I will be trying them in the future. Part of the learning/growing process!!!!

FF Kathy H 1

Do you have a  favorite theme?

I love to make seasonal cards, especially Christmas and fall. Christmas always holds so much promise and hope for me. I love the colors of fall… so many wonderful hues of orange, green,  brown, yellow. And they all blend so well on the cards!

Are there colors you love to include on  your cards?

In addition to the above fall colors, I like to work with any color that is bright and fun. Sometimes, pastels for cards with flowers and/or butterflies, but definitely brights for the kids and the young-at-heart! I almost always use black to create a narrow “frame” (border) around a main image and sometimes between my card front and the card base. (Did I mention that I like to layer-layer-layer!?!?)

FF KathyH5

How did you hear about Operation Write  Home?

I first heard about Operation Write Home when it was called Cards for Heroes. At that time, I was not making cards, so I put the info in the brain closet. When Istarted making cards in 2008, I soon realized that I was making many more  cards (who doesn’t?) that I could possibly use myself. Even with giving cards away to my friends for their use, I still had way TOO many. Then I remembered Cards for Heroes – then changed to   OWH. That was in early 2009 and it’s been a partnership since then.

FF  KathyH4

What  motivates you to make cards for our  heroes?

It gives me the opportunity  to make as many cards as I want to make, knowing that I have an outlet. But even more important, it gives me the opportunity to give a little of myself in thankfulness to those wonderful men and women who are  sacrificing so much for me and for this country. The appreciation and encouragement that I can give to them is small in comparison. My youngest son was deployed to Kuwait in the fall of 2011. I was disappointed to hear that his unit did not receive our cards,but I know that the need is greater than the supply. Keep up the good work, everyone. We do make a difference!


  1. Wonderful cards Kathy! Thank you and your family for your service to our country.

    • Thank you Melissa. I am so honored to be part of this wonderful group of cardmakers.
      Love, Kathy

  2. Your cards are terrific, Kathy! Very upbeat and fun, great inspiration for a newbie to OWH like me!

    • Thank you, Val. You are so kind. I am glad to be a part of OWH and it’s wonderful stampers.
      Love, Kathy

  3. I think all your cards are really great. My favorite is the pop up owls. I tried to keep up a blog but cant get to it often. Someday when I dont have to work anymore I may get better at it, lol!
    Thanks for sharing, I have gotten inspriation from you.

    • Thank you Connie. The owls are also one of my favorites. It’s wonderful for kids and men. I know that keeping current with a blog can be difficult. Perhaps that is one reason I keep dragging my feet. Perhaps, some day …
      Love, Kathy

  4. Beautiful cards! Whoever receives one will love it!

    • Thank you Trish. It is always fun to imagine who might receive the card as I am making it. Most of the time, we never know. But fun to imagine!
      Love, Kathy

  5. Beautiful Work!!!
    I would love to know how to make the pop up owl card.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards…

    • Thank you Bonnie. The pop up owl card is not original but rather CASED. If you were to search Splitcoast with “pop up owl” you might be able to find something. Good luck.
      Love, Kathy

  6. Kathy, all your cards are so fun and cheery! I love them. I can see them flying out of the box in a hurry when they are presented to the troops! Great job!

    • Thank you Verna. I love to make cards that I would also love to receive from someone. Cards that make me smile.
      Love, Kathy

  7. Kathy, thanks for your sharing your cards! Love the fun and whimsy of them. You’ve become my new inspiration!

    • Thank you Phyllis. Wow! You put a lot of pressure on me with your inspiration comment! I always try to make cards that would make me feel good and happy to receive them. Colorful and fun.
      Love, Kathy

  8. Oh my what great cards! I do hope you can find the time to blog or share more of your work on the OWH Facebook wall. Those pop up owls and the other owl peeking out are so adorable. I am inspired to dig out that punch and case them both. I couldn’t agree more about your words of wisdom when ypu talk about narrowing your potential when you stop learning and growing. Thanks for sharing your cards and thoughts, and congratulations on being this week’s featured card maker.

    • Thank you Paula. I hesitate to start a blog knowing the time I might want to devote to it. I have a tendency to overdo sometimes. I am so honored to be part of this wonderful group of stampers. The owl card is fun for kids and men. Great for chuckles.
      Love, Kathy

    • Thank you Mamichelle. I love the owls too. They make a great kids (all ages) card and a great chuckle card for men. A “how did you do that?” card.
      Love, Kathy

  9. Kathy, I think I forgot to mention, when we were working together on your Featured Friday post, that your card with the owl peeking out is one of my favorite ever uses of negative space! Thanks so much for sharing and being part of the OWH family!

    • Thank you, JoAnn. I appreciate the encouragement that you gave me in our email exchanges. Perhaps someday, we will meet face to face. I am so fortunate to be part of this wonderful group of OWH cardmakers. Each of us is unique and contributes to the whole. Like snowflakes!
      Love, Kathy

  10. Kathy, Congratulations on being the Featured Friday Card Maker. Your cards are awesome, I especially love the owl pop up card. Thank you for sharing your story, I am new to OWH and you are a great inspiration all. This is a great way to say Thank You to all the men and women serving our country.

    • Thank you Jan. Welcome to OWH. I am honored to be part of this wonderful group of stampers.
      It is a great way to thank our service men and women. I know that they appreciate what our group is doing. And it gives us a legitimate reason to spend all that time on creating cards!
      Love, Kathy

  11. Lovely cards, Kathy! And congratulations on being Featured Friday Card Maker. Always love ship stamp ideas and also love any and all ways to use punches! Thank you for being part of OWH!

    • Thank you Diana. I love to do ship cards for men. It seems so – manly! Punches are wonderful tools, when I remember to use them. I am glad to be part of this wonderful group.
      Love, Kathy

  12. Congrats on being the Featured Friday Cardmaker!
    Really like the green & yellow birthday card
    Have to remember how pretty a one color stamp can be!

    • Thank you Annette. I was skeptical when I bought my first one color stamp, but then realized how beautiful they can be. I have several that I use for quick cards. Also great for sympathy cards. Love, Kathy

  13. I love your enthusiasm, I’m like you it’s my favorite while I am doing it. I would love to have a group to be in…perhaps that is in the near future seeings how I just moved. Prayers for your son and for you for your support of him, it must be hard to have him away, God wills that he return home to you safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing more of your cards…on your future blog?

    • Thank you Debbie. I love cardmaking. It is so-oo-oo fun to watch the cardstock, ink and stamps develop into a card. I have numerous groups that I am part of. The enthusiasm and sharing is what I enjoy. My son has been home now for about a year. He and his wife have a new baby daughter, their 4th child. I am so blessed. Love, Kathy

  14. I enjoyed seeing your cards, and I also love your enthusiasm! The’ water color’ effect card was very beautiful!

    • Thank you Pat. I love to create the water color look with dye inks and water. It can be a very soft subtle look.
      Love, Kathy

  15. What adorable cards! I love the different way you used the owls, and I will have to emulate those. I recently bought an owl stamp and have only used it in one or two ways. More creativity required!!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Lyn. I love the SU owl stamp set and punch. Very versatile. Lots of punch art ideas out there. Enjoy.
      Love, Kathy

  16. Kathy – Congratulations on being this weeks Featured Card Maker! All of your cards are superb! I cannot even begin to pick a favorite. Your color combos and the various techniques used are great inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Thank you Susan. You are so kind. I always try to choose colors and techniques that are fun for me. If the finished card makes me smile, then I figure that it will also make others feel good.
      Love, Kathy

  17. Kathy, loved your cards. The little owl peeking from the hole in the wood was adorable as were the pop-up owls. The die on your Happy Birthday card made me drool and the ship card is a great masculine card. I know of a couple of stampers/cardmakers/OWH’ers in the Leesburg area. Maybe we can get together this fall/winter? Congrats for being this weeks featured cardmaker. Also wanted to thank you and your son for his service to our country.

    • Thanks, Rufus. I’m not sure if I am duplicating this or not. Original reply is not showing up. You are very kind. I would love to get together sometime this fall / winter. Perhaps we can have a group play date!!!! It is so fun to share ideas and fellowship with other stampers. Keep in touch. Love, Kathy

      • Kathy, if you’d drop me a line….rufus1931 at hotmail dot com

    • Hey, Rufus, I am in Gainesville. I would love to meet other OWHers! Put me on your list to notify if you all have a get-together.
      ptucker6 at cox dot net

  18. Congratulations Kathy on being this week’s Featured Friday Cardmaker. I just love the happy, cheerful look of your cards! They are all soooo fantastic. I love the way you used the owl punch. Never thought to make the owls pop up, and the owl peeking out of the tree is a great use of negative punch space. I think I’ll have to CASE these ideas. Thanks for sharing, and for the inspiration!

    • Thank you Marlene. I am glad that you enjoyed the cards. I always think that if they make me smile, someone else will also smile and enjoy them. The owls are not original, but CASED from different sites. Enjoy.
      Love, Kathy

  19. Kathy, I love making cards with you. You have a vivid imagination creating beautiful cards. You are always so patient with us ladies. Thank you for sharing your card making gift. You are a wonderful, caring person. Love, Ellie R.

    • Hi Ellie, Thanks much. I sent you a reply earlier but it is not showing up – so you may get two! You know how much I love you and all the other ladies in our group. Everyone is so encouraging to each other. We share ideas and play off each other. I am always inspired to look for new ideas for our group. We are a wonderful mix! See you soon. Love, Kathy

  20. Kathy, Congrats on being selected as a featured card marker and from this sample I can see why you were chosen. These cards are all great. I am really drawn to all things layered and nautical and love your use of the stripe embossing folder with that ship focal point. Thanks so much for you contributions and sharing your work.

    • Thank you Judy. I love to layer and to add numerous points of interest. It’s always fun to hear someone say “I didn’t see that before!” The ship is one of my favorite sets for men.
      Love, Kathy

  21. Kathy, love your story and your cards! Glad to see a North Central Floridian as a Featured Cardmaker!

    • Thank you Patti. I would love to get together with another North Central Floridian cardmaker. It is always fun to share.
      Love, Kathy

  22. Great cards! Love Big Bird, there is so much you can do with punches and you have shown that here.

    • Thank you Elaine. I love Big Bird, too. It was made for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday this past
      February. There is so much fun punch art out there. Get out the punches!
      Love, Kathy

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